Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk v1.0.17 – Aimbot, Unlimited Free COD Points, and More

Striving to become the best by fighting across the maps in multiplayer mode while trying all the unique modes of Call of Duty is highly anticipated. This adrenaline-pumping head to head multiplayer game is intense, full of impressive graphics and a lot more. It might be hard to play the game because of the survival tactics required in the same.

Using Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk can break out the sweating part, and it can help to be an advanced gamer. In the modded version, you can expect better features like Aimbot, better healing, easy to play interface, and many more things. The common question which might pop up in everyone’s mind is, what is Mod Apk?

Saying in short, figuring out a bug in any app, modifying the app, and taking advantage of that bug is called Mod apk. These apps are similar to the original one with few extra tweaks. Our team of expert hackers did this job and come up with this mod apk version. Now, there are no limits, and you can surpass shooting limits, landing, and healing related issues.

From running at a higher speed to mastering the basics of the game, everything is possible now. The credit goes to the effective use of all the tweaks added by our team so that you don’t feel any problem regarding the use. It also enhances your overall experience and makes you one of the best gamers. Let’s learn a little more about the features and then some key things about the game.

Download Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK

You can download Call of duty mobile MOD APK below but before downloading the mod apk, I want you guys to make sure to delete the existing Call of duty mobile app so that it doesn’t overwrite the same files.

NameCall of duty Mobile
Size80 MB + 1.34 GB OBB File
Versionv1.0.11 [Latest]
DevelopersActivision Publishing, Inc
CategoryGames > Action

Here is Call Of Duty Mobile Mod APK. Download it now and enjoy unlimited gems and buy anything and unlock any charachter without paying a penny.

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Call Of Duty Mobile MOD Gameplay ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for Call Of Duty Mobile.

All Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

Several impressive features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk are taking it to the next level, which can help with your playing style and boost your overall performance in the game. The key features of this freebie are –

Unlocked Characters Classes

Several characters are in Call of Duty game, and each one is unlocked in the mod version. If you play the normal version, you need to pass a specific number of stages to unlock a specific character.  

It might be time-consuming and requires lots of effort to check out the real potential in this game. In all the types of characters, you can find max levels, and each one unlocked at the same time. Creating a better team becomes an easier thing in this apk.


Auto-aim lets you take better calls over the opponent and killing from a distance. Just pointing it nearby the opponent and pressing the shoot button will automatically target the aim. This will kill an opponent in a single shot, so you don’t have to take too many calls in killing the opponent.

While trying out these modes, you need to stay a bit specific with the target. It let you have a better kill streak and unlocking better abilities of each character. Aimbot is a bit typical to learn in the beginning because it seems tricky, but you will love it lately.

No Root Required

Many platforms ask you to root your smartphone so that you can install the modded version. But, it is not an issue with the modded version because you can install it directly into your smartphone. 

Till now, this apk version is available for the android devices, and there are very fewer chances that it is going to be available on the iOS version. While installing the app, you need an obj file and an apk file. Everything is done after that; no root required in the whole process.

No Reload

Reload is one of the common problems of survival action games, and a slight delay in getting rid of an opponent is giving a chance. To avoid this problem, we added an auto-reload feature, which will save you time.

This also gives you an advantage with a melee weapon and such other types. You can take care of the opponent with this method. This no recoil feature means no manual task and a better focus on the opponent. Killing a higher number of enemies become easier by this method.

Unlimited COD Points

COD points are required in upgrades. They are playing an important role in the progression, and they are also helping with weapons. You can unlock better stuff, and our mod apk version is offering you unlimited COD points.

Getting a genuine amount of resources to become easier by this method, and you can get better progress in the game. The same points are required for level-ups, and it became easy to obtain a genuine amount with this method. 

Anti-Ban Properties

Getting banned by the developers is a common thing in case of using generator tools or mod. But if you prefer the safe one which is offered by us, you will feel safe using it. Even, many other safety factors are considered before releasing the mod version. 

The reason is, it potentially has an anti-ban security feature, which doesn’t let the developers know about any tweaks, and no one can report your account also. Proxy keeps you safe, and you are still on the same server as developers.

Online Modes

In this multiplayer game, you are battling against enemies in online modes with your friends. If you prefer the mod, you can still get all the online modes available in this app. It is like the original one, and the app doesn’t crash due to such reasons.  

You just need to get the apk file and obb files to install this app. While battling in any mode, it might take a little time to join, but once it is connected, you will get a flawless server and effective gameplay.

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About Call of Duty Mobile and Critical Tips

Call of Duty by Activision Publishing, Inc. is an intense battle game all about survival and killing enemies. This freebie game is available for iOS and Android devices, and gamers of PUBG and other survival games can recall the playing style required in this one. Developers are putting extra effort into making this game unique and quirky over the other ones.

To battle through the hard levels and progress effectively, you need an effective strategy, and if you are not able to come up with some basic tactics, then it becomes hard to progress. To earn a higher amount of COD points and to spend them wisely, you need to follow some basic tips. The below mentioned that older impressive tips that you must take care of – 

  1. Optimal settings for graphics

Nothing is more important than tire performance, and if your smartphone is not able to cut through the graphical thing, then you can choose optimal settings. By lowering your graphical performance and enhancing the overall speed, you will be able to take care of the opponent. It gives an opportunity to kill enemies under seconds, and you can progress towards it. 

 It gives an opportunity to kill enemies under seconds, and you can progress towards being the best gamer. Had word settings option and then began the resolution feature care, you can choose the optical resolution as well as you can turn off HDR. This will help you get better performance, and you can connect with the server with ease. 

Turning of ultra HD mode and if you turn off the shadow can also, you will figure out enemies with ease. Aiming at them will be an easy thing, and if you use the photo in the future from the modern version, then killing the opponent is an easy thing.

  1. Choosing the right Shooting Mode

Game developers are offering two shooting modes, and both are reliable. If you choose the simple mode in which you are automatically triggering the shoot button, then you will find that it is easy to kill the opponent. This is effective for beginners, and most of the gamers love it, but when it comes to advance mode, most of the games feel hesitant because it takes some time to learn the basics of them.

On the other hand, the manual version takes some time to enhance overall skills, but it is important if you want to be an advanced gamer. This mode, you will be triggering the shoot button on your own, and chances of missing opponents are very low in this world. Level by level, you will become better at this thing. So, you must try it over the simple options available in this game.

  1. Character and Their Class

There are several types of characters offered in the game, and each one has its importance. When selecting the best type, you need to know about the abilities of character, and unleashing each one is a bit typical. So, at the start, you can check out the basic character, which tends to have better offenses because playing in the attack mode is fun, and it is interesting also. When going through characters, you can find that each one has its own classes. Let’s learn about each character –

  • Scout 

Scouting on the opponent and knowing about their strategy is a bit advantageous because you can plan an effective counter down on. The scout class is also offering two different boosts in the game, and the first one can easily see footprints, which gives the advantage of killing opponents smartly. The second boost is all about the sensor dart that can help to know about the players highlighted, which are in the vicinity. Scout can easily see them assist in several manners to take advantage of current situations. The medic can easily heal by finding no players around.

  • Medic 

One of the common types in this game is medic, and this class comes with two special boosts that can provide a serious advantage while progressing through the level is medic one. It can help set up medical stations anywhere you want, and it will create a circle around the character. All the other players can take healing by getting within this circle. It will take 25% less time to revive a teammate in the knocked down situation. It helps your team progress at an effective rate 

  • Clown 

A class that has a toy bomb and able to summon zombies to come in the first place in attacking enemy. They can easily take over enemies that are in the vicinity, and there are other boosts that are also available to help in the progression. It has an anti-zombie boost, and this will help to reduce the zombie awareness distance to 15 meters, which gives you plenty of time to move faster and act as per stats of a scout player. Taking over the opponent becomes easier by this method.

  • Mechanic

When it comes to the mechanic class, you can expect several advantages with the EMP drone because the mechanic can handle it. They have the ability to launch a drone, and they have continuous EMP interference with the enemies, and they also have their own boosts. This helps them with augmented sights. All the vehicles in 80 meters radius stop and make them hostiles for the enemies. It is quite a unique skill, and it assists when playing through the zombie modes of the game.

  • Defender

The last one in this list is a Defender, and he has the ability to place a transformable and flashing shield. The ability is, he can send it anywhere he wants to do. The ability to incur 20% less damage ensures that he can last longer on the battlefield. The only problem is with the bullets because it can’t incur less damage thing against bullets. So, you must stay cautious when the opponent is firing some bullets. It boosts your overall strategy, and it can help with effective progression for sure. 

  • Ninja 

Ninjas are not very powerful, but they have some of the unique skills which help them prevent attacks and acting at a faster rate. They have the grapple hook, which can hook easily to any kind of surface, and this will help grapple to a particular location. Ninjas also move quietly just like they are tiptoeing, which makes less noise. The footsteps noise muffled, and the enemy can’t hear it, so it gives the opportunity to go closer and take over the other team, zombies, or enemies.

After learning about all the characters and their class, you need to create a team of all types of players. Mastering the skills of each character takes time because when you upgrade each one, the stats enhance. You have so much to learn about each character, overall skills, and a few other factors. 

  1. Taking Advantage of Drones

By any mean, taking advantage of drones makes you feel two steps ahead of the opponent, and it really matters a lot with the progression. Your character is awarded the UAV, missile, and a drone. It occurs when you have a continuous steak of killing enemies and if you use the weapon effectively at the right time while playing in multiplayer mode. 

The missile is helpful in taking control over the screen, and directing this missile toward the enemy is helpful in killing from a long-range. All the enemies in the blast radius won’t survive at all. You can launch UAV in the general direction of the opponent, or you can use UAV will kill enemies upon the impact. 

The drone is helping you get the enemy position on the map, and it will make everything easy with the UAV so you can find it an effective option. This option is only available in the multiplayer mode, and you can easily take advantage of it with the effective progression. Make sure that you use this weapon at the right time when required mainly.

  1. Using Boosts

As mentioned before, each player has a class, and they have some special abilities. When you are trying hard to win over opponents, you can look after the boosts offered by developers in multiplayer mode. Each player has classes, and you can try out all of them. This gives you the option to take boost and getting rid of opponent seem like an easy thing.  

These advantages are going to put you at a different level, and it can also make you one of the advanced gamers. The ability to use your weapon with a match is the primary advantage that every gamer wants to take. In other cases, you need to change weapons, which might be a major problem but not in this situation, which can help you progress at a faster rate.

You can change the weapon as per enemy, and killing from a far distance becomes easier. Using boosts will let you know about the enemy and other factors. Use all characters’ boosts to take a significant advantage for sure. 

  1. Upgrades of Weapon

When you upgrade weapons, time to time, you keep on improving skills, and taking over the opponent is an easy thing by any mean. You can only upgrade weapons such as weapons in multiplayer mode, and it enhances with the experience. You need to play plenty of matches to earn enough experience points.

When you upgrade, it gives the ability to equip some advance tools with your weapon. That’s why you can consider it as an effective choice. For example, you can equip your weapon with various sights, magazines, foregrips, and stocks. It can enhance the overall stats of your weapon, and targeting opponents from a far distance is an easier thing.

It can make you a better gamer, and plenty of advantages are easy to gain over the enemies; that’s why you can consider it without any problem. Becoming the best gamer seems like an easy thing by this method.

  1. Throwables and Helicopter

You get two different types of ways to take over the enemy. You can use throwables or consider the use of Helicopter. While using these skills, it is important that you stay selective to avoid getting into any problem. In Call of Duty, a wide number of throwable items available.

These are advantageous in the tricky situation where you can’t go out and show your presence to everyone. From the generic smoke, frag, or stun grenades, you have the simple type of throwables also. This helps with a twist in the gameplay. On the other hand, the use of a helicopter is an effective choice in the Battle Royale mode of this game.

It is allowing you to fly a helicopter. Well, flying a helicopter seems risky, and preferring it in the multiplayer mode is not good for your team members also. It is effective for solo play and hiding easily. The opponent can easily fire on the helicopter, and if your whole squad is in the helicopter, chances of survival are very low. 

This can be a troublesome thing, so you need to stay a bit specific. When the zone is shrinking, you can consider this as a better option. Take your time and master this skill because it matters a lot at the hard level for effective progression.

  1. Falling from Height 

When it comes to fall from a height, most of the gamers end up losing their health. It is a common problem with every gamer because falling from the hill is a usual thing here. So, if you want to increase the chances of survival while falling, try to stay in the right form and glide throw the height. This will help you strike at a low rate, and it will cause reduced damage.

This will provide you several advantages, and it is also going to consume lesser health. When you glide through the objects and reach into the safe zone, it becomes easier to hide and scouting opponents. Be quick in such a situation because enemies might know about your location, so move in a safe direction, and it will help kill more opponents.

This is an important tip when you are playing in the solo mode. Keep moving until you find the safest zone to hide. It let you hide and get ready for action. It matters a lot for faster progression and becoming the best gamer in no time.

  1. Crouch and Slide

In case, the enemy is going to encounter, and you are on his/her radar, it is a good idea to crouch and slide. While sprinting, the enemy can easily guess your move and hit with bullets. But, if you tap on character, it will crouch and slide. It is the best time where you can change the direction and go on the safe side. Moving faster become an easier thing by this method.

Don’t bother to run because encountering opponents at the same time is hard. Get a safe spot and hide behind something to plan a strategy. Use your best weapon in such a situation. Even, it depends upon the character you use. While sprinting, changing direction at sudden is a less known trick so you can use it.

In the solo mode, you can practice that how to crouch effectively and slide in different directions. It takes a little time to master the basics and going toward a safe place. Opponent won’t miss a chance to kill so moving in zigzag position is an effective choice. Try not to encounter in such situation because it is a bad choice for medic and defender class characters. 


Can you play in multiplayer mode in Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK?

Yes, all the multiplayer modes are still available in the Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK, and they work perfectly. You can play even if all your players are using the normal version of the game.

Do Players have better abilities in Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK?

When you install and play Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK, you can find a significant increment with running speed, aiming, and healing factor. All the characters get this advantage.

What is the best Character in Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK?

All type of characters has their own roles but playing with a clown, Ninja and Mechanic seem like a fun game over the other characters. Defender is also a good choice, but Ninja and mechanic are more offensive character.

Is there any advantage of playing Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK?

Installing the mod apk version of the game and playing in solo or multiplayer mode will provide you several advantages. The key advantages are no recoil, better sight, easy to aim, and faster healing. It gives you the advantage of becoming the best gamer.

How to earn free COD points in Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk offers you unlimited free COD points. The alternative option is to play in solo modes and complete battles. Winning in each mode gives you the advantage of progressing at a faster rate.

  • Working
  • Graphics
  • Strategy


Here, we tried our best describing the use of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk and what are the key advantages that anyone can achieve without making many efforts.

Needless to say, Call of Duty is an intense game with a range of quirky features alongside the MOBA action gameplay. Earning Genuine amount of COD points and progressing through the intense matches is everything that you need to look after.

With the use of Mod Apk, earning points become easier, making a team of intense gamers is also very simple. Hope, this guidepost about game and mod apk will help with your playing style, and it will make you the best gamer in no time.

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