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When people received the privilege of using a handy device called the “mobile phone”, the whole get-up of communication changed. With a mobile in hand, people communicate in various other modes rather than dialing a simple ten digits number. 

The advent of WhatsApp brought about new possibilities of communications and people welcomed this app with full excitement. People always wanted more convenience and hence the popularity of Whatsapp rose high up. More than one billion people are using WhatsApp regularly. It has become so obvious that none can think about communication without WhatsApp. It is one of the applications that cannot go missing in any smart devices no matter whether its iOS or Android.

To grow more and meet the expectations of the people the app developers have come up with a sister app of Whatsapp that has more functionalities and features to delight the users. There are no hidden charges to use the app and can be easily downloaded on Android devices. The stunning features of this new app would surely make you happy and keep up the interest in communication.

How to download and install Whatsapp Plus APK?

NameWhatsapp Plus
Size34 MB
Versionv9.80.1 [Latest]
DevelopersWhatsapp Plus
CategoryAPPS > Tools
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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

The installation procedure of Whatsapp plus APK is quite simple easy. You just need to follow some basic steps to get the app downloaded and installed onto your device. To make your work easier, we have mentioned the steps below.

  • The app of Whatsapp plus APK is not available on the Google Play store, hence, you need to download it from the Official Plus website. Go to the official website and you will find the link. Just click on it and get the app downloaded and installed into your Android device. The steps would automatically pop-up and you just have to go on clicking until the installation is done.
  • The next step after downloading the app is to switch from the original WhatsApp to Whatsapp plus APK. For this, you need to take a back up of all the data available on the original app. You will get the back-up options from the settings.
  • Once the backup is taken, uninstall the original WhatsApp from your device by clicking on – Settings> apps> WhatsApp> Uninstall.
  • Now go to the newly downloaded Whatsapp plus APK app and complete the authorization process by entering your mobile number and get it verifies by the OTP that you receive.
  • Finally, just enter your display name and picture on the new app and you are all set to use the Whatsapp plus APK app.

Overview if Whatsapp plus APK

The instant message and chat app of Whatsapp plus APK are downloaded with the motivation to go beyond the options offered by the original WhatsApp. More number of people have been switching from the original WhatsApp to the all-new Whatsapp plus APK. It has been designed to cater to the expectations of the users who were not very satisfied with the original version. People who use Whatsapp plus APK think that the features have immensely improved in this new app. 

The new app of Whatsapp plus APK has taken good care of maintaining the privacy of the users. The users can hide their “typing”, “recording voice message”, “last seen” and online status, unlike the original Whatsapp. This gives the users a relief that no one can stalk them. The ability to share lathe audio and video files is another great feature introduced by Whatsapp plus APK. It allows users to share their official work also. There are a lot more features of Whatsapp plus APK, which are captivating. Just read on to know the rest.

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Features of Whatsapp Plus APK

As the interior structure of Whatsapp plus APK and WhatsApp are similar, Whatsapp plus APK has all the functionalities of the original App. In addition to it, few more features have attracted millions of people to use it. The most noticeable features of Whatsapp plus APK are mentioned below:

  • The convenience of choosing themes 

The new app of Whatsapp plus APK allows the users to select any theme that is versatile, unique, and alluring to the eyes of the users. The entire UI is customizable and that is why this app can allow the users to choose the right appearance of the app. When you are using Whatsapp plus APK, you would be able to select buttons, text, and graphics. The original WhatsApp does not have so many customization facilities. This new app has over 700 themes to choose from. The best part of this is that you would not have to download the themes one by one. They are downloaded by the app and sorted by version, name, and date.

  • More number of emoticons 

Emoticons has always made a dull conversation more real and emotional. The original WhatsApp had many emoticons that had made the app popular among people. People enjoyed using those emoticons and have always craved for more. Whatsapp plus APK has fulfilled their user’s wish and has added many more emoticons to their collection. You will find emoticons of Google Hangouts in Whatsapp plus APK. Both the sender and the receiver of these new emoticons should be the users of Whatsapp plus APK. If the receiver is using the original App, then the new emoticons would not show up.

  • Hiding options 

The original WhatsApp had a hiding feature, but it could only hide the “last seen”. Whenever an individual is online, it showed up. That is the reason many were getting irritated by the constant interruption of the people whom they want to avoid. Whatsapp plus APK has introduced a new hiding option that hides your status even when you are online. You can hide your status from both groups and persons. This has brought new freedom with the domain of encrypted messages.

  • Upgraded file-sharing options

 In the original WhatsApp, you could only share files up to 16 MB, which was at times frustrating. The new app of Whatsapp plus APK allows the users to share files to 50 MB. This became convenient for users to share more files at a time. You are also able to share high-quality pictures, videos that are longer than 30 seconds, and the audio size of 100 MB.

  • Various Wallpapers 

Be it the display of the desktop or any app, everyone likes to set unique wallpapers on their wall. Whatsapp plus APK has unlimited and exquisite wallpapers that would surely get your eyes. This is one of the incredible features of the app. You can set any one of the amazing wallpapers on your chat screen and make your conversations even more lively and colorful.

  • Logs and History 

This feature was not available with the original WhatsApp. Whatsapp plus APK is equipped with the awesome feature of saving the logs and history. You can keep a record of every activity that has been done from your account. This will prove to be beneficial to you in several ways. Suppose you forgot anyone’s number, you can easily retrieve it from the logs and history of your account.

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Why is special about Whatsapp plus APK?

Whatsapp plus APK is special and is preferred by many users. The reasons behind its popularity are that all the bugs are fixed. Whatsapp plus APK is the latest version of WhatsApp that does not have any bugs and glitches. That makes the app more user-friendly. The anti-ban system is improved and updated with Whatsapp plus APK. The newly added emojis, launcher icon, setting design, and notification icon has become more attractive. You will also find translations of Hindi, Italy, Spanish, etc.

What if Whatsapp plus APK gets banned?

The new version is anti-ban which means you will never receive a ban from the WhatsApp team. However, if you get banned for any reason, you can do the following things: - Send an email to [email protected] from the send option. - Write your problem in detail and send it from the message box. As soon as the team gets your alert, they will work upon it and get your problem resolved.

Is Whatsapp Plus APK considered safe?

Some people think that the Whatsapp plus APK version isn’t safe to be used because it is a modded version and the developer can switch the codes to get your data. However, this fact isn’t true. Whatsapp plus APK is an app that is safe for everyone. There are no chances of your data being hacked by anyone.

What are the system requirement for Whatsapp plus APK and the special features about privacy?

Whatsapp plus APK can be downloaded in any Android device whose operating system is Android 4.0.3. The features improved for privacy are: - Hide online status, profile picture, and blue ticks. - Hide writing tick and second tick. - Hide the last seen option for particular contacts. - Hide view status for contacts of your choice.

Can Whatsapp plus APK be downloaded from Google Play Store?

No, there is no option to download the app from the Google play store. You have to get it outside the play store and therefore the steps are little different. You need to activate the “unknown source” option from the settings of your profile.

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