Netflix Premium Mod APK – Unlimited Shows, Offline Episodes, No subscription

Netflix is world’s best online streaming service, which provides best movies, shows, and web series along with the original content. It has totally changed the way people get their entertainment.  Now, nobody waits for many days to watch favorite shows and movies. Netflix has brought the best movies and shows to your phone. That’s why it is the best.

This online streaming service is not free! You need to choose between one of Netflix’s three subscription plans to get access to its premium feature. Many people do not like it! They want this app with all those amazing features, but for free.

Is it possible to get Netflix for free without spending any penny from the bank account? Yes, it is possible but only if you use the Netflix Premium MOD APK. Continue reading and you will reveal everything about how to download and install Netflix MOD APK and how does it work.

What is Netflix MOD ?

Netflix was founded as a DVD delivery service and today it is entertaining over 130 million entertainment seekers across the globe. This platform is probably the best because it provides the best content.

Unfortunately, it is also quite costly and every person cannot afford a Netflix subscription. That’s why the Netflix MOD APK is designed. It is a modded version of the original Netflix application. Streaming premium Netflix movies and shows for free is possible on this app. You can also download your favorite movies and shows to watch in the offline mode later.

The Netflix MOD APK allows you to access all the Netflix premium features without subscribing for Netflix’s services. You can directly access  the premium content. That’s what this MOD APK makes possible for every interested user.

A MOD APK is simply a file, which you can download on your mobile and laptop, install it, and then use it to stream Netflix movies, shows, and web series.

Download Netflix MOD APK For Free

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How to Download and Install Netflix Premium APK?

Now you know all the perks that come with the Netflix Premium APK. You want to use it right now and you aren’t going to wait too long now. Follow the steps explained below to download and install this amazing app on your device.

    1. Open the phone settings and now go to Security, and then go to Unknown Sources. Now, allow file download from Unknown sources. (This step is important if you want to run the modded Netflix app on your device).

Allow Unknown Sources

  1. Now, tap on the Netflix MOD APK download link provided below to initiate the download.
  2. Go to the “Downloads” folder on your device and open the downloaded Netflix APK.
  3. A new window will pop-up and ask you to initiate installation. Tap on the “Install” button and installation will begin.
  4. Now, follow the installation instructions, provide the required permissions, and the Netflix MOD APK will install on your device.

Great! You have just got a free way of streaming all the premium Netflix movies, shows, and web series on your device. Enjoy watching the best shows!

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Netflix MOD ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for Netflix.

Features of Netflix Premium Mod APK

The first time users might get surprised the way MOD APK works because it provides everything that the Netflix App offers. The following features make it a perfect solution for your entertainment demands:

Unlimited Movies and Shows

Netflix has a huge library of movies, shows, and web series. It streams content in all the major languages. Therefore, you will never run short of content to stream online. You can watch Netflix original movies and shows right after its release. Of course, people subscribe and pay for such facilities but you won’t.

The Netflix MOD APK allows you to enjoy the same facility without worrying about monthly subscription. Everything streamed on this app will be available on your phone. You will get something exciting to watch every day. That’s why this MOD APK is a flawless choice for every Netflix fan, who does not want to spend money.

No Irritating Ads

Netflix is not the only online streaming service. Numerous websites were providing online movie and TV show streaming solutions. Countries are banning those websites now because those sites were featuring pirated content. In addition, there were so many irritating ads.

People still experience so many ads when watching movies on TV and video sharing platforms. Netflix is not one of those platforms! It ensures that you enjoy your precious time precisely without watching irritating ads.

The whole movie or show will run without showing a single advertisement. Netflix subscribers spend a considerable amount of money to get such an awesome service. You can get it for free by downloading and installing Netflix MOD APK.

4K Video Quality

Modern smartphones and TV screens are designed to play videos at high resolution. You can buy a device that supports 4K videos. Netflix knows that and that’s why it streams all the movies and shows at 4K video quality.

You are going to watch high definition videos on your screen. Each movie and show will feel amazing with that quality. Switch to a 4K video supporting device, if your phone or TV does not support such high-definition videos. It will be an amazing experience to enjoy 4K HD movies, web series, and shows for free on the Netflix MOD APK.

No User Limit

The original Netflix app does not allow users to stream content on unlimited screens. You can stream movies and shows on 1, 2, or 4 screens depending on your subscription plan. This condition often troubles the users because the basic plan users cannot stream content on more than one screen at a time.

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This problem never occurs when you are using the Netflix MOD APK. This app has the capacity to work simultaneously on unlimited screens. Basically, you just need to download and install it on your device. You can later share it with your friends and allow them to enjoy all their favorite Netflix shows.

It is very easy to share this app. You don’t even need a file sharing app to transfer the downloaded Netflix MOD APK. Open your WhatsApp app, and send it in document format. Your friend will be able to download and install it immediately.

Stream Content in Multiple Languages

As mentioned earlier in this post, Netflix is streaming movies, shows, and web series in multiple languages. This company is investing in impressive stories. It is frequently coming up with some amazing movies and web series, which are admired by the local audience.

If there is a Netflix web series released in your local language, you can watch it on the Netflix MOD APK. Get it now because people will soon reveal many spoilers and you might lose interest in that web series or movie.

It is free!

Who doesn’t like to save money? Probably, everyone likes to save extra bucks and get quality entertainment. Netflix’s subscription plans are expensive, especially if you do not have a job. The Netflix MOD APK is free. You can download it right now and watch all the Netflix shows without any trouble. That’s what makes it the best alternative to the Netflix app.

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Top 5 Netflix Shows to Watch in India 

Netflix comes up with some great shows in the past two years, and if you haven’t watched any, then you are missing so many things. Well, we made a list of some cool shows with a short description. This will help you know that which shows to check out.

  • Sacred Games 

Policeman Sartaj Singh gets an anonymous call from Gaitonde about the end of world and criminal activities going to happen. This chase goes to Tripathi, the mastermind of everything and then saving the world from terrorist. A new installment, Sacred Games 2, is published couple of months ago. 

  • Delhi Crime

A girl named Nirbhaya was brutally raped by bunch of people including a bus driver while coming back home with his boyfriend. This chase and instant action of DSP shows how police work and how they provide justice to girl. This story has eight episodes and all of them are about chasing and arresting the criminals. 

  • Ghoul 

This is a story of new prisoner who arrives at a military detention center. This person has the most eerie behavior and it led to some paranormal activity and horror thriller. This is a horror fiction series of three episodes. While getting through this horror time, the main character of story is shown dealing with mental problems. 

  • Leila 

In the segregated community of forgotten margins, a woman start her journey to find her lost daughter while getting arrested couple years back. This story leads to emotional drama and going from places to places. On this journey, she met with so many people leading to wrong ways and she can’t decide whom to ask. 

  • Selection Day

Two teenage brothers have big dreams who are raised by strict parents and obsessive father. This series leads toward cricket, India’s favorite sports, and getting their named inked in shiny letters. This story goes through so much emotional stages and shattering moments. 

These popular shows have a gripping storyline, and there are new series installments to check out also. So, you will be stunned by most of the shows mentioned. The best part is, Netflix’s original shows are going to impress you with the storyline. Netflix Premium Mod APK will help you browse this huge content library. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long I can use Netflix Premium APK for free?

You can use this app to watch movies and shows on Netflix for free forever. It will always provide access to premium Netflix content for free. You can keep it on your phone as long as you want and enjoy unlimited Netflix movies and shows.

Is it legal to use modded Netflix APK?

No, it is not legal to use a cracked version of any premium app. However, millions of people have already downloaded this app. They all are using it for free and they have never faced any legal trouble. Therefore, you should not worry about legal issues.

What should I do if the app stopped working?

Go to app settings and clear app data, and restart the app. It will start working flawlessly again.

Does Netflix Premium APK feature the latest Netflix shows?

Yes, the database is consistently updated on Netflix Premium APK. You will get all the latest movies and shows on this app for free.

Can I watch shows and movies in offline mode?

The modded Netflix app provides all the features of the Netflix premium app. Therefore, you can download and watch your favorite movies and shows in offline mode.

Do I need a VPN app to stream content on Netflix Premium APK?

No, you do not need a VPN service to alter your IP address for streaming content. This modded app streams movies and shows without any trouble.

  • Working
  • TV-Shows
  • Quality


Netflix MOD APK has allowed millions of Netflix fans to stream the best web series and movies for free. It is a one-stop solution for all your entertainment demands. We have already explained how to download and install this app.

So, get it now and use it to stream premium Netflix content on your device. You will save a lot of money and get the latest Netflix Originals first on your device. Get this amazing app right now by tapping the download button!

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