IDM 6.38 Build 14 for Windows

IDM or Internet Download Manager has been people’s favorite tool for managing and scheduling downloads. It is the most widely used download manager for downloading any file from the internet. It was developed and launched by Tonec, Inc. and this American company has launched several versions of this tool for Windows PC users.

This program got popular mainly because it offers 5-times faster downloading speed in comparison to other tools. You can download this tool and enjoy a 30-day free trial to assess its performance and features.

You will have to switch to the premium version after 30 days otherwise you cannot use it. Every user is not comfortable with using the paid version of a download manager. Therefore, people look for methods of avoiding the purchase and use IDM for free.

It is possible to use the Internet Download Manager for free. You will have to use the crack version. Download IDM Crack on your PC and use it with full features without paying any penny from your pocket. It is the only best way to enjoy all the support and features offered by IDM without buying the premium version of this program.

Download and Install IDM with Crack

IDM crack is going to make downloading online content like videos and programs super easy for you. Follow the below-given steps to get this tool and install it on your computer right now.

    1. Uninstall the existing version of IDM completely. Make sure no files left on your computer.

Uninstall IDM

    1. Download IDM + Crack by clicking the download link right here to get the latest version of this program.
    1. Extract files using Winrar.
    2. Disable your anti-virus program for a while.

Disable Anti-Virus

    1. Install IDM now by click “Next” Button.

Install IDM

    1. Use commands CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open Task Manager.
    2. Now select IDMAN.exe and close this program.

Open Task Manager

  1. Now copy and paste the crack file into the IDM folder.
  2. Double-click on that crack file to Run As Administrator.
  3. Now click on the “Patch” button and then click on IDMAN.EXE, and then provide the first and last name.

The installation process is super easy. You don’t need to be a technical genius to run IDM crack on your computer. It will work flawlessly once you have installed it accurately. So, follow each step carefully. You can also check IDM Crack download videos if the above explained steps do not help you in downloading and running this program perfectly.

What Makes IDM Crack a Perfect Choice for Your Demands?

Internet Download Manager is probably the oldest and fastest tool available for downloading a variety of files from the internet. It is designed to support various protocols such as HTTP, proxy servers, FTP, and HTTPS. IDM’s clean and simple user interface makes it quite easy for any user to download the required content from the internet.

What makes IDM perfect Choice

New versions of this program offer a feature known as Scheduler. You can use this feature to schedule downloads. It will use the available network to download the selected files. It allows users to add multiple files in the downloading list and schedule downloads according to their convenient.

IDM Crack’s error recovery mechanism is much better than other download manager tools. This program can resume downloading automatically, whenever there is technical error. It can resolve minor errors and download the required files much faster.

You can use this tool to download files via various browsers. It works flawlessly on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Comando, and numerous other browsers which interact flawlessly with IDM key engine. This program was and it still is people’s favorite tool for downloading online content. You should also try it if you have not downloaded it yet.

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Why do you need IDM Crack?

You have to understand what a “Crack program” is in order to understand why you need the IDM crack. It is a kind of computer program which allows the user to make temporary or permanent modifications in other program. Smart developers use a crack to use premium tools like IDM for free or expand their services without paying any penny to the original owner.

Why do you need IDM Crack?

The IDM crack replaces the original Internet Download Manager icon. It provides you a direct access to all the premium features of this program as you install the IDM crack on your PC. You can replace the original IDM app with IDM crack in the folder where the original file is stored. Thus, you can use IDM after free trial period is over, without buying the premium IDM membership.

Here you can get keys or serial numbers to unlock the paid version. Many people are using IDM Crack across the globe to download their favorite online content for free. It is a safe and effective way of downloading numerous online files, programs, and media files for free. No need to say that the downloading speed will be same as you get when using IDM!

IDM Crack File:

The IDM Crack is an application which replaces premium IDM application and allows you to use IDM for free. You may probably know that Internet Download Manager requires keys to recognize whether you are an authentic user or not. If you put a worn key, the installation process will stop. Therefore, this key is quite important for using all the features of IDM.

The IDM tool gets out of action when you do not have this key. That serial alphanumeric key is mainly used for certification. The IDM Crack app can easily get past this check and work flawlessly like a genuine IDM application. You must download IDM with Crack if you do not want to buy this program.

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IDM allows you to download content from other web pages. It not only manages downloads, but also integrates several other features. Being compatible with HTTPS and FTP, IDM acts like the best program to download premium content from the internet for free.

You must buy the premium version of IDM if you want to take advantage of all the premium features offered by this program. Or, you can download the IDM Crack file to get those features for free.

Features of IDM Full Crack:

IDM becomes the best program to download content from the internet when you get the full crack version. It offers the following features:

  • You can accelerate the downloading speed by splitting files into different parts for download.
  • It allows you to download files in batches.
  • Import and export of downloads.
  • You can add multiple queues.
  • Manual and automatic updates on download links.
  • You can find a complete list of recently downloaded files with their storage location.
  • Dynamic segmentation of downloading files whenever you want.
  • Downloading videos directly from video streaming websites, like YouTube.
  • This program supports HTTPS, HTTP, MMS, Microsoft ISA, and FTP protocols.
  • The IDM crack program is designed to integrate with the latest browsers and it offers support for all the popular web browsers.
  • This program offers a feature for recording audio and video from online platforms.
  • Pre-check of virus and Trojans in the target files so that you can avoid the download of risky files.
  • This program supports all types of proxy servers.
  • Simple drag and drop option for downloading online content.
  • Organize downloaded files in categories.
  • Quickly accelerate downloads.
  • Pause and resume downloads whenever you want.
  • Customize the user interface according to your demands. Change columns, the order, buttons, and themes of this program.

IDM has many features and you can try all those features when using the trial version of this program. It would be tough to live without having IDM tool on your computer after 30 days. That’s when you should get the IDM crack with all the listed features to enjoy free service forever.

How to Increase IDM Download Speed?

The Internet Download Manager already works way faster than other download manager tools. You can still apply certain tactics to make it work much faster.

  • Ensure your internet connection is working properly:

Open the IDM tool on your computer and then select “Options” button. Now click on the “Connection” tab, and then select “Connection Type/Speed”. Now you have to select the Default max.conn. option to increase the download speed.

  • Ensure speed limiter is not active:

Internet Download Manager allows you to limit the download speed when downloading content from the internet. This feature is useful, when you are downloading files from the internet and also want to do other tasks.

You should keep this function disabled if you want to utilize the maximum download speed. Open Downloads menu, check Speed Limiter, and then turn it off. That’s how you can utilize the maximum download speed provided by your internet service provider.

  • Close other apps using the internet:

Another reason that you are experiencing slow internet speed is because other applications are using the internet connectivity on your computer. Many apps like media players, browsers, and other programs use the bandwidth and affect the downloading speed.

You should open the task manager, check which applications are using network, and close those applications immediately. Thus, you can download the required files via IDM much faster.

Benefits of IDM Crack or Patch:

As mentioned earlier, the IDM patch or crack is a tool which temporarily or permanently modifies the IDM app to extend its usability or eliminate that 30-day free trial limitation. IDM’s free version comes with a 30-day free trial and after that it stops working. The IDM crack allows you to use that same app with all the amazing features as long as you want to download content.

The following benefits make IDM Crack or Patch a perfect solution for your internet usage demands:

  • Use IDM without registration:

Millions of people have stopped using IDM after enjoying that 30-day free trial. Most of them switched to torrents download manager or other ineffective tools. Many users do not know that IDM Crack allows them to pass that registration process and use this tool for free forever. This program integrates with all the popular browser automatically. Therefore, it is quite beneficial.

  • Simple user interface:

People love Internet Download Manager mainly because it has the simplest user interface. This program creates consistency among users. Even though you are experiencing slow download speed, you can apply some simple solutions to download the required files faster.

You can split download files, schedule downloads, and this program can automatically pause and resume downloads as you turn on your PC. It requires minimum interference and works flawlessly.

  • It is free forever!

Who doesn’t like freebies? You will not pay any penny from your bank account to get this IDM Crack. The cracked version of world’s best download manager is free for use. It can hurt you a little bit if you pay $25 fees to get lifetime license of IDM. Avoid such purchases when you can get the same tool for free.

  • It is safe and clean:

The IDM Crack program is totally safe. It is not going to cause any sort of harm to your computer or other programs installed on your PC. This patch or crack only eliminates that 30-day free trial limit and allows you to enjoy IDM’s full features forever. That’s what this program does without causing any other threat.

  • Compatibility
  • Useful
  • Working

Final Thoughts

Internet Download Manager has been users’ favorite downloader software for more than a decade. It entertained millions of users for their download demands. IDM constantly provides latest updates to the users, who want to download the required files faster.

Millions of people download IDM on their PC, use it for 30 days, and avoid it because it asks for premium membership. We have just mentioned a solution to avoid the purchase of premium tool.

Use IDM Crack or Patch to get lifetime access for free. You already know how to download and install the IDM crack. So, get it now and use it to download your favorite movies, videos, songs, and other content directly from the streaming platforms.

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