Easiest Ways To Hide Or Block Ads On Yahoo Mail

In the digital world, where there are various modes of communication, email is the most common communication method among people worldwide. Emails are handy in today’s world, as most businessmen, institutions, and students use it to send important messages and media files. Yahoo is a great platform and offers email services to its users.

It is very easy to make an email account on yahoo and use it for free. However, these email services also generate a huge number of ads, banners, and pop-ups that can be bothering! This is why most of the yahoo users are now looking for ways to hide or block the ads on yahoo mail. If you are also looking for a solution, then you have come to the right place.

Here we have few effective ways to hide or remove the ads on yahoo mail!

Before we jump on the ways to hide or remover ads, let’s see if these ads are real harm or not!

Are yahoo banner ads harmful?

If you ask this question, then definitely the answer is “no” these ads are not harmful; however, they are annoying at times. For example- sometimes you want to buy a product, and you search for it on the yahoo account search engine. Then after sometimes, you get banner ads related to the product you search in your mail.

This can be an irritating situation for many yahoo users! This happens as your yahoo account tracks your online activities and offers you relevant content based on the searched and other factors.

Apart from that, these banner ads can be distractive as well! Because if you accidentally click on them, it will take you to unwanted sites. Thus, users feel the need to hide such ads or block them in yahoo mail account.

So, to help you out, here are the ways to quickly hide or remove banner ads in your yahoo mail account.

Hide ads on yahoo mail-

It is not necessary to block the ads when you can simply hide them! Here’s the method-

  • Log in to your account via web browser and search for the arrow between your emails and ads.
  • Click on that arrow, and then ads will get hidden.

However, it is essential to note that this method will not hide the ad permanently. It will show up again when you log in to your yahoo mail. Thus, every time you log in, you have to click on the arrow to hide the ads.

Yahoo ad-free subscription-

The best way to permanently get rid of the ads is by paying to yahoo. You can buy the yahoo’s ad-free mail subscription at a minimal cost. Subscription will come as a yearly package and upgrade your account to make it add free. The package is not so expensive and is affordable easily by anyone. To make a subscription, you can follow the steps given below- 

  • Log in to your yahoo mail and select the setting menu
  • Click on the ad-free mail option from the setting option and then follow the steps directed to make payment using yahoo wallet.
  • Now, your account will be upgraded to an ad-free version, and you can enjoy various features along with it!

Install an ad blocker in your Firefox or Chrome browser-

Another method to effectively stop popup ads is by installing the ad blocker on your respective browser! This is the best way to get rid of ads and popups! There are many popular ad blockers in the app store, like Adblock plus or AdBlock. Someone who does not want to buy a yahoo ad-free subscription can use this method.

Here are the steps to install it on web browsers like chrome and Firefox-

Steps to install AdBlock on google chrome-

  • Launch Google Chrome and navigate the menu section on the right top corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “more tools” option, and a drop-down menu will appear, and then click on the extension.
  • Now, click the “Chrome Web Store” and search for “AdBlock Plus.”
  • After this, click on the “+free” option present next to the extension and click on the “Add” option.
  • Again, click on AdBlockfrom the Chrome menu
  • Now hit “options,” and a new tab will open; from here, select “filter list.”
  • Make sure that you have chosen the “easy list.”
  • Finally, relaunch the google chrome and save the changes

Steps to install AdBlock plus on Firefox-

  • Open the Firefox web browser and click on the menu bar on the top corner
  • Select the “ad-on” option from the menu bar and search “adblock plus” extension
  • Now, click on the install option present next to the AdBlockplus extension and then hit on “ABP” from the Firefox menu
  • Make sure to deselect/ uncheck “Allow non-intrusive advertising” and relaunch the web browser.

When you have successfully installed the AdBlock or AdBlockplus extensive on your web browser, then when you will log in to yahoo account using the browser, you will see that you have got rid of the ads and popup successfully!

So, using any of the above-given methods, now you can simply get rid of or block the banner ads or popups in yahoo mail. There can be many more ways to block ads, but you can talk to your tech support expert for help!

Once your account gets rid of the ads, you don’t have to clean your mails or face any distractions. You can smoothly run the yahoo account and do searches. You want to get annoyed by the ads and sites which open up by clicking on ads.

Also, you can unhide or unblock the ads again if you wish to see them. Because most of the time, we can get good suggestions about the product from the ads. So, depending on your choice, you can see or block the ads on yahoo mail!

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