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In the over-the-top streaming service category, a couple of options are available. Hotstar is a popular choice from the past couple of years based on all the impressive shows, the ability to watch live sports, and a huge movie category. There are two versions available in the same; you can get the free version with advertisement and limited features. To surpass all the limits, you can get the subscription of the same.

For those who want to experience all the premium features can look after the use of Hotstar Premium Mod APK. With this version, you can expect all the premium features for free. You can watch movies, shows, and live sports without getting any advertisement. The features don’t end here. You can explore more in the features section. The key thing is, usability enhances by many times by these features. 

You might be wondering that what is Hotstar Premium Mod APK? To put it in simple words, and the shortest explanation, a modification of the android app by tracing bugs and putting small plug-in to take advantage of the same app is called mod apk. Hotstar app is all about streaming services, and the modification unlocks all the premium features of the same.

While browsing content on Hotstar, you will feel ease because you can download shows, movies, TV series, and more types of content to watch later. Even, you can choose the video quality, which is a significant advantage to expect from a game. Alongside these features, you can find many small tweaks into the same version. 

Let’s explore all the features of Hotstar Premium Mod APK, and the original version to find out the key differences. 

Hotstar Premium MOD APK Download Free

Name Hotstar
Size 48MB Apk
Version  [Latest]
Developers Novi Digital
Downloads 100,000,000+
Category Apps > Entertainment
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Hotstar Premium Mod APK – Features 

Apart from the free to use factor, many safety-related tweaks are added into the modded version of the game. All these features can help with usability and enhance the user’s experience, which is a significant advantage that you can expect with ease.

Offline Shows

The best thing about Hotstar Premium is you can offline favorite shows or episodes to watch later. In the modded version, you get the same functionality without any subscription. Even Hotstar has many original series that are exclusively available on this app only, so you can use offline them also.

Quality Options 

Choose the quality that you want to watch a show. In the free version, there is a quality limit, but now you can browse content in higher resolution as per the internet connection. While downloading shows, you can choose maximum quality possible. This will give you a mesmerizing experience while watching your favorite shows.

No More Advertisements

Advertisement is the major problem while browsing content, but there is no need to worry about anything in the modded version of the app. It let you browse content, and there will be no ad in any category. Even while watching shows, you can tap, and video will start playing immediately. There is no problem like eating extra data. Ads are common to consume a fraction of your daily data.

A Huge Category

If you are a fan of Hotstar shows, then you can find a huge variety to check out. The best part is, Hotstar is coming with new original series every month, and they are hitting the chart of the best one. Those who are fond of action series or drama will love using this modded version. It gives you access to series, movies, and the VIP section of the app. There are some shows which are only for the VIP account, but you can access them at the same time now. 

Anti-ban Security

Chances of getting into issues are high if you use a poorly modified app. Developers can ban your account, but this isn’t the issue with our app. It has an anti-ban security feature, which will keep you safe and eradicate the issue of getting traced. You can browse content from the original account, and developers of the app will never find any suspicious activity.

Free to Use

The VIP membership of Hotstar allows you to watch live cricket, Football, and other sports. Even there is no advertisement in them. But, you pay a pretty good amount. In the case of our modded app, you will get everything for free. Even, there is nothing like verification or survey to complete. This thing enhances the usability of the app.

No Android Rooting

Hotstar Premium Mod APK works on Android devices, and it doesn’t require you to root your smartphone. Just download the app and follow instructions to install it safely in your device. Even smartphones that are rooted can also run this app. It will offer a similar number of features in both versions.

These are some impressive and intense features that you can expect from our Hotstar Premium Mod APK. It is safe and installed with many features that you will love to use. While downloading and installing, you should know that you bookmark the website so that you update the latest version from the same website. Choosing any other platform to update is a bad choice, and chances of app crashes are higher in such cases.

About Hotstar and VIP Membership

Hotstar, an online streaming service available for iOS, Android, and Web browsers are popular Indian shows streaming portal owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. This app has more than 350M accounts, and the majority of people love to watch movies and TV shows on this app.

During the cricket season, Hotstar is a common choice while traveling because you watch live sports and check out scoreboards on the same app. Alongside these factors, many impressive features are added into the same app that can make you consider it over the other ones. The free to watch option is a great one, but you can feel interrupted due to the advertisements.

Alongside these shows, you can check out the movies section with a huge category of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. These are available in the paid version, where you need to get the VIP membership of the app. Once you are done getting a membership, you can browse a range of shows and such other types of content.

In the Hotstar Premium Mod APK version, you can expect everything for free and browse the whole library. The best part is, this app is developed considering the wide culture of India and the language spoken throughout the country. So, developers are offering the same in 17 different languages. There are two different membership options available on the same.

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Hotstar Memberships

As mentioned earlier, two different types of memberships are available for different price points. The difference is all about the content library. Both ones remove ads, but you will find a lack of content in the simple membership. Let’s know about both types –

  • Hotstar Premium – This membership is available in two different plans, and it offers you access to the whole library. The charges for the one-month plan is ₹299. On the other hand, you can get an annual plan which costs ₹999. So, the yearly plan is available at a 72% discount. This lets you browse each content category with no advertisement.  
  • Hotstar VIPThe VIP membership is only to get rid of advertisements, and it is available for ₹ 365 per year. One more thing, it is only available for one year, so you can’t get any small plan. So, you can say that it cost ₹ 1 for a one-day membership. This basic membership is of no use mainly.  

Both types of membership are reliable, but there is a huge difference while browsing content. So, you should stay a bit selective while checking out the memberships and buying them.

If you don’t want to spend money and save a good amount, then you can consider Hotstar Premium Mod APK as an effective alternative in such cases. 


What is Hotstar Premium Mod APK?

It is a modified app where third party developers traced all the bugs in the Android version of the app and took advantage by providing the modified app, which can access the whole content library without any membership.

Is it safe to use Hotstar premium mod apk?

Yes, by any mean, the use of Hotstar Premium Mod Apk is safe. There are some safety features added to prevent getting banned by the developers of the app. Even, you can update the app from the same third-party website for better safety.

Can I keep using Hotstar Premium Mod APK without getting the latest updates?

If the third-party website is offering the latest update for their Hotstar Premium Mod APK that you are using, then update is necessary. If you don't update, then developers of the app might get to know about suspicious activity.

  • Working
  • Quality
  • Premium


We tried to put all the important features and advantages of Hotstar Premium Mod APK in this small guidepost to provide the best possible detail about the usability and more. You can download the app and check it out on your own.  

No doubt, Hotstar offers some of the exclusive shows and lets you watch TV shows live on the app. The paid and free versions of the app have a single difference in the library, mainly. The free version has limited access to content, and it shows advertisements.

In case you go after the use of Hotstar Premium Mod APK, you can eradicate all the issues like advertisements, poor quality settings, and limited content. You can browse the favorite shows and watch them whenever you want.

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