Download PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds for PC (Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7)

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is probably the most popular game in the world today. It has drawn the attention of people across the globe. This online multiplayer battle royale game was created and published by PUBG Corporation. Brendan Greene had designed this game launched it on 30th July 2016 all the popular video game consoles.

It is an action packed game and the action begins as you start the game. You can play in a squad of four players or go solo in the game. There will be guns, vehicles, grenades and some picturesque views of the location you choose to land.

Your ultimate goal is to kill all the enemies in the game to win the battle. This game was initially launched for video game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation 4, and then for high-end Windows PCs. Mobile device users were demanding for a game like PUBG and the PUBG Corporation launched PUBG mobile for Android and iOS devices on March 19, 2018.

People quickly got this game on their device and enjoyed playing it on the small screen. However, people with ordinary PCs want to play this game on their PC. Of course, they cannot get PUBG PC because of it might not run on low-end PCs. However, you can download an emulator program and then run PUBG mobile on your PC.

Continue reading to reveal more exciting facts about PUBG and how to download it on your PC.

Features of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG was launched only four years ago and today it is popular across the globe. Every person wants to download and play this game. It has turned many ordinary gamers into a renowned eSports player. People love this game because of the following features.

60 FPS Gameplay

Even though the developers never brag about it, PUBG can hit up to 60 frames per second on a top-end Android or iOS device. You will need a flagship device of Apple or Samsung to experience that amazing gameplay. However, it offers exceptional gaming experience at 30 FPS.

Most of the players enjoy a smooth and responsive gameplay. However, you need a good mobile device to perform better than your opponents. You can download this game on your PC and play it like a pro if you really want to beat all your opponents.

Multiple Servers Available

PUBG provides you with six different servers to choose from. You can select between North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and KRJP. Pings will be different on each server. Your game will run smoothly if you select the local server. Suppose you are living in India, select Asia’s server and you will experience the lowest ping.

Lots of Outfits and Skins

PUBG may have adopted this concept from CS GO, but it makes this game quite entertaining. Players can buy various impressive outfits for their characters in the game. There are also many weapon skins and vehicle skins. PUBG has recently provided Royal Pass owners with many impressive vehicle models and outfits with some great moves.

New Royale Pass Updates

PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game, but it still brings several missions to keep your excitement levels high. You can complete daily missions and RP missions for premium in-game products. The developers add some amazing features to the game with every new update.

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There were only two maps in the beginning, and then PUBG Corporation brough Shanok, Vakendi, TDM, Payload mode and several amazing modes for arcade lovers. New guns and new gameplay features are also added with every new update. That’s why a PUBG player never thinks about playing any other game for entertainment and time-pass.

Simple and Intuitive Interface:

One thing that makes PUBG so impressive is its simple interface. You will never find it daunting to start a match on a map you like the most. Everything is featured in a perfect way. It allows you to switch the language to any regional language you like. This game provides controls on the screen. You get multiple buttons on the screen and still there will enough free space to spot the enemy, shoot him, and kill him. You can switch control layouts, graphics, and sensitivity according to your gameplay demands.

Your gameplay settings are always saved on the server. So, whenever you switch the device, your controls settings will be there on the screen. You can log in through your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account and get everything the way you like.

Chat with Teammates

This feature makes PUBG really interesting. It allows you to talk to other players live during the gameplay. That’s how players coordinate better with one-another and win the game. You can use the chatting template or type your messages if you do not want to talk. Your friends and foes will listen you as clear as you are on a call.

Train before you Jump in the game

Suppose you are new in this game and do not know how to play it, PUBG provides long training sessions. You can tap on the map and select training to learn how to aim and shoot your enemy. All the in-game weapons and vehicles are available in the training map. You can try each one of them to be a seasoned player and play like a pro in the game.

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The list of feature will get too long if we describe each and every feature of PUBG. Essentially, it is the best mobile game to play on any mobile device or PC. Yes, it is quite simple to play PUBG on the PC, you just need to learn how.

Download Official PUBG PC Game

Downloading PUBG on a PC is quite simple. You can Get it for free of cost only on JRPSC website. It works great on both Windows and macOS operating systems. You might get a good discount on your purchase if you choose a right source to buy this game.

Make sure your PC can run this game properly before you buy it. This game requires a PC with:

  • 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • i5-4430 Intel Core processor or AAMD FX-6300 processor.
  • 8GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB graphics card or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB graphics card.
  • DirectX Version 11.
  • High-speed broadband connection.
  • 30 GB free space on your computer.

This game won’t work smoothly on your PC if your computer or laptop does not meet the system requirements for this game.

Download PUBG LITE Version Free on PC

Even though PUBG Corporation has sold numerous copies of its PC version, millions of PC users still could not buy it. People could not purchase that PC version because they use low-end PCs. Therefore, PUBG Corporation launched a free and light variant known as PUBG LITE for low-end computers and laptops.

Every player wants to be the pro in PUBG and shoot as many enemies as he or she can. Unfortunately, PUBG mobile is an advanced battle royale game. It requires feature-rich Android devices to perform better. Millions of people do not own such high-end mobile phones or tabs. Therefore, PUBG Corporation launched PUBG Mobile LITE for low-end devices. It works exactly like PUBG mobile but maps are small and graphics are not as impressive as you get on PUBG mobile.

You can use the below given link and download it now to play PUBG on your PC. It is a light version and that’s why it requires:

  • 64bit Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10 operating system.
  • I3 2.4GHz CPUCore
  • 4GB RAM
  • DirectX11 GPU and Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • 4GB free space on the hard drive.

Make sure your PC meets the system requirements and then download PUBG PC LITE to enjoy this thrilling game on your PC.

Download PUBG Mobile on PC using Emulators

Suppose your PC isn’t running PUBG PC LITE perfectly, you have another solution to play this game on your computer or laptop. Download PUBG mobile for PC and play it like a pro. PUBG mobile will work on most of the low-end PCs. However, you will need an emulator program to download and run this mobile game.

Take a look at the best emulator programs to play PUBG mobile on your PC:

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the Official Emulator for PUBG Mobile. This emulator is available for free on the Official Tencent website. You can Download it and Play PUBG Mobile on PC. You will also be able to match with your Android / iOS friends who are connected via Play Games ID, Facebook ID or Twitter ID.


NOX Player

NOX Player is a highly compatible emulator program designed to run mobile apps on the PC. So, whether it is a chatting app like Whatsapp or an impressive game like PUBG mobile, you can use NOX Player to download and run these apps on your PC.

Suppose you download this emulator program and install PUBG mobile on your PC. If the game stops working after a while, clear Google Play Store data and restart the game. It will work quite effectively on your PC.

BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks is probably the best emulator program for running Smartphone apps on a PC. It is the oldest emulator program and it has quickly become people’s favorite after the release of PUBG Mobile. Gamers used to download and play this game on BlueStacks emulator before the launch of Tencent Game Buddy. Even though BlueStacks is not the best for running PUBG mobile, it is still a great solution for your gaming demands.


This Android emulator is developed by Tencent Games, which has also designed PUBG Mobile. It is an official emulator program for running PUBG mobile on the PC. Tencent Games knew that players will use other emulator programs like Bluestacks to run PUBG mobile on their computer or laptop. Therefore, it introduced its own emulator tool to run this mobile game on personal computers.

This emulator is also famous with “Tencent Game Buddy” name. Do not get confused between these two because both are the same and designed only to download, install, and run PUBG mobile on the PC.

KO Player

It is another Android emulator program, designed totally for running Android games on a PC. You will find this emulator program perfect for your gaming demands because it offers several additional features, such as screen recording, KeyMapping, and so on.

You cannot install PUBG mobile directly on this emulator program. First, you will have to download PUBG mobile APK and then install it on KO Player with OBB file. Now copy and paste that OBB data in the PUBG Mobile APK folder, and then run the game. It will work flawlessly.

Not all the gamers prefer KO Player because it makes downloading and installing PUBG Mobile quite tricky. If you can go through that complicated installation process, then you should download KO Player on your PC.


It is another great choice for playing PUBG Mobile on the PC. This emulator program is quite simple, but it does not support highly demanding games. Therefore, you would find it more effective for running PUBG Mobile LITE. It is easy to download and install on any PC.

Yes, macOS users can download this emulator program on their Apple PC for playing PUBG. However, the creator has stopped updating this program in 2016. You can still download the older versions of this emulator to enjoy gaming on your PC.


This emulator program works on Windows kernel and therefore it is easy to download and install on Windows PCs. Just like other emulator programs in the list, Windroy allows you to download PUBG Mobile and other Android games and play those games on your PC.

You can use the app store to download the required game or download PUBG Mobile APK from the internet and then install this game. Windroy offers a clean and straightforward user-interface. That’s why it is one of the best emulator programs to download PUBG for PC.

Advantages of Playing PUBG on Emulators

There are many PUBG Mobile streamers, especially in India who play this game on an emulator. A lot of people criticize them because they are playing a mobile game on their PC. They certainly get certain advantage over players playing this game on a mobile device. Those advantages are as follows:

Easier to Spot and Kill an Enemy

Suppose you own a great gaming PC and playing PUBG Mobile on an emulator, you get better graphics to spot and kill an enemy. Not all the players use top-end mobile devices and that’s why they could not spot enemies as fast as an emulator player PUBG Mobile player can do. That’s the main advantage of playing PUBG Mobile on an emulator tool.

Better Movement and Controls

An emulator player can run, turn, and jump at the same time by using keys given on the keyboard. Mobile players cannot move such fast because they rely on screen controls. You can use your left hand’s fingers to control the motion and mouse to shoot the enemy. That’s another big advantage of playing PUBG Mobile on a PC.

Better Recoil Control

There are certain guns in PUBG which are quite hard to control and AKM is one of them. A person, who is playing PUBG Mobile on a PC, can control AKM or other guns’ recoil much better than a mobile player. You can run and shoot at the same time without moving your aim too much.

PUBG Mobile is basically meant to be played on a mobile device, but Tencent Games is also providing its emulator program to run this game on a PC. That’s why you can choose between mobile and PC to play this game.

Can PUBG Ban your ID by playing on Unofficial Emulator Programs?

Many players have reported that PUBG has banned their IDs for a certain period due to running this game on unauthorized emulator programs.

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It is a real threat and therefore you should be a little careful when using your main ID to play PUBG Mobile on a PC. You should first try playing this game on PC with an alternate ID. If nothing goes wrong, then you can login through your main ID and complete some of the most difficult RP missions.

Does PUBG works Smoother on a PC than Mobile?

You can use your keyboard and mouse to control player’s movements when playing PUBG on your PC. Whether it is PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile, both games work much better on a PC. It is no secret that thousands of PUBG Mobile players switched to emulator since they knew it is easier to play this game on a PC.

You can continue playing it on your mobile device, try 3-finger or 4-finger claw control settings to become an ace player. It will help you a lot in improving your gameplay skills and you can also prepare for some major eSports events if you play PUBG Mobile on your mobile device.

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Story

Final Words

PUBG is undoubtedly the best battle royale game. No other game offers such an exciting gameplay. Millions of people are playing and enjoying this game daily. However, many of them fail to reach top levels in the game because their PCs and mobile phones are not the best gaming devices.

PUBG Mobile users have an opportunity to download a feature-rich emulator program on their PC and play this game like a pro eSport player. You should go for it if you want to beat all your opponents and become a great PUBG player.

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