Welcome to Jrpsc, Today We are excited to present a Working PUBG Mobile Mod Apk, which has a variety of features like No Recoil, Auto-Ban, Free UC, Unlimited Health, Aimbot, Anti-Ban, Wallhack, etc. So, keep reading this article because We will give you download links of the mod as well.

Are you in love with the fantastic interface, and gameplay of PUBG? Well, it is sure that you must be after the “Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner” title. Who doesn’t love to take over opponents, kill all the opponents, and become a top-notch gamer?

To reach on the max level, having so many skills isn’t enough; that’s why we welcome you on our portal where you can learn a new trick. We are here to tell you about PUBG Mobile Mod APK. Do you know what a mod or modification is?

In simple words, a mod can help you get several advantages in the PUBG game and let you progress at a faster rate. As PUBG has a massive fan-base with millions of downloads hit over Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the use of mod is a useful option.

The download of the mod can add glory to your playing style and help you progress with ease. Some say that it is not the right thing to do, and it shows partiality, even we are against it, but we have to do this because of educational purpose, and gaming is fun, right?

If you come so far to download the PUBG Mobile Mod Apk, then you can go after PUBG names from the profile to look unique. As you want to download it, make sure that you check out the necessary details about the same and learn about the working. We are also sharing the download link to help you out.

Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK For Free

It all begins with the download of APK, but before that, there is a need for uninstalling the existing version of the game. In case you have any dual space app on your phone, then you can consider that to install the apk version.

Name PUBG Mobile
Size 47MB Apk + 1.9GB OBB
Version v0.17.0 [Latest]
Developers Tencent Games
Downloads 100M +
Category Games > Battle Royale

The link for PUBG Mod APK download is mentioned below, and you can find the APK file attached to the same. You need to download the OBB data file also. You can check out the instructions or videos to learn the download method and installation procedure for effective usability. Now, hit the download button and get the game.

Get PUBG Mobile Mod APK + OBB

Click the button below to Download PUBG Mobile MOD v0.16.5 with Data.

This Download is 100% Secure and Virus Free.

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Oh yes, once the PUBG Mobile Mod APK is downloaded, and you need to focus on the installation procedure only. You just learned the download method only; if you are curious about the features, installation method, and benefits, then you can check that out below. All these things make this Apk file unique and better to prefer over the other ones.


Here are some screenshots exclusively from jprsc.org mod apk gameplay.

Overview of PUBG Mod Apk

All the avid gamers know that what is PUBG and what kind of game it is, even non-gamers also know about it. However, not everyone is well-acknowledged about the term PUBG Mod APK.

As PUBG developers focus on new updates and bringing new layouts on the map, sometimes they forget bugs. A perfect app or game can’t exist because getting rid of all the bugs isn’t possible. Fixing one can create a new one at any other end of the script. Hackers and IT experts take advantage of the same.

When developers of the game get to know about it, they fix it with a new patch update and ban those accounts who are taking advantage of the same. So, the use of modification is illegal, and we mention it in advance so that you don’t blame us lately. However, there are some safe ways to use the mods also.

Today, you learned that what is mod, and you know the effectiveness. We are not recommending the use because it is all on your own. Getting your account banned and creating a new one lately means you must progress from the start. In case you want to download, then do it on your responsibility. We are not responsible for anything.

Features of PUBG Mobile Mod APK

A vast number of unique features are offered in PUBG Mobile Mod APK, which make this app better from the original one in several manners. Still, a risk part is connected to the same, most probably you need to create a new account for the safety purpose. It is an anti-ban app, and you can use the existing id, but taking a risk isn’t a good option.

No Recoil

When it comes to killing opponent gamer with continuous shooting, recoil is the common problem that occurs with everyone. Guns usually require recoil, which can slow down your speed while killing the opponent. It would help if you recoiled, and doing it manually, takes time, and it is not easy at the same time. After installing this PUBG Mobile Mod APK, you will find that it has 0% recoil, and it will help killing opponents quickly.

Unlimited UC

Who doesn’t love to try out some of the great costumes which are offered by the developers? Well, it can make you feel better, but it comes for a price, and you need to use UC.

If you don’t want to spend real money on the purchase of UC, then this PUBG Mobile Mod APK will help you by providing unlimited UC for free.  You can get free UC with ease, and it is also a straightforward option to look after.

No Root Required

You can download and install PUBG mobile mod Apk without rooting your device. You need to put the obb files in the right folder and invest the game wisely. After that, you can run this game. Unfortunately, this Apk is for android devices, so you can’t use it in any iOS device so the android devices can get all the advantages of the same. This Mod works on all the android devices.

Anti-Ban Properties

Chances of getting banned by the developers are there with the Mod, but this one comes with an anti-ban property to prevent you from any further issue. It doesn’t matter that how much you use the Mod and all the tweaks, it will keep your Mod anonymous and make you feel safe. So, you can try this Mod without worrying about a single issue. A tip for better safety is, avoid the use of real ID for PUBG. You can create a new one for this purpose.


To take down the enemy with your bullets, you need to aim, but PUBG Mobile Mod APK has a feature to ease up the work. It automatically aims the opponent if he/she comes near the range, and then you need to hit the shot button. It doesn’t matter that if you have aimed or not, it will automatically lock the opponent in the aim section.

Endless Usage (No Limits)

From bullets to the usage time, there is no limit. You can use it for unlimited time. Avid gamers spend hours playing PUBG, so this one is a bone for them. This PUBG Mobile Mod APK lets you avail of the advantages of all the features, including anti-ban, and you can play the game without worrying about a single thing. You can get rid of 6 hours playing the rule of developers.

High-Speed Running

The ability to move faster from a situation is helpful to avoid getting shot. This feature allows you to run at the speed of the bike, and you can stay away from Blue-zone with this option. Even, it will avoid the need for a car, and this feature comes in handy when you are playing in the solo mode. The best part is, the opponent won’t get to know about it.

Extra Features 

Several other features are added into the Mod for your conveniences like first landing, long jump, auto-reload, and more. These are some extras that can help you progress at a faster rate, and it can make you one of the best gamers. When the Blue-zone starts, you can run at high speed and move at a quicker pace just like a car. Your health doesn’t drop that fast also.

Guide to Install PUBG Mod APK 

Installing the game is a little bit difficult unless you know about the method to put obb files in the right folder after the installation of the game. For beginners, who doesn’t have any idea of how to install the Apk file. Making any mistake during the installation can cause a crash, and the game might not run properly. So, it is better to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step 1 – Downloading All the Files

The very first step is to download Mod Apk and the data files. The links for downloads are given above. Due to the large size, it might take some time to download. Once they are downloaded, you can move to installation.

  • Step 2 – Installing APK

Store both the files on your phone and start by installing the PUBG APK. It may require you to enter some details, and it can stop installing between. If that happens, then tick the column and save Jake as an unknown source. Now, you can start installing it again.

  • Step 3 – Replacing Obb Files

Do not run the game after installation and then head over to replace the Obb files. Open file manager and copy the ob files that you have downloaded. After that, open android folder, here you can find a folder which is named obb. You can open the com.tencent.ig folder right away.

  • Step 4 – Pasting Files

Now, paste the Obb files that you have downloaded from the website into the Tencent folder. Once everything is done, you can close the file manager.

  • Step 5 – Run Game 

Everything is done, and the PUBG Mobile Mod APK is installed now. You will never find any issue as you are going after the latest Mod for the latest version of the game. In case you are still having any problem, then you can check out the video.

Once the game is installed, you can move forward and run this game. It will run flawlessly after checking the latest updates. Log in with your PUBG account or create a new one for the same. Everything is done after that, and you can play this game. Even boosting RP will not take much time.

FAQs – What People Usually Ask?

If you still have anything in your mind about the game or its installation, then you can clear that out by checking out some of the frequently asked questions by users. These might answer the doubt you have in mind about the game.

What is PUBG Mod?

PUBG Mod is a Modded version of the Game. It Unlocks everything in the game like Free Costumes, Gun Skins, Free UC, Unlimited Battle Points etc.

Is it Possible to hack PUBG?

Yes, it is possible, and there are many hackers doing the same get features like auto-aim, unlimited UC, and more. You can also hack it, but the new update will make you play the original version until a new mod version is uploaded by the Modders.

What is UC and How to Get it Free UC?

UC refers to unknown cash, and it is the primary virtual currency of the game. It is used in the purchase of stunning costumes. It is available for purchase with real money where you can spend $0.99 for 60 UC. To get free UC, You can try PUBG Mod APK which is free too.

Is there any option to play PUBG Offline?

No, PUBG can't be played offline because it is a MOBA game. In this game, you survive among 100 other players, where 20% of them are a bot. So, there is no way to play this game offline against bots or CPU.

Can I Land Before others by Using PUBG Mod?

Landing is considered the vital thing in this game because if you land first, you have the advantage of collecting impressive weapons and armors. The PUBG mods can help you land a couple of seconds before others, and it puts a slight advantage.

What is Aimbot Hack in PUBG?

Aimbot means Auto-Aiming. Lots of Cheaters user Aimbot to be able to Aim Perfectly on their enemies without any Recoil. A Mod can specially help you in this.

  • Gameplay
  • Strategy
  • Popularity

Final Words

Finally, To be a expert hacker, you need to have a mod Installed in your Mobile Device. You can start by downloading PUBG Mod APK and playing for a couple of matches to find all the benefits. You will never get banned due to the anti-ban feature. Whenever a new update appears, you can’t download that and get the advantage of the mod.

In such cases, you need to wait for the latest update of Mod and download that. Don’t worry; a mod can make you take the advantage for several months. Make sure that you do not update the game from Google Play Store because you can end up getting banned from the developer. Then, you might have to create a new account.

We keep on updating with the latest version of PUBG, and you can install the update from JRPSC.ORG. If you loved playing the mod, then share it with your friends through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. They can also take advantage of the hack version and try out some amazing tweaks.

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