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There are millions of smartphone apps and each one provides the user with something special. Some apps are designed for your entertainment, some to provide information, some for shopping, and so on. People use all these kinds of apps throughout the day on their smart devices. The only thing that irritates users is unwanted ads displayed on apps. 

Nobody wants to see these ads, but people still get numerous pop-up ads on smartphone apps. Is there a solution to stop these ads permanently? Yes, there is a solution and it is known as Lucky Patcher APK. 

Download Lucky Patcher APK on your phone and you can remove ads. This app also provides support to create MOD apps, bypass premium license verification and many other features. Let’s reveal more about this app and you will know why Lucky Patcher is the best. 

Download Lucky Patcher on an Android device

NameLucky Patcher
Size28MB Apk
Versionv8.6.9 [Latest]
DevelopersLucky Patcher
CategoryApps > Tools
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Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for Amazon Prime Video.

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Many so-called experts have shared a lot of bad things about Lucky Patcher. Some even called it a malware app or virus that affects Android devices. In reality, it is just a superb app that works flawlessly to benefit the Android users. 

You cannot download this app without disabling “Play Protect” on your app store. Beware of fake apps shared with “Lucky Patcher” name. We are providing a download link above, which you can click to download original “Lucky Patcher” APK right now. 

Some users might face troubles in installing Lucky Patcher on their device, so we have also shared a link for “Lucky Patcher Installer”. Download this installer and then download Lucky Patcher APK on your device.

How to install Lucky Patcher APK on your Android device?

Follow the below-explained steps to install Lucky Patcher app on your device:

  • Open Lucky Patcher Installer. 
  • It will show a message “Do you really want to install the Lucky Patcher v8.6.9?”. Tap on the “Yes” button to begin the installation process. 
  • The Lucky Patcher Installer will begin the process by arranging all the necessary files and components of your device to install this application. It will take a few seconds for preparing application. 
  • Your phone might show a wizard “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”. Go to “Settings” and turn on “Allow from this source” option.  
  • Now you will see the Install button on your screen. Tap on Install option and this app will install in a few seconds. 

Now the app is installed and you can access its features without any trouble. Now, you just need to open this app and then tap on the “OK” button to uninstall the “LP Installer” APK. 

Lucky Patcher app performs many amazing functions. Follow the below-given guide to use this app without any trouble. 

Device requirements for installing Lucky Patcher app:

It is a cutting-edge tool for Android. This app is going to do many difficult tasks for you. It works on most of the Android devices, but it has certain requirements. You can download Lucky Patcher APK and install it on your device if your device meets the following requirements:

  • Your Android phone should be using Android 4.0 or a newer version of this operating system. 
  • 2 GB RAM to run this app flawlessly. 
  • At least 8 GB internal memory to get the best outcomes. 
  • It works on both non-rooted and rooted devices, but a rooted Android device user will get access to many sought-after features of Lucky Patcher. 

This app also requires the following permissions for flawless operation:

  • Drawing over other apps
  • Modifying on system settings. 
  • Customizing and deleting permission on your SD card. 
  • Modify and delete permission on System ROM. 
  • Location access. 

Provide the above given permissions and Lucky Patcher will work perfectly on your device. 

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Why do you need Lucky Patcher APK on your phone?

It was not possible to download and install Lucky Patcher app on a non-rooted Android device, but now it is possible. Many users call it the most important app on their device. The following features make it an essential Android app.

  • Block ads:

We all deal with numerous ads when using free apps on our phones. These ads irritate everyone. Suppose you are playing your favorite game on your phone and an ad pops-up. It will be quite a frustrating experience, especially if you are playing against some tough competitors. Such issues do not occur when you download Lucky Patcher APK on your device. It will block all those irritating ads and allow you use your favorite Android apps without any interruption.

  • It works on non-rooted devices:

Many experts still believe that it is not possible to install and run Lucky Patcher app on non-rooted Android devices. Guess what, they all are wrong because this app works perfectly on non-rooted devices. However, you may not access all of its features on a non-rooted device. 

You should use root your android device first by using a rooting app like Kingroot and then download Lucky Patcher APK. Kingroot is the best app to root an Android device because it does not require a PC to root. Kingroot works on most of the Android devices. Therefore, it is the best solution for downloading Lucky Patcher.

  • Crack premium games or apps:

You will need a rooted Android device to access this feature. Thousands of users praise Lucky Patcher for cracking numerous games and premium apps easily. You can use this app to create MOD APKs of premium apps. It provides you with free in-game coins, gems, and other premium content used in games. You can also use this app to get free access to premium features of many premium apps. It is a one-stop solution for all your entertainment demands. Sadly, this feature works only on rooted Android device. Therefore, you will have to root your phone before you download this app.

  • Block in-app purchase:

As explained in the previous point, Lucky Patcher can be used to block in-app purchase verification. This app can easily block in-app purchase of premium products and provide you with a free access to all the premium content shared in a game or app. Lucky Patcher completes this task within a few seconds so that you can use any premium app for free.

  • Remove unwanted permissions:

Many games and Android apps require some suspicious permission before installation. Most of us are not comfortable with allowing those apps to access our contacts, media, and other details. Therefore, Lucky Patcher has a function to bypass those suspicious permissions and run those apps without any problem.

  • Get paid apps without billing:

Many premium apps provide a one-month free trial and then they limit your access to the in-app content until you pay the bill. Even though millions of users are paying for premium features of those apps, millions of other mobile users do not want to pay. They want a free access to all the premium features of top-rated apps. 

Lucky Patcher makes it possible for you. It can bypass Google billing page and offer a free access to all the premium content shared in a premium app. It also provides you with a modified Play Store app to avoid license verifications and install many Android apps without any trouble.

  • It can turn any app into a system app:

Lucky Patcher is the best tool to turn all your favorite apps into system apps. It can easily prepare a copy of your favorite apps into the system folder. Thus, your favorite apps will convert into system applications.

  • Move apps to SD card:

Many apps are stored on phone storage, which slow down your device and cause many other issues. People sometimes try to move those apps to SD card but the Android system says “It is not allowed”. Avoid that warning and use Lucky Patcher to move some heavy apps on your phone or tab’s SD card.

  • Create backups and retrieve data:

Lucky Patcher helps you in creating backup of essential app files like an external file. You can easily retrieve the data from backup file if the original files get damaged. This app is quite useful when you want to create backup of your favorite games and apps. 

Lucky Patcher comes with a bundle of important features. It shows which apps display Google ads and how to block them. Even though many features do not work without rooting, we have shared a simple solution to root any Android app and access all the features of Lucky Patcher app. 

Using Lucky Patcher app to remove license verification:

  • You should choose only the original APK file to make patch. Make sure you have downloaded Lucky Patcher APK authorized or signed by the original developer. 
  • Go to app/software, and then tap on the “Please Remove License Verification” button. 
  • Now you have to select the “Auto Mode” and then test Lucky Patcher with successful internet access. 
  • Switch to “Auto Mode (Inverse)” if the above given method does not work. 

One of two above-explained methods will certainly work and you will remove license verification. You can also undo it by selecting “Remove ODEX with Changes” or you can simply tap on the “Restore” button. 

How to remove Google Ads?

  • Open Lucky Patcher app on your device. 
  • Go to app/software and then tap on the “Remove Google Ads” button. 
  • Your internet connection should be on when you are completing the previous action. 
  • If you still see Google Ads on your apps, then select “Disable Ads Activities”. This app will detect ads activities and terminate them. 

You can always turn on Google Ads if you select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or the “Restore” option. 

How to create Custom Patch?

Creating a custom patch with Lucky Patcher app is also quite simple. Follow these steps:

  • Open Lucky Patcher app.
  • Go to app/software and tap on the “custom patch” option given in this app. 
  • Now connect the internet and run this application. 
  • The required app will be patched with one tap. 

Changing app permissions:

  • Open Lucky Patcher app and go to app/software. 
  • Now select “Change permissions” options given in the app. 
  • It will show permissions and you can choose apps to disable permissions (Red). 
  • You can also enable permissions for certain apps (Green). 
  • Reboot your phone to make the necessary changes. 

How to create modified APK?

  • Open this app on your device and then tap on the “App Software” option. 
  • Now select the “Create Modified APK” option. 
  • Now select the option given for the Modification of the target apps. 
  • This tool will modify the app in folder/sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified 

The modified app will be a little different than the original app you had downloaded before. 

Why Lucky Patcher app is not in the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store does not promote apps that allow the users to remove Google Ads, avoid in-app purchase, and create MOD apps of original apps. Lucky Patcher is a well-known cracking tool and it works way better than any other cracking tool. Therefore, Google Play Store does not endorse this application. 

It is not harmful to your device, but it is harmful for app developers who publish many ads in their apps. That’s why this app is not available on Google Play Store. 

  • Working
  • Useful
  • No Jail Root

Final thoughts

Lucky Patcher app is an ultimate solution for many problems faced by Android users. It has many features that help you in saving your money and getting uninterrupted entertainment. You won’t pay for the subscription of premium games and apps if you have Lucky Patcher tool on your phone. 

This tool can bypass license verification and provide free access to all the premium apps. That’s why it is quite popular. You should download it right now and test this tool. It will certainly amaze you with its amazing capabilities and features. We have already shared how to use this app. Now, it should not be tough for you to use Lucky Patcher to remove ads, create patches, and avoid in-app purchase.  

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