PUBG Mobile Mod APK v1.1.0- No Recoil, Aimbot, Free UC & Health

Download and install PUBG Mobile MOD APK right now if you want to gain maximum kills and win each battle against top-skilled enemies.

With over 400 million total downloads and 50 million+ daily active players, PUBG Mobile has become world’s leading online multiplayer battle royale game. Every person wants to download and play this game. It offers immense entertainment with multiple gameplay modes, many impressive weapons, smooth gameplay, and many other exciting features.

You can play as a solo player or in a squad of two or four players. Every moment in this game becomes an unforgettable experience. You never know what’s coming next and when an enemy will take your headshot. The only sure thing is that you will have unlimited fun and entertainment.

Although everything is fine about this mobile game, it becomes a bit frustrating when you cannot spot and kill your enemies. Skilled players land on popular sites on the map, loot all the weapons, and they kill beginner level players. It frustrates every normal PUBG player and that’s why we are offering PUBG Mobile MOD APK. This app has a remarkable solution for those who want to get Unlimited UC and Battle Points in the Game.

Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK For Free

It all begins with the download of APK, but before that, there is a need for uninstalling the existing version of the game. In case you have any dual space app on your phone, then you can consider that to install the apk version.

NamePUBG Mobile
Size47MB Apk + 1.53GB OBB
Versionv0.18.0 [Latest]
DevelopersTencent Games
Downloads100M +
CategoryGames > Battle Royale

The link for PUBG Mod APK download is mentioned below, and you can find the APK file attached to the same. You need to download the OBB data file also. You can check out the instructions or videos to learn the download method and installation procedure for effective usability. Now, hit the download button and get the game.

PUBG Mobile is a heavy game. Most of the latest updates are 1.4GB+ updates. Your phone must be using Android 5.1.1 or a newer version of Android to run this game. Besides, you also need 2GB RAM and over 4GB free space on your phone’s main storage. Fast processor ensures a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

Get PUBG Mobile Mod APK + OBB

Click the button below to Download PUBG Mobile MOD v0.16.5 with Data.

This Download is 100% Secure and Virus Free.

Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

Oh yes, once the PUBG Mobile Mod APK is downloaded, and you need to focus on the installation procedure only. You just learned the download method only; if you are curious about the features, installation method, and benefits, then you can check that out below. All these things make this Apk file unique and better to prefer over the other ones.


Here are some screenshots exclusively from jprsc.org mod apk gameplay.

How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile Mod APK

  1. Tap on the following link to download PUBG Mobile MOD APK right now.
  2. Go to your smartphone or tab’s Settings, Security, and now enable downloads from unknown sources.
  3. Now tap on the download PUBG MOD apk to start the installation process.
  4. It will take a few seconds to install, provide the necessary permissions, and finish the installation process.
  5. Now find the OBB File folder in downloads, unzip this folder, and copy all the data. Move copied folder to Android folder on your device. Here you will find a folder with the same name. Paste the copied OBB files in this folder.
  6. Open the game and play a match on Classic Erangle map.

Overview of PUBG Mod Apk

Normally, PUBG Mobile app comes with all the features this game offers, but no additional competitive advantage. Both new and experienced players get the same servers to choose from. Toughness of the game depends on your level in the game.

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However, some smart guys join new players in their team to get easy kills and wins in the game. That’s when it becomes really difficult to win the battle.

The PUBG Mobile MOD APK provides you greater advantages against all the pro and newbie players. It is a modified version of the original PUBG Mobile app and it enables all the popular hacks.

Features of PUBG Mobile Mod APK

The following features will outline the importance of PUBG Mobile MOD APK.

No Recoil

AKM, Groza, M249, M762, SKS, SLR, M416, DP, etc. are some of the most popular guns in the PUBG game. All these guns recoil when you shoot. You cannot shoot an enemy in auto mode, when the enemy is located 200m+ away. You will have to run the gun on single shot or you will shoot all around your enemy. It happens because of the recoil of the gun you use in this game.

PUBG Mobile MOD APK reduces all the guns’ recoil to almost zero. Aim at your enemy and just start shooting. All your bullets will reach to the target and shoot him on a spot you want. Even pros cannot have such an amazing recoil control, but you can have it with the MOD APK.

Unlimited Everything

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game, but its in-game resources are quite expensive. People can either continue completing normal missions with ordinary perks or buy a royal pass to complete some highly rewarding missions. These RP missions reward better outfits, skills, moves, and a greater gaming experience.

Millions of PUBG players have bought Royal Pass in this game just to get those amazing outfits, weapon skills, moves, and a better gaming experience. Do not plan about buying it if you can download PUBG Mobile MOD APK. This app automatically get Unlimited UC, Battle Points and unlocks all the premium outfits and you get numerous weapons skins and other perks. Essentially, you will get all the benefits of Royal Pass without buying it.

No Root Required

Both Android and iOS devices are securer than early versions of smartphones. You cannot download and install any app or software on your phone. iPhone, iPads, and Android smartphones prevent users from downloading and installing suspicious programs.

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MOD apps come from anonymous sources and that’s why you cannot download every modified app on your device. However, the app we are about to share in this blog is tested and fully secure. You do not need to root or jailbreak your smartphone to download this app. Just tap on the link, download it, and install it without facing any trouble!


Have you ever found difficult to aim at your enemy and shoot. Does your character often get knocked when you are struggling to aim and the enemy shoots you? You are not alone if you face this problem. It takes several months to learn how to aim and shoot the enemy within a fraction of a second in PUBG.

Pro players have spent several months or almost more than a year to master this skill. You do not need that much time. Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK and its aimbot feature will allow you to shoot enemy without shooting on the target.

You just need to move the gun in your enemy’s direction and then tap the fire button. The bullet will automatically find enemy’s head and knock or kill him. That’s an amazing feature which even pros want. Only PUBG Mobile MOD APK offers this amazing feature.

High Jumping and Flying Vehicles

You may have seen some PUBG hackers on YouTube videos. They buy PUBG mobile hacks to jump higher across the buildings and fly vehicles. These skills provide them competitive advantage over the enemy.

You get these gameplay skills for free when playing this game on a modified PUBG mobile app. You can jump over the apartments, schools, and numerous containers in just one attempt. Bridge Blocks will not affect you anymore because you will be flying cars over the bridges.

Endless Usage (No Limits)

From bullets to the usage time, there is no limit. You can use it for unlimited time. Avid gamers spend hours playing PUBG, so this one is a bone for them. This PUBG Mobile Mod APK lets you avail of the advantages of all the features, including anti-ban, and you can play the game without worrying about a single thing. You can get rid of 6 hours playing the rule of developers.

Speed Hack

Just imagine how beneficial it will be for you to run and drive faster than your enemies. All the clans and vehicles run at predefined pace in this game. Faster speed means you can reach the target location faster than your enemy and then shoot him easily. This MOD Apk improves your speed in the game.

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You can run faster than your enemies and your vehicles will run at lightning speed. Thus, you can reach the safe zone much faster and move out of the harm’s way without getting injured. Many people are paying hundreds of dollars to smart hackers to enable speed hack. You get it for free with the MOD APK.

Wall Hack

Play PUBG mobile on this app and there will be no wall between you and your enemy. Of course, he would not be able to see you through the walls but you can spot him. You can also shoot through the walls of any building or also across a hill to kill that enemy. This particular feature allows you to be on a secure location to avoid the enemies and also kill them, when they think they are safe. Wallhack is one of the most beneficial features for every player.

FAQs – What People Usually Ask?

If you still have anything in your mind about the game or its installation, then you can clear that out by checking out some of the frequently asked questions by users. These might answer the doubt you have in mind about the game.

What is PUBG Mod?

PUBG Mod is a Modded version of the Game. It Unlocks everything in the game like Free Costumes, Gun Skins, Free UC, Unlimited Battle Points etc.

Is it Possible to hack PUBG?

Yes, it is possible, and there are many hackers doing the same get features like auto-aim, unlimited UC, and more. You can also hack it, but the new update will make you play the original version until a new mod version is uploaded by the Modders.

What is UC and How to Get it Free UC?

UC refers to unknown cash, and it is the primary virtual currency of the game. It is used in the purchase of stunning costumes. It is available for purchase with real money where you can spend $0.99 for 60 UC. To get free UC, You can try PUBG Mod APK which is free too.

Is there any option to play PUBG Offline?

No, PUBG can't be played offline because it is a MOBA game. In this game, you survive among 100 other players, where 20% of them are a bot. So, there is no way to play this game offline against bots or CPU.

Can I Land Before others by Using PUBG Mod?

Landing is considered the vital thing in this game because if you land first, you have the advantage of collecting impressive weapons and armors. The PUBG mods can help you land a couple of seconds before others, and it puts a slight advantage.

What is Aimbot Hack in PUBG?

Aimbot means Auto-Aiming. Lots of Cheaters user Aimbot to be able to Aim Perfectly on their enemies without any Recoil. A Mod can specially help you in this.

  • Gameplay
  • Strategy
  • Popularity

Final Words

PUBG Mobile is going to get tougher and tougher with time. Soon there will be millions of pro players. Competing against them will be really tough, especially if they are using top end mobile devices.

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK right now, learn how to use its special features, and you can become a top-ranked player in this game. No enemy will ever be able to kill you and destroy your squad.

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