FIFA 20 APK Download Offline Mode [Beta]

JRPSC is happy to announce that we have cracked the mod for FIFA 20, not only you would be able to play from your android device you will also enjoy free coins and points after you install it.

Do you love playing FIFA 20 on your gaming consoles? Most probably, everyone does because EA is putting extra effort making it one of the realistic games with impressive visuals and more. Millions of units are sold and downloaded, which puts it into the extremely popular game category. The key feature of this game is a great design.

Well, playing this game on your smartphone will be a fun thing, and EA is trying hard and working on the beta versions of the game. Still, it is not out for sale, and if you want to try it out, then you may have to wait for a couple more months. Well, don’t worry because we are bringing you FIFA 20 Mod Apk to try out. 

The very first question that comes in mind is that what is mod, and why do you need it? Well, mod means modification, which is done by third party sources into a game to make it slightly different or compatible with other platforms. Here, we are putting some extra time and effort into bringing you the FIFA 20 Mod Apk. 

We used some great emulators and kicked in some major features so that most of the flagship Android devices can support FIFA 20, and you can play it easily. There is no need to worry about the installation and other factors because a range of advanced features is added to the same.

Most of the features are related to safety, usability, and several other factors. In case you are heading toward the FIFA 20 Mod Apk download, then it is important that you learn about some of the major features before getting inside. Learning about the feature can help you feel safe and eradicate most of the issues. 

The very first question in your mind might be that what is a mod apk exactly, and how can you play the console game on an android smartphone. Well, we have an answer for that because a mod apk doesn’t mean ripping off original gameplay and adding extra tweaks. It is also about the compatibility related stuff.

Download FIFA 20 MOD APK For Free

Name FIFA 20
Size 48MB Apk + 589MB OBB
Version  [Latest]
Developers EA Sports
Downloads 50M +
Category Games > Sports

The Link to download FIFA 20 is below, You should follow our instructions strictly for smooth installation.

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FIFA 20 Screen Shots

Here are some screenshots from our mod apk gameplay, exclusive from JRPSC.ORG

Overview of FIFA 20 Mod Apk 

FIFA 20 is the latest AAA title for Ps4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. According to sources, EA is developing the smartphone version, but that just completed the alpha version, and they are looking after the beta mod. In other words, they will take extra time creating the game and launching it for your android or iOS smartphone.

If you talk about FIFA 20 Mod Apk, then we can give you a simple answer that the original game is downgraded by a little in terms of resolutions, and there are some emulators inside. Due to the emulators, your smartphone can run FIFA 20 games on an android smartphone. But, don’t underestimate the power required to run this game.  

We suggest downloading this game on some high-end smartphones which have flagship-grade processors because they can load this game effectively and you can play this game without any problem. Due to this, you can say that FIFA 20 is a must to try the game, and it is going to provide several other advantages for sure.

If you are a first-time gamer of FIFA 20, then it is important that you must know about the basics of the game and several other stuff before downloading it. Installation and putting the obb files in the right folder are not a big deal because there are a download and installation guide equipped with the same so that you don’t feel any problem.

All the major features are still available in mod apk, and most of them are like the original game. You might miss the feature of 4K running, but we don’t have any option else than removing because 4K is a very large resolution, and playing this game in such high-resolution means putting extra pressure on the process. Your phone might heat due to the same.  

Even though the original FIFA 20 game is paid, you are getting this one free. We took care of the registration option by reverse engineering method so you can directly jump into the game and get started. FIFA 20 Mod Apk doesn’t require any kind of verification or user ID to play. You can try out the online multiplayer mode of the game to compete against others.  

Alongside all the major things in this game, you will love the design and smooth performance of the game. It took us a long time fixing the poor performance, but removing the 4K option and converting large files into small ones helped us. This tool a little extra time, but we are updating you with the latest version.

Features of FIFA 20 Mod Apk

As you have learned about the game and how it is possible to play the same on the smartphone, the next question pops up in mind is about the features. Well, we are putting some extra number of features and if you are curious to check out all of them before the download of the game then let’s explore –

Absolutely Free

You may know that FIFA 20 is a paid game, and it recently got out a couple of months back. If you have purchased this game, then it might be a thing in mind that you may have to buy the mobile version also. Well, don’t worry about it because you don’t need to pay a single buck while getting this game on your smartphone.

This one is free, and you don’t need to pay a single buck to get the FIFA 20 Mod Apk. This thing can make you obtain some extra advantages without any problem. Even all the in-app purchases are unlocked now. So, it reduces the chances of buying anything. Everything is free, and you get to try all the advanced features for free. It makes sense.

No Root Required

A couple of sources are offering fake FIFA 20, and they don’t work. Some ask you to root your smartphone as if you want to try out the amazing features of this game, but we don’t ask you for anything like it. This game is free, and it works on android devices without any root. You just need to install the game.

While installing this game, you may need to spend a little extra time because of the large size, but it doesn’t have anything to do with rooting or jailbreaking. You will be able to run this game without using any other tool or tweaks. The question comes about controlling the game, so we put all the main features on the main display.

No Emulator Required 

Some of the websites are offering emulator that can run console games. Most of them are designed to run PS3 games, and they are usually AA titles, not AAA. So, the games which are very heavy in size and require lots of data processing can’t be run with such emulators. This game work without any emulator. 

We designed this game in a manner that the emulator is pre-installed. When you run the game, the emulator automatically starts working on the same, and you can enjoy this game. It will be an easy thing for gamers who are trying hard for a long time and can’t find any emulator to run FIFA 20 game.

Safe to Play

Along with the mentioned features, we are taking serious care of the safety feature. In other words, we scanned the game and found no malware. If you have any doubt, then you can do the same. It is safe, and the other factor is an anti-ban property here. As you are running this game on the smartphone, developers of the game might get suspicious connection warning.

So, we made it show your status as you are playing the game on PS4. There is no need to worry about running this game when it is keeping you safe. There is no way that your gaming account gets banned. The serious focus is on prevent the details and not stealing any data of the user. So, you can rely on the same by scanning the game on your own.

Multiplayer Mode

The question about the multiplayer mode is necessary, and it pops up in your mind then we will love to let you know that this game supports multiplayer mode. However, it works in the online version because you can’t connect two controllers to the same device and play. Due to this reason, the online mode is a safer choice. 

Your friend can also get this game and try out all the amazing features. It will work perfectly on both platform, and there is no need to worry about the safety factor while playing this game. The credit goes to effective online support, and we patched all the major bugs so that you don’t find any kind of crashes.

Similar to Original

If you are worried about the game and thinking that this game can’t be the original one, then you are wrong. This is the original FIFA 20 because we molded it for the android device. Still, we are not ripping or re-encoding any file of the game. We just converted all the factors into a small pack so that you can get it.  

Due to the same reason, the size of the file becomes a fraction of the original game. The main game has a size of 30 GB, but the FIFA 20 Mod Apk is a fraction of that. The credit goes to effective packing, and the obb files are also small enough, so these aren’t going to take much space in your smartphone, and most of the flagship smartphone will handle it easily.

All Modes Unlocked

Gamers of FIFA 20 know that there are so many advanced features in this game. Most of the features are accessible, but few of them are premium, and they unlock after completing certain championships. But, you can access all the modes. We unlocked every single feature for the gamers so that they won’t find anything suspicious.

The fun doubles up here, and the credit goes to flawless playing. Even all the tutorial modes are still in this game, which is present in the original game. The only problem is, it lags a little while running tutorial mode, but in the original game, you will never find any issue regarding the same, which can make you consider it.

Better Compatibility

You can try out this game and play on any flagship device. It works smoothly, and there are very few places where you might find a small lag in performance. For instance, when the tutorial runs at the beginning of the match, that might lag a little, but it won’t be causing much mess at all.

You can run this game perfectly and get advantages from the smooth interface, which will make you gain plenty of advantages without any problem. It is the major reason that you should be playing FIFA 20 Mod Apk on your smartphone. It works with the help of an emulator, but it goes straight into the smooth mode. 

Easy to Play Interface

FIFA 20 has intense gameplay, and learning the interface might be typical for the first time but not here. If you want to enjoy the best out of it, we kept the interface similar. Your screen can easily show all the details, and there is a small assist to help in several cases. Everything is on the main screen, and they are easy to access. 

While playing FIFA 20 Mod Apk, you will notice some fun things to try out. The first-time gamer might not find it easy, but once you begin playing, everything is accessible. From passing to dribbling, everything works perfectly, and you can consider it without any problem for sure. Even, you can unlock some better modes with the same.

Stunning Players

All the players from the FIFA 20 are here, and they have similar stats, nothing is changed about them. You can make the team and play against CPU or friends. This thing will make you a better gamer in a short period. When you are trying out this game, you need to know that all the players have an original stat to real life.

Nothing is changed, and you can’t even do that. It doesn’t matter that you like Juventus or Barcelona (the famous teams), you can unlock the clubs and match against. Even the option to match against a similar team is available, which will help you try out the game completely. Everything is possible here, so you can try it out.

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About FIFA 20 

FIFA 20, the latest installment from EA in the FIFA series, is a football-based sports game. It is a paid console game developed for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. It has realistic gameplay, and all the players have original stats.

EA tested all the player’s capabilities, sprint, and other factors to come with the data. Even, they are given a rating based on the skills, popularity, their past records, and several other factors. All the football fans know how much impressive players are out there.  

In the list of the best ones, you can find two popular names, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Although you are trying this game for the first time on your smartphone, you will find that all the players are in this game. 

Other stats of these players are available. You can find all the Italian clubs and others also. While trying out the championship or other modes, you need to login to the EA account before getting started. It became easy. 

The key features of this game are impressive gameplay, realistic visuals, original stats, flawless working, and high-end graphics. Still, it is a fact that FIFA 20 didn’t get that good rating as FIFA 19, it is still compiling all the impressive features which can make you love it. 

In the FIFA 20 Mod Apk, we are keeping everything original, so the chances of a crash are very low. You can enjoy every single feature which will make you love the mod apk also. It is easy to play and reliable also.


Is FIFA 20 Available for Android And iOS?

No, EA is not officially offering this game on the smartphone platforms, but you can get the FIFA 20 Mod Apk for android devices and run this game. It is similar to the original game and works with the help of an emulator.

Do you need to pay money for FIFA 20 Mod Apk?

FIFA 20 Mod Apk is absolutely free, and you don't need to pay for anything. Even all the updates are available for free, and you can download this without paying any fees. All the champion modes are unlocked for free in this game also.

Which Player has the highest rating in FIFA 20?

In FIFA 20, Messi is one of the highest-rated players for the shooter and finisher category. There are different categories, and each one has its own players listed, but the overall rating of Lionel Messi is heartwarming.

Does FIFA 20 Mod Apk support a multiplayer option?

Yes, FIFA 20 Mod Apk supports the multiplayer option, but you can't play it offline as if you want to choose the multiplayer mode. The online matches support this feature, and you can try it out. Other modes of the game are also there for free.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s name in FIFA 2020?

EA has changed Cristiano Ronaldo's name in the latest FIFA installment, and you can find him with a different name called Piemonte Calcio. Name and Face of all the players are still the same, but they have some small tweaks with the name.

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A huge number of gamers are trying out FIFA 20 games due to the popularity, and there are so many reasons to consider it. If you don’t own any gaming console, then you can look after the FIFA 20 Mod Apk because it works perfectly, and you can consider it as a reliable option. It works perfectly, and most of the reviews are positive.  

We have tried this game, and you can check it out also. The features are quite mesmerizing, and they can motivate you toward downloading this game and getting all the advantages without any problem. Isn’t it one of the impressive things to try out.

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