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TutuApp has emerged as the best alternative to Apple’s iTunes App Store and Android’s Play Store. It is an app store that offers numerous of MOD apps and games on any device. Users never open their device’s default app store once they start using TutuApp. It is that better and millions of users rely on this third-party app store for their demands. 

Google Play Store and iTunes App Store provide many apps for free. However, these app stores also charge a considerable amount of money for downloading premium apps. People do not seem comfortable with buying premium apps and top-quality mobile games. That’s when they need a third-party app store like TutuApp. 

TutuApp Latest Version

The TutuApp 3.4.1 is the latest version of this app store. It is available free and anyone can download and install it right now. Remember that your device must be using Android 4.1 or a newer version to run this app. 

There must be 23.3MB free space on your device if you want to run this app store on your device. It automatically guides you for trouble-free installation. We have shared a complete installation guide below to help you in installing this app perfectly on your device. 

How to Download and Install TutuApp VIP APK?

Android, iOS and Windows users need to follow different installation procedures to download this app store on their devices. 

Installing TutuApp on Android devices

  1. Download TutuApp from the link given below.
  2. Open Settings in your device, select Security tab, and then tap on Device Administrator. Now find an option that allows the installation of apps from Unknown Sources. This step is important because thus your phone won’t interrupt during the installation process. However, a few devices like Lenovo phones display a warning before the user can install the app. You have to tap on Settings and select “Allow from this source” button to finish the installation process.
  3. Now open downloads app on your device and locate the downloaded file. Or, you can open File Manager and find the TutuApp for installation. 
  4. Install TutuApp and launch it immediately. 

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Installing TutuApp on Windows

TutuApp works flawlessly on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems. This is how you can download and install it on your Windows PC:

  1. Get a reliable emulator program to run mobile apps on your Windows PC and install that emulator program immediately. One of the Best is BlueStacks
  2. Download TutuApp through the links shared in this post. 
  3. Follow the same installation process given for Android users and this app store will work on your PC. 
  4. Open TutuApp and use it. 

You can use the Regular version as long as you want. It also provides millions of apps for free. However, the VIP variant comes with many additional features. It won’t stop working when your iOS device updates. TutuApp VIP version continues to provide uninterrupted solution for your MD APK demands. That’s why it is not a bad deal to spend $12.9 for installing hacked versions of all the premium apps. 

How to use TutuApp on your Device?

You will soon start treating TutuApp as the main app store on your device because it will provide way better support and service than your device’s default app store. Its transparent mechanism and simple interface makes things much easier. The following tips will help you in using this app store like a pro. 

  1. Launch TutuApp on your device and you will get access to the home page. 
  2. Check all the app suggestions given at the home page. You will reveal MOD APKs of some renowned games and apps. Apps like Spotify Premium, Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, and Minecraft are just a few of millions of renowned apps you can find on this app store. 
  3. You can sign up if you want or continue navigation without registering to TutuApp. 
  4. Creating an account to join this app store is quite simple. Tap on the TutuApp logo which is displayed on the top-left corner of your screen. Here you will find sign up option. Follow a standard sign up process and activate your account. 
  5. You can use the search option to find apps in any category. TutuApp lists millions of apps in hundreds of categories. 
  6. Whenever you find a useful app, tap on “Get” option to download and install that app. 

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It is quite easy to find top-rated apps and games on TutuApp because this app store ranks all the apps based on their ratings. Top-rated games and apps will acquire the top ranks in the search results. Whatever app you are downloading, make sure you update it constantly. You will have to manually update those apps. You can always find updated versions of hacked apps on this app store to get the latest features. 

What Makes TutuApp So Useful for Android?

Every smartphone and tab user wants to equip his device with the best apps available in the market. Premium apps cost a lot of money. Many users cannot spend hundreds of dollars on maintaining their monthly or yearly subscription of those apps. That’s why they need another way of using all those apps for free. 

The TutuApp acts as a third-party app store for MOD APKs. It provides free-to-use versions of all the premium apps for both Android and iOS devices. It is quite cost-effective in comparison to other app stores and comes with many perks.


User-Friendly Interface

It is a major advantage. TutuApp does not feature irritating ads of apps on the home page. It thoroughly improves your user experience. There are less app revokes in comparison to some of the leading app stores. TutuApp also provides exceptional customer support to resolve all the issues faced by the users. You can contact a team of experts at TutuApp whenever you are facing technical issues. They will provide instant support to resolve the problem. 


There are two variants of TutuApp, the regular variant and a VIP variant. The regular TutuApp variant is free, but it comes with certain limitations. The premium variant costs only $12.9 per year! This premium version provides MOD APKs of all the premium apps for free. Thus, you will be saving a lot of money if try TutuApp VIP. We will discuss the difference between TutuApp Regular and VIP in details in the later part of this post, but both versions are great for any mobile device user. 

Unlimited Downloads of Premium Apps

It is quite tough to find the hacked version of PokemonGo. Millions of people are searching for this augmented reality-based game’s MOD APK. TutuApp was the first to provide the MOD APK for PokemonGo. Similarly, this app store provides many other popular apps, including MinecraftPE, Snapchat, Spotify, and many others for free. You get unlimited download facility without experiencing irritating ads. 

Easy to Download and Install

Whether you are using an Android device or an iOS device, you can download TutuApp for free right now! iOS users might be wondering about jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad. There is no need to do that because TutuApp will work flawlessly on any iPhone or iPad variant. Similarly, the Android device users do not need a rooted Android phone or tab to download and install this app. It works exceptionally great on every phone and provides all the required features. 

New Apps and Games Available

Some amazing games and apps are launched every week. Whether you want to find a premium app featuring the latest movies or new games, TutuApp features all those apps on the home page. You can check complete reviews of those apps and download the MOD APKs for free. 

This app store constantly updates its content to maintain its stock of top-end apps. It has a library of millions of apps. So, you will find every game and app you want to use on your device. 

Offering Many Premium Tools

Both Android and iOS device users deal with a lot of garbage collected on their devices. Nobody likes to use a device that is slow. Therefore, TutuApp provides many premium tools to clear the cash and clean the entire device for improving its performance. Your device will operate much faster if you use those cleaning tools offered with this app store. 

Available for Windows PC

There are certain mobile apps and game that people want to use on their Windows PC. They majorly rely on emulators to get those apps and games on their PC. TutuApp works on Windows PC with the help of an emulator program. You can download its PC version right now and get any app you like to run on your Windows PC. 

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There are many amazing games which you can play on the PC. It provides MOD APKs for PC games. So, you won’t pay any penny from your pocket and get some great games for free to play on your computer or laptop. 

FAQ Section

What is TutuApp?

It is a free Chinese helper created for Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best app store for finding MOD APKs of premium apps and games. You get cracked versions of all your favorite apps for free with VIP Version.

Can I Download and Use TutuApp on all Android and iOS devices?

Yes, you can download, install, and use TutuApp on any mobile device. It works flawlessly and you do not need rooting or jailbreaking solutions to install this app. Follow the installation guide given in this post to install and run TutuApp on your device.

Is TutuApp Safe ?

Yes, TutuApp is totally safe. You might face troubles when you install an erred file. This app store does not ask for any weird permission to harm your device. Your data and device will always be safe when you are using TutuApp to download your favorite programs.

What is TutuApp VIP?

TutuApp VIP is the premium version of this app store. It comes with many premium features, which you do not get with TutuApp’s regular version. The yearly membership of VIP plan costs $12.99 per year. You can use the free version of this app store forever or switch to the premium version to get more premium apps for free.

What if TutuApp Stopped Working?

This problem can occur after using this app store for a few months. Do not worry about it because you can fix this issue on your own. Open TutuApp settings in your phone, clear the cache data, and then restart this app store. It will work flawlessly again.

  • Bug Fixed
  • Stability
  • Compatibility


Many of you might wonder that why to download and install a third-party app store when the default app store is working properly. You need TutuApp to get the latest apps and games for free. We are not talking any ordinary game or app; this app store provides hacked variants of all your favorite premium apps.

You can download hundreds of MOD APKs for premium games and content streaming apps for free. Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes App Store never provide any MOD APK. Users usually search on their web browser, find an unsecure source, and then download a risky file.

TutuApp eliminates the risk of downloading a harmful MOD file. You get genuine and risk-free solution for your demands and also without dealing with irritating ads. That’s why TutuApp is the best third-party app store for all the smartphone and tab users.

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