GTA V APK + OBB Download for Android

Rockstar Games has provided gamers with many amazing games to play on their PCs and video game consoles. GTA or Grand Theft Auto is probably the most popular one. Rockstar Games launched several installments of this game and GTA V is the most popular one among all the GTA games.

GTA 5 is an action-adventure game, which was originally launched for video game consoles and PC users in 2013. It takes you on an amazing journey of the San Andreas state and allows you to do everything you want.

Gamers were willing to try this game on their Android devices for quite a long time. Now, it is possible to download GTA 5 APK + OBB data for free to play this game on any Android device. Continue reading and you will learn how to download and play this game on your Android device.

About Grand Theft Auto V

Fans were waiting for the Android version of this game for many years. Now, it is finally available as a 1GB Android game to play on smartphones and tabs. You will get a fully updated version of this game to run on your Android device.

The GTA 5 APK comes with MOD features. It allows every user to install and play that game without facing any trouble. Rockstar Games has added several amazing features to this game’s mobile version in order to make it more interesting.

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You can install and play this game if your device runs on Android 4.0 or later version of the Android operating system. Over 7,000,000 users have downloaded GTA 5 APK + OBB data to play this game on their devices. They love this game because:

  • They can earn and spend in-game cash.
  • Play multiplayer game in the offline mode.
  • Enjoy gameplay in different environments.
  • Try new characters.
  • GTA 5 has HD graphics.
  • Tag team feature.
  • Exceptional controls.
  • Flawless vehicle controls.

All these things make GTA 5 an entertaining and exciting game to play on any Android device.

NameGrand Theft Auto V
Size47MB Apk + 1.6GB OBB
VersionBeta Version
DevelopersRockstar Games
CategoryGames > Action

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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

In-Game Screenshots

Here are some amazing In-Game screenshots of GTA 5 Game

gta v 1
gta v 3
gta v 2

How to Download GTA 5 APK?

Downloading GTA V APK is quite simple. Follow the below given steps:

  1. Use the above-given link to download GTA V APK and OBB File.
  2. You can click on the mirror links if you face any problem in downloading that file.
  3. Download MOD data on your device after downloading the game APK.
  4. Open File Manager on your device, select the APK file, and unzip it to access the files stored inside folders.

Some users might find it daunting to unzip the files because Android users need a tool like Z-archive to extract the data stored inside zipped files. Use any of such tools to get the data extracted.

How to Install GTA 5?

Follow the below-given steps to install GTA 5 MOD APK on your phone.

  1. Open “Settings” and then go to “Security” and then enable installation of files from unknown sources.
  2. Copy and paste data file into the folder located inside the Android folder of the game. (You have to create a new folder if there is no folder and then extract game data.)
  3. Begin the installation process and GTA 5 APK will automatically guide you for installation.
  4. Provide necessary permissions and finish the installation process.

In case you face any troubles in installation, go to your device’s Setting, Security, and enable Unknown Source installation again for this game. You should cut the net connectivity in your phone when installing GTA 5 MOD APK on your device. Always store the OBB file in the SD card to use the required data without any issue.

Awesome Features of GTA 5

Many gamers believe GTA 5 is the best game to play on Android devices. People are already enjoying some battle royal games, MMORPGs and other games on their devices, no-one can refuse to play GTA 5 because of the following features. Features listed below make this game an amazing source of entertainment and time-pass.

A Huge Map

Even though the initial versions of the Grand Theft Auto game were offering small maps, millions of people bought those games and played those games on consoles and computers. GTA 5 is way better than any other online role-playing game.

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You may have seen many gameplay videos of players looting banks, robbing cars, and selling weeds. GTA 5 map features different places to enjoy these activities. Its performance is truly awesome and there are places like ocean, desert, caves, cities, airports, railway station, etc. All these locations offer a lot of things to do in GTA 5. Therefore, it is a wonderful game to play on Android devices.

Bunch of Vehicles

Thousands of people love GTA games because of the variety of two-wheelers and four-wheelers this game offers. Name the car you like the most and you will probably find it in GTA 5. That’s how good this game is. Along with cars and bikes, this game also takes care of your flying demands. It offers planes to loot drugs from the ocean and fly back to the air field for selling those drugs.

You find several modes of transportation in this game. These vehicles allow the users to reach their destinations in style and complete different in-game missions in style.

Bunch of Weapons

It is quite tough to stop any player from using weapons when he or she is playing a GTA game. These weapons empower the main protagonist and allow users to loot anything they want. This game offers a great collection of weapons from pistols to bazooka. You can equip your character with the best weapons to deal with opponents in style.

In-game Trading

Players can become a part of mob or start their own group of gangsters to be the dominant gang in the city. GTA 5 online is quite amazing because it allows real players to collaborate with one another and start a new gang to beat all the competitors. Mob guys can trade drugs and other looted things like gold for money and use that money to buy weapons, recover in the hospital, buy phones, and other in-game stuff.

Simple UI and Amazing Performance

Xbox, PlayStation, and high-end gaming PC users do not worry because they know GTA V will work exceptionally well on their devices. Android users might not believe it, but the GTA V MOD APK also works great on good-quality Android phones and tabs.

You get simple controls to control the movement of your character. It will do everything you want and make things more entertaining with simple user interface. Therefore, you must try it on your mobile device.

About GTA 5 Beta Version

Rockstar games had first launched this game for Xbox users and PlayStation users, and then it was launched for Windows PC users. Unfortunately, it is not officially available for Android devices. There is no need to worry about that because you can use the modded app to run this game on any Android device.

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It will run flawlessly on any Android device using 4.0 or above variant. You will not experience any major difference in graphics quality of performance of the game. Users with high-end mobile phones or tabs will get PC-like performance and users with low-end devices will enjoy normal gameplay.

Experts were speculating that GTA 5 requires top-end resources and that’s why it is not possible to run it on Android devices. Their speculations gone wrong and now the GTA 5 MOD APK is available. You just need to download GTA 5 APK + OBB data on your device. This content will allow you to run the complete game on your device without any technical problem.

GTA 5 Device Requirements

Rockstar Games know that millions of mobile users want to play this amazing game on their mobile devices. Therefore, they decided to launch its Beta version for Android phones. That Beta version was enough for the users to explore amazing features of this game.

High-quality graphics and superb gameplay make it an exciting game to play on mobile devices. A person with good performance phone can take advantage of all the amazing features offered with this game. It is not one of those boring and poor quality GTA copy games. It is the original GTA 5 Beta version and that’s why it is quite exciting.

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You need 3 GB free space on your device to download GTA 5 APK + OBB file on your device. Remove unnecessary things if you do not have the required free space. You will get GTA 5 version v1.09 for download. It requires Android 4.0 or newer version to run this game. The App size is 21.1MB+2.6GB.

Users with normal Android devices can also play this game because this MOD APK is designed to work on any normal Android phone with the required Android version. It will provide an amazing gaming experience and it can become a great alternative to PUBG or other exciting games you are playing nowadays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GTA 5 work on any Android device?

GTA 5 APK is free to download and it works on Android mobiles using Android OS version 4.0 or above. It will not work on your mobile phone if you are using an older phone with an old Android version. All the device requirements are given in this article. So, check those details before you download this game.

How much RAM is Required to Run GTA 5 on Android

Your phone should have at least 2GB RAM otherwise it will not work on your device. It will work exceptionally well if you are using a phone with 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB RAM. It won’t lag during gameplay and run smoothly for much longer periods.

Can I Play GTA 5 without Downloading OBB File?

This game will not work on your device if you do not download all the required files. Remember, you have to move additional data files into MOD APK folder to access the necessary data. The steps are already explained in this post, which you can check right now.

Where can I Find Working GTA 5 Download Link?

You can Find working GTA 5 Link only on JRPSC.org website. Just Click Download button and APK + OBB File will be available for download.

What if GTA 5 Game Stopped Working?

This problem can occur with any app you are using on your phone. GTA 5 APK is no different, but it works pretty great. In case it stops working, go to settings, find the app, and clear app data. Delete cache and then restart the game. It will work perfectly.

Is GTA V APK Safe?

The GTA V APK does not cause any threat to your device or data. It is a well-tested application designed by highly talented developers. There is no threat of injecting any bug into your device and it does not steal any data from your phone. You can trust the developers for exceptional performance of the game and complete safety of your device.

  • User Interface
  • Performance
  • Graphics

Final Thoughts

GTA 5 is one of the most widely bought video games in the world. Millions of people are playing its offline and online versions every day. They seem happy with the way this game performance on PCs and video game consoles. The demands for official mobile version of this game are still quite high and Rockstar games might take some time to launch mobile variant of this game.

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