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Have you ever gone through such situations where say, you have read a book and just at the point when you felt that could be the best book you ever read, things go downhill from there, or maybe you are watching a movie or a web series and the twists and turns just do not match up to your expectations, or maybe they kill your favourite character somewhere down the line and it’s never the same anymore?! 

If all of this has ever happened to you then we have quite the solution for you. The Apk file we are going to talk about here is all about making your twists and turns in and as the game flows. Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk lets you start and continue with singular and brilliant storylines. Does it make you crave for the Mod already? Well then your wait is over as here you can find every detail as to how to download the file and enjoy it. If you are not quite sure about the choice, you can read along and see if the features and characteristics of the Mod appeal to you in any way. Only after going through it all, you can arrive at a decision.

Episode Choose Your Story APK Information

NameEpisode Choose Your Story
PublisherEpisode Interactive
Version12.60.2 (Latest)
Size 48MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Passes & Gems
Requires5.0 and up
Episode Choose Your Story APK

This Download is 100% Secure and Virus Free.

Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

How to download and install Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk: 

To start enjoying the game you first download and install the apk file. If you have not done it before then too, there is nothing to worry about. Here are some easy and simple steps that anyone could follow to download and install the file and then the game: 

  • Download the.Apk file from the site. 
  • After doing so, download a Split Apk Installer or an SAI. 
  • Then go to the settings and choose the option that says sign before installing. 
  • Install the APK, and then choose both the files. 
  • After that click on both the files and download them.
  • You can now enjoy the game as much as you want, weaving the stories and making the plots go just like you want them. 

The steps above are quite simple and easy to follow for anyone. Moreover, the steps can be followed up on any device.

Overview of Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk: 

The full name of the game is Episode- Choose Your Story. It requires androids 4.1 and above to function properly. It is published by Episode Interactive and belongs to the genre of simulation. 

The game lets you make impactful choices and take decisions about and in particular scenarios. The storylines, it uses are also quite brilliant and unique. Moreover, the plots they refer to are plots and scenarios from the everyday lives of teenagers, and decisions that they need to go through or may need to go through daily. 

This is just like other adventure games. It deals with real-life stories and also requires you to make decisions that affect the flow of the stories and their eventual ending. However, one ingredient that it has as an addition is the spice of love. Love is indeed an important ingredient of life and Episode has stories that deal mostly with either romantic relationships or friendships that the player is involved in. 

Another interesting thing about the game is that the game does not have anyone’s particular conclusion. Rather, depending on what decisions you take at which turn and point of time in the game decides and changes the ending of the plot similarly. This saves the game from turning boring. 

Apart from turning boring, it also brings players back out of natural curiosity as to what would have happened had they opted for a different option than they already had. Many players like to come back and replay the game, choosing other options along the way only to take a look at what other possible outcomes the game could have. 

This gives the game a good market as well. That is because as newer players download and install the file and the game, players who have already played it earlier come back too to catch a different ending every time. 

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Features of Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk: 

The Apk file has some amazing set of features that helps it to keep its stand in the market. Unlike the action-adventure genre, which is the most famous genre in the field of video games, games from the simulation genres find it difficult to make and then keep their position in the market. For Episodes, however, this problem never arises due to some brilliant features it offers its users. Here is a set of features that attracts the players to use and continue to use the game.

  • Dialogues: 

The dialogues are the only way to carry on the game. The game provides you with a set of dialogues from which the player must choose from, and depending on their choice, the game keeps moving further. The dialogues are straight cut and to the point so that there is little space for the players to get confused.

  • Storylines: 

The storylines are taken from the general and daily lives of teenagers. It includes daily struggles that one faces regarding friendships it romantic relationships and the kind of decisions that they need to take at that time. It creates a sense of comfort between the user and the game, which helps the user get more involved and interested in the gameplay. 

  • Currency in the game: 

The only currency in the game is called “gems”. Once you start collecting them, you can then purchase stuff within the game. This kind of thing includes gowns for a prom night or a pretty dress for a date night that would easily swoon your date and so on. The incidents are taken from the daily life of teenagers and college students and target that mass as their potential users as well.

  • Designs:

By design, it meant the way the game flows. The way the game continues or levels up is quite a unique one. There are options that the user who is playing the main character is provided with. The player must then choose one of the conditions to keep the game moving on. However, different choice of options by the players will result in different outcomes in the game.

  • Unlocking newer levels:

Once the player starts taking decisions on behalf of the main character, the game continues to level up. So to unlock newer levels is to overcome various life decisions and situations of the main character.

  • Players profile

The player can have his or her profiles with just the information he or she wants others to know about them. There would be no other accounts linked to the gaming account of this game, so the security and safety of the players are maintained.

  • Graphics:

The kind of video qualities a game provides is always a major aspect that can either take the popularity of the game up a notch or degrade it completely. Fortunately, here however the former happens. The graphics of the game give realistic touches to the game that further enhances the gameplay.

  • Language:

The game, however, uses only one language to give instructions or provide the players with options and that is English. This in a way is a good feature as it is an official language known by most people worldwide. There are people who are not comfortable in that language and may sometimes face problems regarding it. This one drawback, however, does not keep the game from acquiring and as well as keeping a good and bold territory in the field of games. 

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What is Episode- Choose Your Story?

Episode- Choose your Story is an online single-player game and belongs to the genre of simulation games. It deals with real-life scenarios and the player who usually plays as the main character needs to make decisions on behalf of the character to reach an eventuality.

Are the stories previously decided?

The stories are not decided from beforehand. Rather, the stories develop as and when the player starts taking the decisions. The best part of this is that the game, hence, has different endings for the different decisions that each player takes. There is an exciting range of plots, one can choose from but there is no one specific or right way to go through it. Every way you take is just another way to head-on in the game.

How much space does the Apk file take up?

Apk files usually take up around 100 Mb space on your phones. This Apk file takes up a similar amount of space. The file takes up a whole lot of lesser space than many more useless apps we keep installing on our devices. It is not much of a space-occupying file either and it is worth space it takes up as well.

Does the game contain lewd plots?

The game does not contain any kind of vulgar or lewd themes in any way. It consists of plots and storylines from the everyday lives of teenagers. Even though love is an integral part of the plots, the game does not promote actions that encourage the concept of mere lust.

Can the file be downloaded on an android?

The game can be downloaded on quite a wide range of devices. It can even be downloaded on Android as well. It requires Android 4.1 and above to be installed. The game lets you take your own decisions while playing the main character and that entirely decides the course that the game will take.

  • Gameplay
  • Storyline
  • Graphics


You should download Episode Mod APK For Free Passes and Gems. If you face any problems let us know in the comments.

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