Mobile Legends Mod Apk v1.5.26.5721 – Free Unlimited Battle Points, Diamonds And More

Looking for working mod for Mobile Legends Bang Bang? You have arrived at the right spot, Now enjoy our mod apk with features like unlimited diamonds, battle points, one hit with 7542 dmg and many more. JPRSC.ORG has all the answers for it, Continue reading to learn more about it and hack mobile legends bang bang with style.

Do you love the intense MOBA gameplay of Mobile Legends? If yes, then you are definitely at the right portal to learn a new trick. This trick will make you one of the advanced gamers, and it will help you take over the opponent, campaign modes, and more.  

Today in this guide, we are taking a close look at one impressive method to gain the desired amount of battle points and diamonds. Alongside the earning of basic currencies, you can easily obtain Heroes EXP and Squad EXP by using such methods, which can make you rely on it.

With the download and install of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod Apk, you can obtain the success, but the question pops up into mind is, why do you need such alternative options and what are the advantages.

Well, everyone is fond of playing Mobile Legends due to its gameplay. Developers added some advanced five vs. five battle modes along with different types of characters. Each one has its own class, and you can upgrade all those characters with the use of battle points and diamonds.

For a first-time gamer, it is slightly hard to progress because the in-app purchases option will promote you toward the purchase. But, if you want to save real money, then the selection of Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod apk will come in as an effective option. 

Before heading over to the download of Mobile Legend Bang Bang mod APK, there are a couple of basic things that you must know about. Let’s take a complete overview of this mod and learn about the reason to use it. 

Download Mobile Legends: Bang bang MOD APK For Free

NameMobile Legends: Bang Bang
Size98MB Apk
Versionv1.4.70 [Latest]
Downloads100M +
CategoryGames > Battle Royale

The Link to download Mobile Legends bang bang is below, You should follow our instructions strictly for smooth installation.

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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

Mobile Legends: BANG BANG Screen Shots

Here are some screenshots from our mod apk gameplay, exclusive from JRPSC.ORG

Overview of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK

No doubt everyone knows about the PUBG game, but there are very few people who have a clear idea about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK. If you are also one of them, then we will give a simple explanation that can define the use and what it is exactly.

This game was developed a couple of months ago, but after that, developers keep on adding new tweaks and features to make it impressive. No matter how expert they are, they can end up leaving small bugs or blue holes. Hackers trace these small loops and come up with plug-ins or new programming to get advantages of the same.

Developers usually don’t get to know about it until the next update, but as they get any report or they suspect something wrong, they focus on fixing them. They come up with new updates and patch all the old bugs. This will remove the old gamers from taking such advantages, and developers ban them from playing the old versions.

According to the policy of Mobile Legends Bang Bang game developers, using any plug-in or mod apk is totally prohibited and illegal. If they find any user taking advantage, they will ban the account of such users, and they can’t do anything. So, it is a bit risky thing for those who want to try out the mod version of this game.

Now, you know that what a mod is and how it works. We can go deep into this topic, but there is no need for that. We don’t recommend the use of such tools, but we do suggest you play from a new account so that you don’t end up losing the whole progression. If you still want to download the do it on your risk. 

One more thing to know, mod apks are safe to play until the developers come up with the new update. So, if you are trying new mods, then do not play with the same old version. Get the latest installment from the website where you get the existing version. Installing updates from the Google Play Store is unsafe in such conditions, so you must utilize this tip.  

Key Features of Mobile Legends Bang Bang MOD Hack

A range of features is added into our Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK. While downloading it, you might wonder what kind of advantages to expect. Well, there is no need to worry because we made a list of six major advantages that you will get while playing this game. These are not the ordinary ones; you will get way more than what you might expect from the same –

Unlimited Virtual Currencies

Battle Points and Diamonds play an important role. Both are hard to earn, and if you find any problem earning a genuine amount, then this mod can help. It is loaded with unlimited BP and diamonds. You can spend whatever amount you want to do. There is no need to worry about spending it wisely when these will never end.

Still, we recommend that you spend your currencies on the major upgrades and unlocking some of the best characters. You can expect diamonds and change them into a Battle point as per need. It won’t be a big thing to progress; that’s why you can consider it.

Anti-Ban Properties

When developers of the game get to know about any plug-in or manipulation of data on the server, they ban such accounts. But, this isn’t the issue to worry about because the anti-ban properties of Mobile Legends mod apk will give you such advantages. It won’t let the developers trace the use of a plug-in or additional tweaks.

The safety also enhances usability because you can take over the opponent in various manners. There is nothing like getting banned so you can use the main gaming account. But we still suggest going after any temporary gaming account for the same. This will never kill your original progression into the game.

No Rooting

Some of the mod apk files are good to use, but they require root access to a smartphone. However, if you are looking after the use of our Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK, then you don’t need to worry about it. There is nothing like rooting; that’s why you can consider it and get this game without any kind of issue.

Some might ask about the jailbreak in the iOS device, but this apk file doesn’t work on iOS devices. Due to this, only android users can take advantage of the same. Again, mentioning in short, you don’t need to root your android device to download and install this Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK file.

No Limits

No one will use Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK if it only works for a short time, but the truth is different. It has no playing limit, and you can use the Apk file to play this game for hours or days. The developers set a limit to the original game’s playing hour, but this limit isn’t going to restrict you in any manner. That’s why you can look after it.

Dodge and Defense

With a better defense, it will be an easy thing to kill an opponent. It doesn’t matter how hard or accurately opponent hits you; it won’t be giving much damage. You can dodge most of the attacks in close range. It also works when any long-range enemy shot at you. Having better defense means it will take lots of effort into the opponent.

Despite killing you, the better defense allows you to go closer to the opponent and kill with ease. You need to use the desired characters and unleash all the abilities to take over him, which is effective and the most advanced option in all kinds. It will let you draw the whole power of the opponent in a short period; that’s why you can consider it.

Unlocking Heroes

This game has some of the best heroes, and all of them are hard to unlock, or they require completing the game to a specific level. While using this mod apk, you will learn that all characters are already unlocked. You can spend your currencies on upgrading all of them to the max level and creating a team of better heroes.

In a five vs. five battle, you will be getting a better score, and all your matches are going to be against the high-end opponents. This will give you a true feeling of playing in advance mode. All the heroes have their abilities unlocked so you can use their epic powers and create the best team without getting into any kind of problem for sure.

One Hit DMG

By increasing the DMG stat, you can hit the opponent with great force, and all their power is going to end in a single hit. With the 7542 DMG, the opponent can’t last longer than they might expect. You need to focus on hitting it right using the controls, and everything is done. Your health won’t go down by this, and you can take over an opponent with ease.

It doesn’t matter that you are using a long-range character or a small range character; you will hit the opponent effectively and take over them with ease. It will be an easy thing to target opponents and take over with ease. Most of the gamers find it an effective choice, and this Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK can offer one-hit advantages.  

About Mobile Legends Bang Bang 

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the development of Moonton in the action genre. This is a free to play mobile title where you focus on five vs. five battles against the opponent team. You start by choosing the favorite heroes and them making a team of five players. After that, mastering the basics and battling in online matches of 10 minutes is the aim of this game. You can expect similar gameplay in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK. The basic things that you need to do while playing this mobile title are – 

  1. Classic MOBA battles 

While playing this mobile title, you will find some of the best MOBA battles inside this game. All those battles are effective to play. The five vs. five battle is called the Classic MOBA battle. It is focused on effective strategy and the use of the right characters to take over the opponents by a tactic.

  1. Simple Controls 

The controls in this game are very simple. It depends upon the type of characters you have and unleashing their power from the controls. Start by choosing a character and then mastering the basics. The controls are the same in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK, but you can do more with those small things.

  1. 10 Seconds Match-making 

The match-making is really quick in this game because it takes 10 seconds only. It doesn’t matter that you are using the genuine version of the game or the mod apk, you can expect the same in both which can make you consider it. Even the length of the match if 10 minutes. The team with an advantage win.

  1. Smart Offline Assist 

Sometimes the poor connection to the server might cause problems like not being able to access your character in between a match. If such a thing happens, then the smart AI will consider your playing style and do whatever you focus on. This smart assist is an effective choice to take into consideration.

  1. Based on Skills 

These matches are totally based on the skills factors. There is nothing like stats boosting, but if you use the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK, then you can find better abilities. Even dodging an attack is one of the impressive things that you can get, and it can provide a huge advantage while playing this game. Isn’t it a very impressive thing about the game?

  1. Teamwork is Everything 

In this free to play mobile title, teamwork plays an important role, and if you are not focusing on the same, then chances of winning reduce many times. So, it is important that you consider having great teamwork to win and progress at a faster rate. Teamwork tactics require time and proper implementation to win.

These are the major features that can make you love Mobile Legends, and it can make you one of the advanced gamers for sure. 

FAQs – 

Is it Safe to use Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK?

Yes, if you focus on regular updates of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK from some websites where you get the game, then you can play it safely. Even, it has an anti-ban feature to protect you.

How can I get the highest DMG in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

By upgrading your heroes or choosing to play the mod apk, you can get the highest DMG, which is 7542. It will cause serious damage to the health of opponents and increases the chances of winning with ease.

Is it Legal to Download the Mod APK of Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

According to the policy of Moonton, developers of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, using a mod or any plug-in, is illegal. Developers ban such accounts who use mods.

Can I Use Smart Offline Assist to Win in Advance games?

When the user's server isn't good enough to battle against an opponent, then the smart AI offline assist takes over and play from your side. It knows some of your qualities and playing style. So the chances of winning based on the smart AI are there for sure, but you can't count on it.

Can I Play Mobile Legends Bang Bang in Solo Mode

Yes, you can play in solo mode, but that isn't interesting at all because you go after the campaign level in that. If you want to learn and earn experience point that you can use such methods.

How to Earn Hero EXP and Squad EXP in Mobile Legends?

To earn a significant amount, going after the biblical temple and the campaign levels seem like the best alternative. It can help increase the EXP in both sections, heroes, and squad. So, you can consider it for sure.

How to Master the Basics in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

In order to reach the max level, playing in campaign mode help learning about each character. You can unlock all classes and try out quests, which will make you earn enough amount of EXP and learn the abilities of new characters. It is completely helpful.

  • Gameplay
  • Strategy
  • Adductive


Winning in the Mobile Legends campaign level is easy, but when it comes to competitive MOBA battles, it requires complete teamwork and strategy.

The first-time gamers might find it hard to progress and earn a genuine amount of virtual currencies. With the use of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK, it becomes easy to earn the required amount. Even, it can boost up your progression effectively.

When playing in other modes, you will learn to master your character. It is simple but requires lots of time and focus on building strategies so you can consider them and progress without any problem. So what are you waiting for download our mod and crush your opponents.

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