Youtube Premium MOD APK- No Ads, Play Music In Background And More

YouTube is the most widely used video-sharing platform in the world. It was launched on 14th February 2005 and today it is way more useful than the initial version. Billions of people use this platform to watch and upload a variety of videos. It is super user-friendly and quite feature-rich when it comes to finding and playing videos. 

However, users do not seem quite happy with the services offered by YouTube in the recent few years. Too many ads, background music, and so many other things reduce the user’s experience. 

You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and play it while doing other works. You might wonder that YouTube will play all those songs in an uninterrupted way, but what about the ads? YouTube nowadays displays 2-3 ads before playing the videos and it irritates people. 

You will have to subscribe to YouTube Premium in order to avoid all those irritating ads. It will give you a free one-month trial and then you will have to pay $11.99 per month. Most of us do not like to pay for watching videos, but still want all those amazing features offered by YouTube Premium. So, what is the solution? YouTube MOD APK is the best solution to this problem. 

YouTube Premium MOD APK- No Ads, Free Music And Much More

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YouTube Premium MOD ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for YouTube Premium.

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Downloading Instructions For YouTube Premium MOD APK:

Follow the below-given steps to download the best YouTube Premium MOD APK:

  • Use the link shared above to download the YouTube Premium MOD APK now on your android device. 
  • Go to Settings in your phone, then Security, and then tap on Unknown Sources. Now turn it on to install the downloaded app. 
  • Install YouTube Premium MOD APK by following installation instructions. It will install within a few seconds. 
  • Open the installed app and it will show a pop-up message in which this app will ask you to download another APK file. Download that file immediately by tapping on the “Ok” button. 
  • Install the additional APK on your mobile device. 
  • Once again open the MOD YouTube APK after installing the additional file. Provide Download, Screen Overlay, and Account permissions. It is the last thing you have to do in order to activate the YouTube Premium MOD APK on your phone. 

Now you can sign-in with your Google account or avoid it if you do not want to sync your YouTube account. The download and installation process is pretty straightforward. It takes just a few minutes and then you can enjoy the premium features of your YouTube APP.

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Everything you want to know about YouTube Premium MOD APK:

It is a modded version of the original YouTube app that we all use on our smartphones. You have to download and install this MOD APK on your device in order to take advantage its features. It works exactly like the official YouTube app. You can login to this app by using your Gmail account and use all the features offered by YouTube premium. 

There is no need to route this app and that’s an amazing benefit of this app. All those irritating ads will vanish and you will watch videos directly on YouTube. Users call it the best-forked variant of the original YouTube app. It is stable and quite feature-rich. 

Do not consider it a promotion because YouTube MOD APK is a genuine alternative to YouTube’s premium version. Simple user-interface, easy installation, and flawless performance on any Android device make this app a wonderful solution for YouTube premium lovers. 

You should give it a try if you want to get rid of YouTube ads and also experience the following features of YouTube MOD APK.

  • It works exactly as YouTube:

You have used the official YouTube app on your Android and iOS device. It comes with the simplest user-interface, provides so many features such as watch later, save to playlist, create playlist, history of the watched videos, quick search, trending, subscriptions, library, etc. The YouTube app is thoroughly changed in the recent few years and it is still quite user-friendly. 

YouTube MOD APK will work and perform exactly as the original YouTube app. You won’t face any lagging issues or safety issues. However, it provides all the features of YouTube premium which ordinary YouTube app do not offer. Therefore, it is a better choice.

  • Video downloading:

This is something that many people do not expect when watching videos on YouTube. It might be in informational video, your favorite song, a show, or any other video which you might like to download and store on your device. Unfortunately, you cannot download videos directly from YouTube because it does not offer video download facility. You will have to use a YouTube downloader tool to download your favorite videos. 

Downloading videos through a YouTube downloader is an irritating process. The YouTube Premium MOD APK resolves this problem by allowing you to download videos directly. You can search, watch, and download videos directly from this app. There is no need to copy video link and paste it into a downloader app. Just open the video you want to watch and download it.

  • No routing required:

YouTube Premium MOD APK does not require routing. You can access all the promised features right after downloading it.

  • Free music download:

This MOD APK allows to download all your favorite MP3 songs with different bitrates. Whatever song you like nowadays, search it on YouTube Premium and download it for free.

  • Play music in the background:

This new feature is drawing millions of users towards YouTube premium. You can enjoy that feature for free when using the YouTube Premium MOD APK on your device. Enjoy background play with just one click.

  • Pop-up Window:

It is called multitasking PiP mode. Generally, you cannot do other tasks on your phone when playing videos on YouTube. That irritates many people because they might like to check social media feeds and do other tasks when playing music on YouTube. The YouTube Premium MOD APK allows you to turn the video into a small pop-up window and do other things on your phone. 

  • No ads!

This is what makes YouTube Premium quite special for millions of users. There will be no ads when you are watching your favorite YouTube videos on this MOD APK. No disturbance at all and it means you can play your favorite song playlist when doing other tasks.

  • Dark mode:

Try the YouTube Dark Mode on your device. It is a premium feature that you get for free with the YouTube Premium MOD APK. It improves videos watching experience on all the mobile devices.

  • It is stable:

This YouTube Premium MOD APK can work flawlessly on any mobile device that uses the latest Android version. You need Android 4.4+ to use this MOD APK. It is a highly stable app and you won’t face any trouble in operating it.

  • It works along with the default YouTube app:

You can continue using that default YouTube app in your Android device. There is no need to uninstall it because the YouTube Premium MOD APK can run parallel to that default YouTube app. Switch to the default app when you want to watch some ads and switch back to the MOD APK when you want to try all the premium features. 

All these features make YouTube Premium MOD APK an amazing alternative to YouTube premium. You can get it for free and use it as long as you want. 

Why do you need YouTube Premium?

As mentioned earlier, YouTube premium subscription costs $11.99. Most of the mobile phone users cannot pay that much money every month to use YouTube’s premium features. However, people still think about using it because of the following reasons:

  • YouTube becomes much better when there are no ads:

Google makes billions of dollars every year just by showing ads. These ads are the main source of income for any online platform and YouTube is no different. It provides everything you want to watch and YouTube spends a lot of money to maintain its reputation as the leading video sharing platform. That’s why it displays ads to provide free video streaming. 

People do not like ads. They simply want to watch videos and enjoy their favorite songs. YouTube has finally found solution to users’ this demand and that solution comes in the form of YouTube Premium subscription. You can pay $11.99 and enjoy ad-free video streaming for a month. 

  • Play videos when you are offline:

The premium version also offers offline video play facility. People with limited data plan like this feature. They can save extra data and watch their favorite videos on YouTube without spending precious data. 

You can search and find the required video, and then open option menu to save video for offline streaming. It is a great way of preventing data wastage and still playing your favorite videos on YouTube. No other video sharing site offers such features. That’s why YouTube Premium is quite useful.

  • Google Play Music is free with YouTube Music Premium:

Those, who do not know, Google Play Music is way better than Spotify and equally great as Apple Music. All the Google Play Music subscribers get YouTube premium for free and YouTube Premium subscribers also get Google Play Music for free. Both of these services are awesome. You Tube Premium Music is already included in the plan. 

The experts believe that Google Play Music library has more songs than Spotify offers. Its cloud locker service is simply amazing because the user can access his songs anytime and anywhere he wants. 

  • You can use other apps:

A YouTube video usually stops on the default YouTube app when you switch to another application. That’s not the case when you are using YouTube premium. The whole application turns into a small pop-up window. You can open other apps, use those apps, and that multitasking feature makes YouTube Premium quite special for the users. 

  • Free access to YouTube originals:

YouTube originals features many jaw-dropping web series and shows. You may have some of your favorite from YouTube originals. Guess what, you can watch all those shows for free by using your YouTube Premium subscription. 

Many other features, including the above listed features make YouTube Premium quite useful for every user. It costs a considerable amount of money and that’s why many people did not subscribe for YouTube Premium. Now, they are choosing the YouTube Premium MOD APK to enjoy all the amazing features. 

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What should I do if the MOD APK is not installing?

You should ensure that your device is equipped with Android 4.4 or later version. You have to disable the default YouTube app ad then try to install the MOD APK, if you have the required Android version and the MOD APK is still not installing.

What to do if the app is not working?

You should force stop the app and then clear the cache and clear the data to restart it properly.

What should I do if I face login issues?

Such issues won’t occur if you have downloaded the required “additional app”. This app ensures YouTube MOD APK functioning properly.

How to use other apps when playing video on YouTube MOD APK?

First, you have to play the video on the MOD APK and then you will see a tiny icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen. Tap on this icon and that video will turn into a small pop-up window. You can use other apps on your phone now.

  • Free
  • Working
  • Easy To Use

Final thoughts

Free video downloads, background music play, pop-up box, ad-free video streaming experience, all these features make YouTube Premium MOD APK the best solution for every user’s video streaming demands. YouTube is currently charging $11.99 per month as monthly subscription of its premium app. Nobody is comfortable with spending that much money, except a few thousand people in the world. 

You are not alone if you have decided to use the YouTube Premium MOD APK. It is completely safe and it won’t cause any threat to your YouTube account. So, get it now and use it to experience all the explained features and benefits.

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