Netflix Premium Mod APK – Unlimited Shows, Offline Episodes, No subscription

In the cutting-edge on-demand online streaming service, Netflix has remarkably the highest number of exclusive original TV shows, Movies, Series, and more. The huge variety of shows, Native app for smartphone and web-based version of Netflix is making it one of the best options in all kind. This paid service provider is available in several countries.

If you want to enjoy all the shows without paying a single penny, Netflix Premium Mod APK is a popular alternative. To get all the services for free, it is a better alternative, and it is a highly reliable option. Probably, this question of “what mod apk is” already triggered in your mind. Modification of an android app is called Mod Apk. 

It has the involvement of third-party developers who trace down a bug in the apk version, and they rectify it and remove the subscription option or surpass it. Due to this, the same app which requires membership works for free, and developers of the app don’t get to know about anything at all.

Our team of experts did this job and come up with the latest mod apk with the January update. They are putting great efforts adding some new features in this version of the app. We believe that you are going to love all the major features like a huge library without getting a membership, no limits, offline episodes, and more.

All the limits are removed, and the app will work perfectly until the next update. Don’t worry that a normal update can easily take months to appear in the Google Play Store, and at the same time, you can go after the latest mod from our website. So, you can save money and get all the major features of this app.

To help you learn about all the features, advantages, and more, we compiled all the factors. Even there is a FAQ question that will clear additional doubts that aren’t covered by the post.

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Main Features of Netflix Premium Mod APK

In this mod apk, you can expect extra features than the original app, and there is a lot more stuff to explore this time. After downloading and installing this app based on the instructions, you will notice the below mentioned seven main features in this app. These features are all about the usability related factors. Let’s begin –

Download or Offline Episodes 

With the help of our latest Netflix Premium Mod APK, you can download episodes in your device and watch it later whenever you want. This thing put the advantage of utilizing your free time lately, even without having an internet connection. People with poor internet speed will also love to download episodes and watch them later. In this way, they don’t have to tackle with buffering and such other problems. Episodes last for 30 days in the offline gallery, and after that, they disappear, so you might have to download them again.

Share with Others

Just as Netflix claims that their membership allows you to share the existing account membership among four different screens. So, you can expect the same. You can download the apk and install it. Offer a similar app to friends or siblings and use the same account. So, every device will be working on a single id, and you can know what type of content others are watching, and it can help you get better suggestions. It is a good way to enjoy yourself with your friends and watching an impressive series, movies or tv shows.

No Need for Subscription

This mod apk app surpasses the registration option and acts as an account that has a membership. Developers of the app won’t get to know about it, and in the meantime, you will be browsing a huge content library. It makes everything simpler, and saving money becomes easier. The existing version of mod apk will work perfectly until the next update, and you can keep using the same method to get the mod apk. So, you can enjoy the content for free, and this process will never end.

Parental Controls

The original app and modded version are slightly the same in several aspects. For instance, you can find the parental control feature, and it is available in both versions of the app. You can create a different screen with your kids’ names. Even, you can turn on parent control to hide all the explicit tv shows and series. On the other hand, there will be a password on each screen. No one can access that password without your help. So, it will be a good way to protect your kids from watching something which they shouldn’t be.

No Root

Some of the developers of the app ask you to root your Android device to take advantage of mod Apk. But, this one works perfectly because it doesn’t need any sort of root access. You need to install the app on your smartphone and set the obb folder correctly. So, there is nothing like rooting, which won’t be creating any problem at all. This will keep you secure. Even, you should avoid apps that ask you to root an android device.


With the help of the anti-ban feature, developers of the app are not able to ban your account. They won’t know about any sort of suspicious activity. This thing keeps you safe from getting caught using the modded version. There is no problem with usability, but if developers find any suspicious activity, they can ban a specific account to access the content library. Due to this, anti-ban feature comes in handy and protect from such type of issues. Due to this, you can rely on it.

Content Library

Did I mention earlier, Netflix is king in the content section due to original shows and movies? Well, here is a thing, Netflix started before anyone else, and they signed most of the old TV shows producers along with movie producers. The agreement was about uploading all the old movies which have good ratings. Now, you can browse a range of TV shows, Movies, and Series. They have Breaking Bad, LOST, THE Wire, and many more from the beginning of this century.

Quality Options

Even though Netflix has a great content library, you can find all the shows available in HD quality. There is no show in lower-quality option, and if you browse through the latest shows, you will find HD, UHD, and 4K content easily. These shows require high-end internet speed to browse, and if you can’t get that, then UHD is also a good choice to prefer. It is all about Netflix and Chill. While browsing content, you can use offline content, and you can choose the download settings.


People who don’t speak English or it is their native language might have problem watching shows. Due to this, all the shows uploaded in recent time have a caption. Or, you can call it a subtitle. These subtitles let you watch shows with ease, and if you find any problem listening to what someone said in the show, then you can have a glare at the caption. This always works, and it is a good way to enjoy when you want to watch shows like Pablo Escobar, Naruto, and more. Language is not a big deal in such cases.

About Netflix Premium 

Netflix is an on-demand video streaming service provider, leading the industry based on original shows, has a huge number of great features which makes it unique and best in all kind. Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, Disney, and many other competitors are out there trying to lead this industry. 

To compete effectively, all companies are coming up with cheaper plans, better offers, but Netflix is hard to compete in terms of content and the number of original shows. The availability of iOS and Android devices, along with the web version of the app, shows that they are almost everywhere.  

Developers are offering many plans, and if you love to watch episodes on Netflix, then you can find that there are a couple of plans offered by them. In a country like India, where Netflix launched their new shows two years ago with Sacred Games and more, It got intense popularity before any other company.

All the shows have an impressive rating, and the credit goes to Netflix also. They created plans for a fraction of price in the beginning to attract more customers, and they also offered one month of free membership for trial. You can watch out all their impressive shows, but if you don’t have a membership, then you must check out the latest ones.

The difference among most of the plans is based on a number of screens that you will be accessing, the quality option, and a few more. Otherwise, there is no difference among plans except the time of use. So, if you want to buy a plan, then you must look after these key factors to avoid the purchase of wrong shows.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend money on these plans and want to get it for free, you can pretty much consider Netflix Premium Mod APK. This app and subscription both are similar because you can get the option to browse content in any quality you want, offline features, and many more. So, it can help you get the best experience out of the same.

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Top 5 Netflix Shows to Watch in India 

Netflix comes up with some great shows in the past two years, and if you haven’t watched any, then you are missing so many things. Well, we made a list of some cool shows with a short description. This will help you know that which shows to check out.

  • Sacred Games 

Policeman Sartaj Singh gets an anonymous call from Gaitonde about the end of world and criminal activities going to happen. This chase goes to Tripathi, the mastermind of everything and then saving the world from terrorist. A new installment, Sacred Games 2, is published couple of months ago. 

  • Delhi Crime

A girl named Nirbhaya was brutally raped by bunch of people including a bus driver while coming back home with his boyfriend. This chase and instant action of DSP shows how police work and how they provide justice to girl. This story has eight episodes and all of them are about chasing and arresting the criminals. 

  • Ghoul 

This is a story of new prisoner who arrives at a military detention center. This person has the most eerie behavior and it led to some paranormal activity and horror thriller. This is a horror fiction series of three episodes. While getting through this horror time, the main character of story is shown dealing with mental problems. 

  • Leila 

In the segregated community of forgotten margins, a woman start her journey to find her lost daughter while getting arrested couple years back. This story leads to emotional drama and going from places to places. On this journey, she met with so many people leading to wrong ways and she can’t decide whom to ask. 

  • Selection Day

Two teenage brothers have big dreams who are raised by strict parents and obsessive father. This series leads toward cricket, India’s favorite sports, and getting their named inked in shiny letters. This story goes through so much emotional stages and shattering moments. 

These popular shows have a gripping storyline, and there are new series installments to check out also. So, you will be stunned by most of the shows mentioned. The best part is, Netflix’s original shows are going to impress you with the storyline. Netflix Premium Mod APK will help you browse this huge content library. 

People Also Ask [FAQs] –

What are the Benefits of Using Netflix Premium Mod APK?

Using the mod apk version of Netflix Premium lets you browse the huge content library for free, and it let you take advantage of all the impressive features offered by the developers. So, it is a good way to save money.

How to Install Netflix Premium Mod APK?

After downloading the apk file and the OBB data, install the app and place the obb file in the android>data>Netflix folder. Once you are done with the same, open the app, and everything is done.

Is their Netflix Premium Mod APK version for Smart Tv?

No, smart TV works on a different version of android, and they do not support smartphones app due to the resolution formatting and other factors. But, you can use the mod app in any android smartphone and tablet.

How to install Netflix Premium Mod APK on my iPhone?

Well, Apple devices have their own operating system, which is totally different from the android OS. So, if you are trying to install Netflix Premium Mod APK, then you are doing it wrong. It won't install, and there is no iOS version available till now.

Is it Safe to Install Netflix Premium Mod APK and use it?

Yes, due to the anti-ban feature, it is safe to install Netflix Premium Mod APK in your Android device. It protects your identity, and developers of the app don't get to know about any suspicious activity.

How to Offline Episodes in Netflix Premium Mod APK?

Open the modded version of app, search the series or movie that you want to download. After browsing that, you can find three vertical dots right next to the name. Tap on it, and you can find download option. Keep it in mind that you can get these episodes to work in this app only, you can’t get a video file.

  • Working
  • TV-Shows
  • Quality


Here, we offered all the possible details of Netflix Premium Mod APK and compiled other important factors about the same. It will help you know how to avoid getting into any problem and using the modded version of the app.  

When you download this app and install it, you must go with the latest version. Using it without checking precautions might be a risky choice, and it can set you in several problems in the future.

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