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Online music streaming services have thoroughly changed the way people play music now. Nobody maintains a huge library of songs on phone storage to play favorite songs. Everyone can find and play favorite songs online. Music streaming services such as Apple Music, Google Play Music, and SoundCloud are offering a huge library of songs.

Other music streaming platforms were doing quite great until Spotify Music wasn’t there in the market. It quickly has drawn millions of music lovers towards Spotify Premium once the app was launched.

This app streams music in many countries and many languages. You can easily find your favorite songs on this app, create a playlist, store it in the cloud, and access it whenever you want. People love Spotify because of its amazing features and they are ready to pay for Spotify premium.

Download Spotify Premium APK Free Streaming

The Spotify Premium MOD APK works on any non-rooted android device, which is using Android 4.1 or above version. It also can work parallel to standard version of the original Spotify app.

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Versionv8.5.41.531 [Latest]
DevelopersSpotify Ltd.
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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

How to Download and Install Spotify APK ?

Follow the below-explained steps to install Spotify Premium MOD APK on your device:

  1. Tap on the below given link to download the latest version of Spotify Premium MOD APK right now.
  2. Open your Android device’s settings and go to security. Now, enable installation from Unknown Sources. This step is important if you want to install the modded version of Spotify premium.
  3. Tap on the downloaded Spotify app and initiate the installation process.
  4. It will take a few seconds to install, follow each installation instruction carefully and provide the required permissions.
  5. Open the app once the installation process finished and signup or login using your account details.

Even though it is a modded app, it will update timely and you will get new music to listen on this app. It is a cracked version of the original Spotify Premium App, which means it will provide each feature of Spotify Premium.

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Spotify App ScreenShots 

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for Spotify.

Spotify App Versions

There are two versions of Spotify app. They are explained as follows:

  1. Spotify Standard Version: The standard version is great for playing music, but you will be dealing with many ads. This version also comes with a set of restrictions which reduce music streaming experience.
  2. Spotify Premium Version: Spotify premium is a better version, which requires you to subscribe for premium services. There will be no ads and many premium features that will improve your music streaming experience. Every user loves Spotify premium due to the fact that it brings millions of songs without any interruption to your mobile device.

The premium version of this app is costly and every user cannot afford it. That’s why people are forced to use Spotify standard version or buy the subscription. People are not happy with buying premium subscription just for listening music. That’s why they are searching for the ways of getting Spotify Premium features for free. The Spotify Premium MOD APK provides all those features for free.

What Premium Plans Spotify Offers?

As explained earlier, Spotify has the best plan you can buy to keep your music library filled with all the exciting and entertaining songs. Spotiy Premium plans include the following:

You will have to spend $9.99 per month if you want to get monthly premium membership of this music streaming service. The cost of monthly subscription is only $4.99 for students. They will also get ad-supported subscription to Hulu.

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Spotify also offers access to content published by Showtime in its student plan along with free Hulu subscription. Spotify Premium family pack costs $14.99 per month with all the premium features this app provides.

So, these are different subscription plans for premium services offered by Spotify. As you can check, some plans are cost-effective and some are a little costly. What music lovers truly want is a free subscription to Spotify premium and that’s what Spotify MOD APK provides.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk

The following features make Spotify Premium Mod APK a highly sought-after music streaming service:

Spotify Connect

The Spotify app is designed to work on various platforms. You can run it on any Android or iOS device. It also works flawlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Many people also own a Smart TV and Smart Speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa and they can easily install Spotify on these platforms.

You can sync your smartphone’s app’s data with these devices and then use your phone as a remote to play music in Spotify app on TV, PC, and smart speakers.

Unlimited Downloads

It is probably the most intriguing feature of Spotify Premium. You can download the Spotify Premium MOD APK and download all your favorite songs from this platform. The download feature is not available with the standard version of this app. It allows you to create a playlist of hundreds of songs. You can download the entire playlist until you have data left on your smartphone.

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The data plans are already getting cheaper and therefore now is the best time to prepare a huge playlist of different types of songs for entertainment. Spotify Premium is offering you an amazing opportunity to get all your favorite songs on your phone to play in offline mode.

Unlimited Replay and Shuffles

Spotify allows you to shuffle and repeat songs unlimited times. We often find some songs quite fascinating. Most of us like to play those songs time-and-again until we memorize all the lyrics of that particular song.

It is nowadays a bit difficult to do on some music streaming apps because those apps allow limited repeats of songs. Spotify Premium is not one of them because you can replay a song as many time as you want.

Ad-free Streaming Experience

Many people still prefer to download and play songs on their smartphone’s music player because they do not like ads. All the online music streaming services, including Spotify play many ads in-between songs. Some services such as Gaana even play two-three ads between songs and that is not any different from playing songs on radio.

Spotify Premium resolves this issue and streams only songs. There will be no ads between songs. You can play hundreds of songs without listening even a single promotion. That’s what makes it an awesome solution for all the music lovers.

Unlimited Skips

Many of us search for a special song, which we like to play on a playlist. Reaching that song quickly by skipping other songs seems like a tough thing to do on other music streaming apps. Spotify premium makes it much easier for you. It allows you to skip as many song as you want.

You can quickly scan the whole playlist and find a song you want to play. This feature is only available with Spotify Premium. This app may run a few ads if you are using the standard version of this app to play music.

Superb Audio Quality

Many music streaming apps are out there. All of them offer free music streaming experience with a premium subscription for quality music. Most of them fail to provide superb music quality. You can easily spot the difference between audio quality while playing the same song.

The audio quality of songs at Spotify goes beyond 320kbps bit rate, which is quite high. Ordinary music streaming apps can barely maintain 96kbps bit rate for the same song and that’s a big drawback of using those apps.

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If you are a true music lover and you have bought high-quality headphones to enjoy your music, you need Spotify Premium on your device. You can always access high-quality records from any famous artist and play them on your device without any trouble.

No Root Required

Android device users would find it pretty satisfying that they can download Spotify Premium MOD APK without rooting their Android device. This APK will work flawlessly on any normal Android device with all the amazing features of Spotify Premium.

Anti-Ban Security Feature

With the anti-ban security feature, you can feel safe. The common problem with most of the mod apk is, if the developers of the app trace them, then they will ban such accounts logged into the app. But, our modded app has an anti-ban security feature, which doesn’t let the developers know about the use of any modded app. So, it is good for the safety of users.

These are all the major features that you can notice while using Spotify Premium Mod APK. A bonus tip of first-time users is, do not install the update of the modded app from Google Play Store. You should download the latest version of the app from a similar website to avoid any problem in the future.  

People Also Ask [FAQs] –

Is Spotify Premium APK Safe?

Yes, it is Safe. The Premium APK offers Wide features like Unlimited streaming, downloads and that too without any ads.

Why should I try Spotify Premium APK over getting a membership?

The modded version of app saves your money and let you avail all the premium feature. You can download music and explore the impressive gallery.

Do I need high-speed internet connection to play music on Spotify

No, Spotify app plays songs without any issue. However, your internet connection must be providing at least 50KBps speed. If not, then some song might take a little time to buffer and play.

Does Spotify Premium APK Contains Virus or Malware ?

Absolutely Not! The Premium APK doesn't contains any Malware of Viruses. You can use the App without any risks.

Does Spotify Premium APK works on Non-Rooted Android Devices?

Yes, it works flawlessly on any non-rooted Android device. You just need to allow installation from Unknown Sources to install this app.

  • Working
  • Interface
  • Audio Quality


Millions of Spotify users call it the best music streaming app. It provides you with an instant access to a library of millions of songs from all across the globe. The standard version is not quite appealing because of so many ads and limited music streaming features. Spotify Premium is the best solution for your entertainment demands.

We understand that most of the users cannot afford to pay for Spotify Premium plans. Therefore, we have provided a direct download link for Spotify Premium MOD APK. Download and install this app on your phone to get all the premium features for free.

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