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Emerged as a user-friendly and feature-rich video editing application, FilmoraGo allows the users to shoot and edit videos on any device. It is a reliable video editor program through which you can produce high-quality videos. You can use those videos to increase your followers on social media platforms and also for marketing. 

This software also offers support for creating 4K videos! You can produce full HD videos every day without switching to multiple tools. Although it is quite an impressive program for video editing, its free version is not as useful as the premium version. 

You need to buy the premium version if you want to use all the premium video editing features. Many users may not afford to pay for the premium subscription. Therefore, the Filmora Go Mod APK is the best solution for their needs!

How to Download or Install FilmoraGO PRO Mod APK?

NameFilmoraGo – Free Video Editor
Size79 MB
Versionv4.0.1 [Latest]
CategoryAPPS > Tools
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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

FilmoraGo features:

The FilmoraGo app with its impressive features can make video editing a handy job for you. The following features make it one of the finest video editor programs:


  • Simple user interface:

Most of the mobile device users are not techie guys. However, they often search for a feature-rich video editor program to edit their videos for social media platforms. They seek an application with a simple UI design and the FilmoraGo app offers it. 

It provides you with retro style UI design and a simple user interface. It features all the essential functions on the screen. You can tap and reveal more editing options. First, select your pictures and videos from the gallery or a social media platform. Choose a theme along with the filters, background music, and titles for the video in the next step. Create the video and then share it. 

That’s how simple it is to edit and share videos on FilmoraGo. Anyone can use it to produce impressive clips.

  • Import pictures and videos from multiple sources:

Even though most of your pictures and videos are secure in the Gallery, your social media accounts also hold many pictures and videos. FilmoraGo allows you to import the data from all such locations. You can import your images and videos with one tap on any mobile device. 

This quick important feature ensures you get the best possible outcome in the form of an impressive video. Other programs do not fetch data from such multiple sources, but FilmoraGo does it and that’s why users love this platform. 

  • Impressive transitions:

Most of the professionals use transitions to make videos look impressive. The FilmoraGo app provides you with some impressive transitions. You will need it when you are using multiple video clips to prepare one large video. These transitions will improve the beauty and quality of your video. There are several options to choose from and you can access them all for free in the Filmora Go MOD APK.

  • License-free music:

YouTube is a favourite platform to publish all sorts of videos. Unfortunately, it removes thousands of videos due to copyright claims. Many users use licensed music in the background. Therefore, platforms like YouTube remove those videos as soon as they find licensed content. 

The FilmoraGo app offers a great solution to this problem. It provides many choices in license-free music. You will not violate any policy and your videos will be live on all the popular video sharing platforms. This app has a huge music library, which you can access for free.

  • Impressive customization features:

The FilmoraGo app is not any regular video editing tool. It is a feature-rich platform that features numerous customization features. You get a variety of effects to polish your videos and make them more impressive. 

Pros often use it to apply several overlays and filters with wonderful effects. Consequently, their videos and photos become more impressive and entertaining. The customization features include animated messages in multiple colours and sizes. Free graphics for videos, backdrop music, and many other such customization features are available on FilmoraGo.  

This app offers solutions for all your video editing needs. Therefore, you must get it if you often search for an advanced video editing platform. 

FilmoraGo Free VS Pro app:

Just like other high-quality programs, FilmoraGo also comes as a free and a pro version. The free version has limited features. There will be so many ads and a watermark on all your videos. You may not like to reveal how you prepare all the videos for your social media channels. Therefore, you should try the pro version. 

The Pro version is also quite affordable, but many users may not afford it. Many beginners do not want to invest their money until they get a positive outcome. Therefore, the Filmora Go Mod APK is a good solution. It is a modified version of the pro app and it offers all the premium features of the app.

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Is Filmora Go MOD APK reliable?

This MOD APK works exactly like the FilmoraGo Pro app. This MOD APK is free and you will never spend any penny to produce high-quality videos by using this app. The original app with all its premium features cost a considerable amount of money. 

Its monthly subscription may seem affordable, but you will pay a lot of money to Wondershare every year. Therefore, you should first try the performance and capabilities of this app and then buy the premium app. The modified app offers free access to FilmoraGo’s premium features. 

Pick your videos and pictures and edit them with this app. Assess its true potential and observe how your followers react to your high-quality videos. Buy the premium version of this app if you gain profit from the created videos. 

You can continue using the MOD APK as long as you want. Nobody will ever find whether you are using FilmoraGo free, pro, or mod APK. 

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Final thoughts:

The Filmora Go Mod APK is offering you an opportunity to try the best video editing program and create some eye-catching videos. You should give it a try if you want to produce engaging content for marketing and entertainment. It will not disappoint you and you will eventually gain a huge number of followers on various platforms.

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