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Smartphone apps are much easier to use and sometimes more feature-rich than programs designed for computers and laptops. Viva Video is such a mobile application. It is a video editing application. This app makes it much easier to edit and improve videos shot on smartphones and tabs. 

You can easily get this app from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Viva Video PC version is not available on the internet. Therefore, you will have to try a different way of downloading, installing, and using this app on your PC. So, let’s find out how you can do it and what features will make video editing so easy on this app. 

Why Viva Video is so popular?

The users admire this app for its impressive video editing features. You can cut, crop, and merge videos quite easily. It provides various features that other ordinary video editing tools miss. 

You can use this tool to improve videos with the transition, add impressive music, and merge multiple video clips to create a long and interesting video. It offers over 200 effects for videos and so that you can produce a flawless video file for the viewers. 

It is a free tool for all and it grabbed a huge user base. Unfortunately, it is not available for the PC users and that’s the only potential drawback of this program. 

Key features:

The following features make it a wonderful video editing application:

  • Video Merger:

This feature allows you to collect different clips and merge them to create a one long video. It takes just one tap to join a variety of pictures and video clips for the video. You do not need any sort of technical expertise to do that.

  • Videomaker with songs:

This application has a powerful video maker tool. It allows you to use multiple pictures and create video to preserve your memories with a beautiful song in the background. You can easily produce short clips with popular background sounds to trend them on social media platforms.

  • Video cutter and splitter:

If you have recorded many videos and you want to split them to remove unwanted part, use the Viva Video app. Its video cutter and splitter feature makes it quite simple to trim the video clips. 

You can use this tool to split your videos into many small clips. It is possible to equip those clips with different background themes and effects. Transition effects will make them super cool for the audience. This feature is also available for free with this program.

  • Create short and impressive clips for social media sharing:

This tool offers amazing transition effects. You can use those effects when editing your videos. Include some pictures and impressive background music to prepare a perfect post for your Instagram feed. Get creative with the way you express your views to get a better response from your followers. 

This tool will make it super easy to prepare memorable videos with your friends and colleagues. You can share those videos on special occasions like reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and on other occasions like festivals. 

You can easily control the speed and quality of videos. Effects like slow motion will make your clips more entertaining and engaging.

  • Add stickers and texts:

If you are preparing a tutorial video and want to reach audience from all across the globe, you can use Viva Video to add subtitles and texts in multiple font styles. This feature will make your videos more interesting if you use fonts and infographics to explain your views. 

People usually use premium tools to get these features. The Viva Video app is a free platform to get a variety of animations, emoticons, and stickers for videos. You will not pay any penny, but get the best video editing features with this tool. 

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How to run the Viva Video app on your PC?

As you know, you cannot get Viva Video PC app. You have to find a different way to run this program on your computer with its full capacity and features. This program will work on your personal computer if you use an Android emulator program. 

That emulator will create an appropriate environment for this Android app to work. It will seem like you have turned your PC into a Smartphone or tab for a while, but that is worth doing it. 

Follow these steps to install the Viva Video application on your desktop or laptop:

  • Download and install a feature-rich emulator program. It should be able to run both iOS and Android applications without any trouble. 
  • Open the emulator program and search for the built-in app store and open it. 
  • Now search for the Viva Video editor app and install it. 
  • It will take a few seconds to download and install. 
  • Open this app and use it for editing your videos once the installation process is completed. 

Which emulator is the best to run the Viva Video maker app?

You are going to discover a variety of Android emulator programs on the internet. Some of these programs belong to some reputable companies and some to unknown sources. Always choose an emulator program that people trust and use every day. 

It will be much easier to find the required applications and run them smoothly on your PC. Avoid programs which may cause harm to your device because those emulators may inject adware and malware programs in your computer. 

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It is not quite tough to find a good video editing program for your computer. Many expensive software are available on the internet, which you can buy right now. However, there is no other tool as good as the Viva Video editing app. 

This app was not built to work on computers, but we have just explained how you can run it on your PC. So, follow the guidelines and download it on your computer right now. You can edit and improve many videos and share them on various platforms, including YouTube. Thus, you can become a popular person with high-quality content.

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