Download Kinemaster PRO v4.12.3 for PC

People love to shoot and share different videos on their social media profiles and platforms like YouTube. Most of the users record videos on their mobile devices and then publish these videos on different platforms. It is always better to edit the video before you publish it. You can improve picture quality, mute certain noises, and publish a perfect video to get maximum likes.

Most of the people first transfer their video clips on their PC to edit it and then they publish that video. It takes time and what if you are traveling and do not have a laptop to edit that video? Would you wait until you get access to a laptop or computer or you will publish that video anyway?

There is no need of a laptop or publishing an unedited video because you can download KineMaster on your phone and use it to edit videos on the go. It will work even better if you download KineMaster for PC because thus you can edit your videos in a more precise way.

Let’s reveal some important details about KineMaster and reveal why it is much better than other video editing tools.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is a powerful video editor tool designed for Android devices. This feature-rich video editor provides an Android user with tools, like blending modes, multiple video layers, chroma key, transitions, speed control, special effects, subtitles, and many other feature to improve a video quality.

You can essentially turn an ordinary video into an appealing short movie by using this amazing tool. It is a perfect video editing solution for people, who are active on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. In fact, professional journalists, marketers, educators, and vloggers can use this video editing tool to provide high-quality content to their clients.

Even though this video editor is designed for Android devices, we will provide the ways to download KineMaster for PC. You can use it like a premium video editor tool on your computer or laptop.

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Why KineMaster is the Best Android video editor?

The following features and benefits prove KineMaster is a perfect solution for your video editing demands:

  • Real-time recording:

You can open your KineMaster app, record a video or audio in real-time and later edit it. Suppose you are recording a video for your YouTube channel or TikTok, you can add different effects and improve the whole video clip immediately to publish it. You do not even need to finish the recording in order to edit the video. You can add different audio tracks in the background while recording a video. This real-time recording and improving feature makes KineMaster one of its kinds.

  • User-friendly adjustment tools

Start recording a video and you can adjust brightness, saturation, and colors of the video. This video editor provides you with multiple adjustment tools to ensure you are recording a high-quality clip. You can open settings with one tap and adjust the entire view to improve the video quality.

  • Social media integration

KineMaster is the best video editor for recording and sharing a perfectly edited video on social media platforms. Many influencers, marketers, educators, publishers, and YouTubers use this video to edit the recorded videos in real-time and publish those clips directly from KineMaster. Your target audience won’t wait too long for new content published through your account. You can be ahead of your competitors and provide better quality videos for their viewer’s demands.

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  • Multi-Layered videos

KineMaster is a premium video editor program. Therefore, it offers features which only top-class video editor programs provide. You can create multi-layered videos by using this tool. It allows you to add different layers of videos, images, audios, texts, and more.

It is possible to write or draw directly on the video by using this tool. This feature is quite beneficial for people, who publish lyrical videos on YouTube. It is also beneficial for educators who want to add text to the clips they are recording. Other Android video editor apps do not offer this feature for free, but KineMaster does. That’s why it is quite beneficial for every Android user.

  • No technical expertise needed

It is okay if you are a normal Android phone user. You do not need any training in video editing to use KineMaster. This program has the simplest user interface. Recording and editing videos on this program is as easy as you edit images on Instagram or your mobile phone.

You can publish pro-level videos without buying any professional video editor program. This tool works way better on the PC and many YouTubers rely on KineMaster for creating engaging videos. You will never face any trouble in using this program on your Android device. However, you should still get it on your PC to edit your videos like a pro.

  • Add different sound effects

A video seems appealing when it is equipped with different sound effects. You may have seen some videos which feature comic voices in the background when something funny occurs. Those background sound effects, music, voiceovers, and voice changers make videos more entertaining.

You do not need any other tool to add all these audio effects. KineMaster provides various background audio effects to add on a video. You can add songs, effects, and commentary to make your videos more entertaining for the viewers.

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KineMaster is simply the best. The above listed features are just a few of many features that make it the best video editor program. You can export 4K 2160p videos by using this tool. That’s why you must try it.

How to Download KineMaster for PC?

KineMaster is an Android app. The developers have not designed this application to run on Windows or macOS operating systems. Therefore, you cannot download and install this app directly on your PC. Follow the below-explained steps to get this program on your computer or laptop and use it for video editing.

  1. Download an Android emulator program on your computer. Prefer BlueStacks because it is the best emulator for running Android applications on a PC.
  2. Install the Bluestacks emulator tool now.
  3. Use your Google account to log in to Google Play Store.
  4. Search KineMaster app on the app store. Click to “Install” option given below the app and install this program.
  5. It will take a few minutes to download and install and then you can open KineMaster video editor on your PC.

As you can see, the download and installation process is quite straightforward. You are free to use any Android emulator you like. However, KineMaster works great on BlueStacks emulator.

Is KineMaster free to use forever?

No, KineMaster is a premium video editor application. It provides subscription-based support. However, you can use its trial mode app to edit videos. This is not mandatory to subscribe to KineMaster in order to use its features. This app is free to use for non-commercial use.

All the videos you edit with this app will appear with “MADE with KINEMASTER” watermark. This watermark will reveal that you are using a video editor program to prepare high-quality videos for your social media channels.

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Many people use the KineMaster’s free trial for their video editing needs. This free variant comes with very limited video editing tools. You do not need the premium version if you are editing videos for your social media posts. The premium version is perfect for professional YouTubers, influencers, educators, and marketers.

This program offers two different subscription plans:

  • $4.99 for monthly subscription
  • $39.99 for annual subscription

You get access to all the premium video editing tools of KineMaster with both subscription plans. There will be no watermark and no limitations. You can edit unlimited videos and fill your social media channels with the best original clips.

Should you Buy KineMaster Premium version?

You do not need KineMaster premium if you are preparing videos for TikTok and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Its free version offers enough support to create exciting videos for entertainment.

You should choose KineMaster premium if you want to create engaging videos for marketing or entertainment. Pro YouTubers need views on their videos to earn money. You will get more views if you publish high-quality videos. This video editor program can help you in preparing thrilling videos with the best sound effects.

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Marketers, influencers, and educators will also need KineMaster premium to produce engaging videos. The target audience pays attention only when you serve top-quality videos with engaging content. This video editor app allows you to add text, voiceovers, and effects to engage viewers and encourage them to watch the complete clip. Thus, the chances of conveying promotional messages increase when you produce top-quality videos.

We are not suggesting to buy KineMaster pro immediately. Download its trial version on your device, try its video editing features, and then switch to the premium version. Thus, you will know what you are buying for your video editing needs.

KineMaster FAQs:

How can I Get Kinemaster PC's Version

KineMaster has quickly become Android users’ favorite video editor tool. Over 100 million users have downloaded this 71 MB app on their Android devices. Even though most of them are using the free variant, KineMaster has become their go-to app for video editing. It is one of the most popular video editor programs in the world. Sadly, it is available only for mobile devices. KineMaster Corporation has not launched its PC version yet. Therefore, you will have to use an emulator program to download and install this video editor program on your computer or laptop.

Is it compulsory to buy KineMaster Pro after the free-trial?

It is KineMaster, not the Netflix app which provides only one-month free trial. You can use the free variant as long as you want. This application never forces its users to switch to the premium version. People automatically buy the premium subscriptions to gain access to all the premium features. You won’t like to use the free-trial for a long time, when you will see many premium features included in KineMaster’s monthly and annual subscription plans. You can choose the premium version to create much better videos on your mobile device and PC.

Is it Legal to Download Kinemaster on Emulator ?

The KineMaster Corporation has not introduced the PC version of this app. Although this is an Android app, many users want to use it on their PC for video editing. It is okay to download this video editor on an Android emulator and install it for video editing. You won’t face any kind of legal issues. You can use your genuine ID to download and install this tool on BlueStacks or NOX Player. Nobody will sue you for running KineMaster app on your computer.

How can I Remove Kinemaster Watermark?

Not every user hates to get a watermark on his video, but most of us want to hide that we are using a video editor program. KineMaster allows you to remove that watermark from the videos, but you will have to buy its monthly or annual subscription. You cannot remove “Made with KineMaster” watermark if you are using the free version. Let that watermark be there. It will prove that you want to provide the audience with the best quality videos and content for their entertainment.

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Easy to Use


If you want to become a pro YouTuber or an influencer, you need KineMaster on you mobile device. This intuitive video editor program will make it so easy to prepare highly entertaining and eye-catching videos for your social media channels. It allows you to record and edit videos in real-time and publish them immediately on the targeted platforms.

This program works only on mobile devices because it is designed to work on Android and iOS operating systems. You can download and install it on your PC by using an Android emulator. Thus, you can also use KineMaster on your PC to edit videos in bulk and publish them every day.

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