How to use Wifi and Mobile Data same time in Android?

Internet has made our life much easier. Everything is now available on your phone and that’s why you don’t even need to step outside your home. People use internet for entertainment, shopping, work, and learning. The online world seems pretty awesome when your internet speed it fast.

Telecom companies and broadband service providers make many big claims regarding internet speed. They promise to offer faster speed for browsing internet, but we all know the truth. Even the best broadband or mobile internet providers slow down their internet speed due to many reasons. That’s when people search for additional solutions to get better speed.

You can implement a great solution to maintain that amazing internet speed. Use WiFi and mobile data at the same time! It is a remarkable solution to increase internet speed and improve your web browsing experience.

Is it Really Possible to use WiFi and Mobile data at the Same Time?

Many people would say that it is impossible to use mobile data and WiFi at the same time. Android phones are designed to use either mobile data or WiFi, but not both at the same time. Your phone will automatically use WiFi connection even if mobile data is on.

So, is it possible to use mobile data and WiFi simultaneously to experience better download speed? Yes, you can use your mobile data and WiFi connection at the same time and the method is explained in this post.

People have been dreaming about using their WiFi and mobile internet together for many years. Everyone wanted a faster internet connection. Many internet service providers in many countries failed to fulfill their promise. Eventually, some smart developers found a way to extract broadband and mobile internet data together to get faster internet speed.

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Some innovative apps are introduced in the recent time. These apps allow you to use the WiFi and mobile internet together on your mobile device. You won’t be relying totally on your WiFi for fast speed, and preserve some extra mobile data to use outside the home.

You can download movies, games, software, and other files much faster on your device. It will allow you to save time, data, and enjoy your time online without any buffering or interruption. So, let’s find out how to use those cutting-edge apps to use WiFi and mobile data simultaneously.

How to use your WiFi and Mobile Data Simultaneously?

This method is unlike anything you have tried before. So, carefully ready all the details we are sharing here in order to implement this solution flawlessly.

You need the following things to apply this solution:

  • An Android mobile device, like a smartphone or tab with an active mobile data connection.
  • A broadband WiFi connection to connect your device to the WiFi.
  • A top-rated app that is designed to use WiFi and mobile data connection together.

Open Google Play Store on your smartphone or tab and search for the top rated app that works exceptionally well when it comes to using WiFi and mobile internet connection at the same time.

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Now follow the following steps to get the job done:

  • Make sure your mobile data is on and it’s working

This solution works only when you have an active mobile data connection. You won’t experience any change in the internet speed or quality of the service if your daily data limit is over.

Swipe down the notification bar on your phone and then check that mobile data toggle is turned on. Switch it on immediately, if you had turned off mobile data.

You can also go to “Settings>Connections>Data Usage” to ensure the mobile data is working. The best way to check that you are connected to internet via mobile data is testing it. Open YouTube or any other app and play some songs or videos to ensure your mobile data connection is working fine.

  • Turn on the WiFi and Connect your Device to a WiFi network

Pull that notification bar down again and then tap on that WiFi toggle. Now, your phone or tab is ready to connect to any WiFi network in your area. Now go to “Settings” and go to WiFi settings. Check the available WiFi networks and then connect to your local WiFi connection. Provide the password if it is a new network and you just want to test the downloaded app.

  • Combine WiFi and Mobile Data

Now the main procedure begins! Download the app if you have not downloaded it yet. You can check some great options on the internet and then download the app to combine your mobile data and WiFi connection.

  • Install the app and now launch that app.
  • The downloaded application will detect the two active internet connections on your mobile phone.
  • The WiFi and mobile data connections will be shown contained in the connection symbol of the app.
  • Now, you just need to choose the server you want to connect. It will be shown as “fastest”, Normal, etc.

That app will now start extracting data from your WiFi and mobile internet connection to provide faster speed.

How Does it Works?

You might be wondering that how does an app can combine two different internet connections and use them together to improve the internet speed on your device. The answer is the “Channel Bonding Technology”.

The Channel Bonding Technology allows a user to access multiple internet connections simultaneously on a mobile device. It offers you with improved throughput and redundancy. Some software relies on a client-side app and some on a cloud server component to transfer the data evenly. It is a bit complicated procedure, but you can do it with one tap on your device.

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Many applications are designed as a VPN service, but these tools work to offer better speed, security, and a reliable internet connection. They simply combine your 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection and use them together to generate a better internet speed.

Why should you use WiFi and mobile Data at the same time?

Following are the most obvious reasons to combine mobile data and WiFi and use both networks together.

  • For Better Streaming

Some great online streaming services emerged in the last decade. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and YouTube premium are just a few to name them. These streaming services offer many entertaining movies, TV shows, web series, and other premium content.

Slow internet speed can reduce your online streaming experience and force you to download and then watch the required movies or shows. Use WiFi and mobile data together and you will have a seamless streaming experience on your mobile device.

  • For a Better Gaming Experience

COD mobile, PUBG mobile, FIFA, etc. are some great online multiplayer games. These mobile games allow you to communicate with other player and experience a thrilling gameplay. You will enjoy all these amazing games only if your device is connected to a fast internet connection.

WiFi and mobile data fail to provide steadfast connectivity, which top-end mobile games require. Your competitor can easily beat you if you are relying on a slow internet connection. That’s why you should use mobile data and WiFi connections together.

  • To Prioritize Data Usage

A lot of people face troubles when they rely totally on mobile data for entertainment, communication, and gaming. It happens especially when WiFi does not offer great internet speed.

You can use the channel bonding apps to prioritize data usage and save extra data for later usage. That’s another amazing benefit of this app.

  • To Download Files Faster

Whether it is a movie, web series, TV show, game, a software, or any other kind of file, everyone wants to download the required file fast. Slow internet speed makes it very difficult. People often avoid downloading content because of lack of time.

It will not be a case with you if you use your WiFi and mobile data together. You will experience much better downloading speed and even large files will download within a few minutes. That’s a major advantage of using mobile data connection and WiFi connection together.

Final Thoughts

Smart people of our age are trying to find a smarter solution for many problems consumers face every day. Slow internet speed is one of them and it won’t be a major problem if you decide to access WiFi and mobile data connection together.

Try the suggested solution and you will never experience slow internet speed at your home or workplace. You can download as many games, movies, shows, and software as you want. No need to worry about data exhaustion or poor downloading speed. Get everything downloaded on your device fast.

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