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Movies are not just an entertaining source, but a part of life for many, and many, it is quite an integral part as well. This is because movies give you a whole new world of experience. It shows emotions that we all feel, but many times cannot quite express due to obvious reasons. In movies, our emotions find a portrayal. This is why movies have made and still have a separate fan base. However, it is not always a viable enough option, neither economically nor with the respect of time.

Would it not have been better if you had an APK file right inside your phone or laptop or any other device that would help you to watch movies. Well, if that is what you feel then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to talk about X Player that is one of the most used android apps to watch movies after the preinstalled apps on your device.

If you are not that much of a technologically well-equipped person, chances are, that you may not have heard about the app. You may have just started to excavate the joy of watching movies and now are in search of a good app to do so. So if you are an infant on this side of the world of technology, then allow us to hold your hand and guide you through it. We will hereby be showing you some of the top features of XPlayer and how to install it and so on. All you need to do is to scroll along and take a good look at the information provided!

How to Download or Install XPlayer Pro Mod APK?

Size34 MB
Versionv2.1.3.7 [Latest]
DevelopersInShot INC
CategoryAPPS > Multimedia
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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

To enjoy the facilities of the app you must first download it on your device. Here is a small disclaimer about things you should do before you download a version of an X Player Pro on your mobile or any other device. There are of course many versions of the app available. So when you are downloading and installing a version of the app on your device, be sure that your device does not contain any other versions in it.

Here are some easy and simple steps that anyone and everyone could follow to download and install the app on their devices and then have a great time watching movies at your home itself! Read along:

  1. First and foremost, you need to grant permission to access your android. This you can do by visiting the security options in the setting of your phone.
  2. Scroll down the screen and you will get to the device administration section. There you will see an option listed as unknown sources.
  3. As you enable this option, your android will then accept requests for apps getting downloaded even from unknown sources. Be sure to disable the option after your work is done.
  4. Now download the APK file.
  5. After the file is downloaded, click on it once more and you would find the option of installing it.
  6. The file will then be installed on your device. You can now enjoy unlimited movies on your phone and at your house, at any hour that you want!

Overview of XPlayer Pro Mod APK

Under this section, we have attempted to give a brief review as to what kind of an app XPlayer is. The app has been in the market for quite a while now, but there are always chances that you may not have been aware of its existence by now. So if this is your first step or even one of the first baby steps into this world of movie apps then this is probably the section you must go through thoroughly. You must have a clear idea about what you are to expect when you fill up your phone memory with an application.

XPlayer Pro is the best app to opt to watch movies or play MPEG4 files on after the already installed apps on your phone. This player offers the user more features and controls over the movie-watching experience. There is an ad-free version of the app that allows you to have an undisrupted movie watching experience.

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There must be a reason as to why a person would want to install similar apps that are already there in their devices and take up more storage right?! The reason behind using X Player Pro is the fact that it is more flexible than apps such as VLC or other preinstalled apps. The app, hence, is a great choice for any and every android phone and any movie buff ever!

Features of XPlayer Pro

To survive in the commercial market, you need to keep a firm grip on the position you make. You need to put characteristics out there that are not available from any other sources, something that people would come back to get more of later! XPlayer Pro gives you many such reasons for coming back to it, some of which are mentioned below:

Easy to Use

One of the most important of all characteristics that an application must have is an easy to use interface. A plethora of features is no good if you cannot use them properly. XPlayer Pro provides you with an interface that any and every individual starting from a teenager to a middle-aged or old aged people can be comfortable using.

Ad-Free Experience

There is a version of X Player Pro that gives you the experience of enjoying am ad-free experience. While watching movies, sudden advertisements or pop-ups are the most annoying things ever. So if you want a disturbance-free movie watching experience, then you know just on which door to knock.

Good video quality

The app, XPlayer Pro is mainly to watch movies. If the video quality is distorted and more than half of the time the faces of the characters are not visible properly, then the movie-watching experience already goes down the gutter. The app takes care that this does not happen and gives you great video quality so that your movie-watching experience is not compromised in any way. The app is much more flexible than many already installed apps on your phone and hence a good catch.

Audio Quality

Along with having great video quality, the app also gives its users a crystal clear sound quality. You can hear every single and littlest of conversations or expressions that the movie has. This enhances the movie-watching experience of the user.


The movie has a feature that allows you to watch them with the subtitles. This is one very convenient feature as it is never possible to know every language across the globe. If you are watching a Spanish movie, we do not expect you to know Spanish if you are Malayali. You could then just watch the movies along with the subtitles and have the same entertaining experience.

Playback Resume 

This feature enables you to start playing the video from where you had left off. If you were watching a video and then had to leave for some reason, then after you came back to the app, the video would start playing from just where you had left it. This saves time and also reduces disruption in your movie-watching experience.

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Audio Playback

If you enable this option on your application, then even if and as you go to some other application to do little tasks, you could still hear what the characters are speaking about and how the movie is progressing. This ceases any disruption that could occur in your mobile watching sessions as no matter what you do, as long as the headphones are connected to your phone and ears, you will know where the movie is headed.

Child’s Lock

This is another important feature. This is like the icing on the cake. There are many such contents that parents could enjoy watching while it would be too matured or grown-up stuff for the kid to handle. But kids do not understand their good or bad and if you ask them to not do one thing, that is one of the things they will try. In such a situation a Child’s lock is naturally helpful.


Is XPlayer Pro Worth It?

It is surely and most certainly one of the best apps that you could use. It surpasses any and every preinstalled video watching apps in more than one way. The app is flexible, gives great video quality, and many more features that always makes it worth it.

How to Get XPlayer Pro?

You need to download and install the file to have it on your phone. Once you grant permission to download files from unknown sources, then you could easily download and install the file on your device. You would get the option of granting such permission from your settings on your phone.

Is there any special requirement to install the file on the phone?

No, there are no special requirements that your device must have, except for good storage capacity. Except for good storage capacity, your device would not require any other characters to hold the file.

How much of the storage does XPlayer Pro take?

The XPlayer Pro app takes up about 15 MB of space on your device. Up till now it has a great review and feedback and is increasingly becoming popular amongst movie buffs.

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