How to use Wifi and Mobile Data same time in Android?

Smartphones have increased their value in the markets and even among people because of the basic need it fulfills and also because of how it makes it so easy to talk and stay in contact with your dear and near ones. Mobiles have great importance among people as more and more people are investing in it on a wider picture. There are various factors responsible for the proper functioning of the mobile system in android or be it any other company. The android users have one advantage as they can use the wifi and the mobile data the same in their phones.

Can wifi and mobile network work together?

When it comes to downloading any kind of app on any android phone or device, either it can use the wifi or the mobile data to get the job done. Most of the devices come with the ability to use one connection at a time to download any single file. But recently there are many applications introduced in the market that allows the users of the android to take advantage of both the connections working at the same time as it allows for faster downloads. One can share or open any link from any program, and download it at speeds up to two times faster than usual. Just being on a wifi connection it allows to get the desired speed on that connection but still by the addition of the 3G or 4G speed of the mobile data, the internet on the android device is much more faster and it is even simple to use as the users just install any app and enable themselves whatever they want to do.

Steps to use the wifi and mobile data same time in android

The use of wifi and mobile data is really important as these two are the important factors in the functioning of the phone as one can install various apps and allows the internet to work. Without these two mobile phones, there is little disadvantage to the people as it allows one to use the net and be aware of the happenings in the world and even when the calling system is not there one can use the wifi or the mobile data to make calls. The wifi and mobile data can be used at the same time when it comes to android users and has some steps to follow as mentioned below:

  • There are various apps available on the internet which one can download and make the wifi and mobile data work at the same time as it lets the users merge the wifi and mobile data simultaneously, as to increase or boost internet speed on your android phone.
  • Once the app is downloaded one needs to turn on the mobile data on the device as well as the wifi connection as both the connections will be used to increase the internet speed.
  • Launch that app on the device the moment you install it as the app ensures that it will encrypt the web traffic and even collect the least information as to give the best services. It will allow the user to be safe from hackers especially when it’s about connecting to the public wifi networks.
  • The app firstly detects the location and finds the closet server to give the best speed.on just needs to permit by tapping the continue option.
  • After this just tap the ok and the app tends to set a VPN connection for the android device.
  • One can even limit the use of mobile data using the app to prevent the excessive use of it and even allows to make changes in the settings whenever it is desired.
  • After all these procedures, once it gets connected to both wifi and mobile data it will enable the mobile data and the wifi icons to be shown in the screenshot.
  • The key icon of the app which is downloaded is shown at the top of the screen which ensures the user that the app is currently running on the device.

Important notes regarding using wifi and mobile at the same time

Using both of the wifi and mobile data together requires access to root and to unleash the full potential the program needs good and balanced wifi and mobile connection. The device using the mobile data connection, by using it it may incur some additional charges from the operator. Both of these connections of wifi and mobile data do not support all the devices and even there are chances that some of the web servers may provide insufficient functionalities on the requested files.

Advantages of using wifi and mobile data same time in android 

The installation of different apps allows users to use both connections at the same time. The apps are a handy way to combine multiple internet connections into one big mega pipe. One of the major advantages it allows its users to have is that whoever downloads it does not need any account for any setup. As soon as you download the app, you can get started which proves to be more appealing for the android users. The apps for both the connections tend to add extra reliability by letting you send the same data over the multiple connections at once as in this way even if one drops out for a moment, the other connection will hopefully pick up the speed and won’t make any difference in the functioning of the phone.

Therefore, for any individual, the use of smartphones is considered important in the daily routine of life and to make the use of these devices smooth and easy and will the help of these two kinds of connections of wifi and mobile data working simultaneously the workings are made more easy and simple. One who is an android user can refer the points given above to avail the service of both wifi and mobile data connection at the same time.

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