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There was a time when people used to buy CDs and DVDs to watch their favorite movies and shows at home. That era has gone because now you can watch any show or movie online. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. are providing a wide range of solutions for your entertainment demands. 

These streaming apps charge a considerable amount of money for their services. You can get a free trial of these apps, but still you have to provide payment details in order to access the content streamed on these platforms. 

As we know, every Android and iOS device user is not comfortable with spending a lot of money every month just to stream movies and shows online. What is the solution to this problem? The solution is Showbox app. It is the most popular Android app nowadays because it streams movies, web series, and TV shows for free. You should download Showbox APK and you will never need those premium streaming apps ever!

Download And Install Showbox APK On Your Mobile Device

Your device must be using Android 4.0 or a newer version if you want to run Showbox APK on your device. It is a 39.1 MB app and Showbox 5.35 is the latest version of this application. It will hardly take 10 minutes to download and then allow you to stream HD 720p videos for free. 

Follow the below explained steps to download Showbox APK on your device:

  • Use the below-given link to download Showbox APK right now. This link will lead you to the latest version of this app. 
  • Unlock your phone, go to Settings and then go to “Security”. Now, you have to allow installation from “Unknown sources”. You cannot install Showbox on your phone without enabling this feature. 
  • Now, find the recently downloaded Showbox APK on your device and tap on that file to begin the installation process. 
  • It follows a common installation approach and it takes just a few seconds to install. 
  • Open the app once it is installed and use it!

That’s how simple it is to install and use Showbox app on any Android or iOS device. The latest version of this application is quite feature-rich and easy to install. So, make sure you are downloading Showbox 5.35 version. 

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Showbox APK ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for Showbox for android.

showbox ss1
showbox ss2

What is Showbox APK?

Showbox is a mobile application which streams movies and TV shows online. This application provides the user with numerous old and new movies, web series, documentaries, and TV shows. It does not charge any penny for using online streaming services. That’s why this app is quite beneficial. 

The users can also run this application on their PC. It requires an Android emulator program to download and run this app. Showbox is a cutting-edge app with great user-interface, impressive graphics, and it has a huge collection of movies, shows, and web series. 

Although this application is not available on Google Play Store, you can download it here right now and install it on your Android device. You can stream the required content secretly and enjoy all the premium shows whenever and wherever you want. This app is compatible with all the Android devices and it is quite simple to download and install Showbox app on your phone or Tab. 

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Why Showbox?

It is possible that you recently knew about the Showbox app. It is not available on Play Store or iTunes store. The developers have worked quite hard to maintain its low profile. They consistently update this application to provide quality content. New movies and shows are added every day. Suppose some links are not working, the Showbox management team quickly replaces those links to prevent further trouble. 

Showbox is not one of those apps that feature a lot of movie and streams nothing. This app provides what you see on the home page. You can find a newly released Hollywood movie within one or two days. Of course, the picture quality might not be that good, but you can still watch it. 

Millions of people are using Showbox app on their smartphones and tabs for many years. None of them ever complained about this app’s performance. It offers exactly what we have endorsed in the features. That’s why this app is the best alternative to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and many similar premium content streaming services. Get this app now and you will never think about subscribing to any of premium content streaming applications. 

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Features that make Showbox the best application for streaming:

This application has many features that make it better than other streaming apps. However, the following features draw millions of users towards Showbox:

  • It is free!

People want to watch the latest movies. They want to get the newly released web series as soon as possible. Everyone wants to be able to stream their favorite TV shows whenever and wherever it is possible to do. Even though other premium apps like Netflix and Amazon prime provide the latest web series and TV shows, they do not offer the latest movies. In fact, users pay a lot of money every month to watch old movies. 

Showbox is different because it streams latest movies in HD quality for free. It provides all the latest shows and movies for free. You won’t spend any penny from your bank account and still get Hollywood and regional movies for free. That’s the most beneficial feature of Showbox app.

  • Showbox is available for all the devices:

Whether you are using an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android device, Showbox runs on all these mobile devices. You can also download and use this app on your Windows PC if you can use an emulator program like “Bluestacks”. 

Unfortunately, this application is not available on any of the official app stores. You cannot find it on iTunes app store and Google Play Store. However, we are sharing a download link which you can use to download Showbox APK for free right now. It will take just a few minutes to download and install and then you can stream your favorite movies or shows on your mobile device.

  • Sourcing content from various trusted sources:

If there is a web series, TV show, or movie endorsed on Showbox, it will stream flawlessly. This application streams media from various trusted sources. You can select the source if the main video link is not working. You can also alter the video quality according to your demands and enjoy free streaming. 

Authorities across the globe are blocking movie streaming websites. People use VPN to access those sites, but it causes many troubles like buffering and poor content quality. You never encounter such issues when using the Showbox app.

  • User-friendly interface:

All the great streaming apps have one common feature and it is their simple user interface. Showbox has one of the simplest interfaces. You will never find it daunting to find the required content and stream it online. 

All the movies, shows, and web series are separated in different categories. You can also use the search box to find the required content within a few seconds. It allows you to pause, stop, forward, and reverse the videos without buffering. There will be no lagging issue and no log-in required. You can simply download Showbox APK, download it, and then use it to stream movies. 

  • HD quality movies:

Suppose you own an HD TV set and want to stream your favorite movies in HD, Showbox app is the best platform to find all the latest movies and shows in HD quality. Of course, you won’t pay for high-definition content and still enjoy the quality of the streamed video on your screen.

  • It has the best collection of movies and shows:

Showbox app does not collaborate with any specific movie publisher. This app provides movies in many languages and from many countries. You can search and find all the popular movies on this app. It won’t charge you any penny for streaming those movies or shows. You won’t be dealing with irritating ads and that’s a major advantage, which you can never get when streaming movies on a website. 

Download Showbox APK now and you will find many other features that make this app a one-stop destination for your entertainment demands. The process is explained in this post to help you installing this app quickly. 

Showbox APK FAQs:

Do I need an account to stream movies and shows on Showbox app?

Showbox is free for all. That does not mean it collects your data or personal details. This app allows you to use all of its features for free without sign-up! That’s one of the major benefits of using this app. No username required and no password required to access content published on Showbox.

Can I watch videos offline?

Yes, this feature is available on the latest version of Showbox app. You can download your favorite movies and shows while working in your office. You can stream the downloaded content offline when you are free. Even though you cannot share the downloaded movies, you can still stream them online whenever and wherever you want. Showbox is the best app to create your personal collection of awesome movies.

Does Showbox charge money for the latest movies, web series, and TV shows?

No, Showbox is completely free. You can download Showbox APK now and stream any new or old movie in HD quality for free. It does not charge money for streaming content. That’s why millions of Android and iOS device users are using this application.

Can I download Showbox on my PC without an emulator program?

This application is designed and developed only for mobile devices. Whether you are using a Smartphone or tab, you can download it and run it on your device. You cannot download, install, and run Showbox directly on Windows PC or Apple PC. It does not work on Windows OS or Mac OS. Therefore, you cannot use Showbox app on your PC without using an emulator tool. You should first download a feature-rich emulator tool and then install Showbox App on your PC.

Is Showbox application safe?

Yes, Showbox application is safe and it does not cause any kind of harm to your device. Even though many people talk a lot of bad things about such applications, millions of users are using Showbox right now. None of them switched to another application because they trust this application for its content. It does not inject any sort of malware, adware, or other bug apps on your device. You get a 39.1MB app on your device which you can easily install and run to watch movies and shows in HD quality.

Is it legal to download Showbox APK?

It is a genuine concern for many people because Showbox app is not featured on Google Play Store and iTunes app store. This application streams copyrighted content on your mobile devices, which is illegal in many countries across the globe. However, in Europe you cans stream copyrighted content but you cannot host it. This application does not operate legally, but it has been in service for many years. People across the globe are streaming their favorite movies, shows, and other videos on Showbox for free. You can use it without worrying about legal issues because you are just streaming movies and not hosting them.

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  • Episodes

Final Thoughts

Showbox is undoubtedly the best movie streaming application. It quickly grabbed mobile users’ attention when authorities started blocking websites which stream new movies for free. Showbox is their favorite destination to find new Hollywood and regional movies. 

It has a huge collection of movies and shows, which no other smartphone app provides. You get access to Showbox library for free. No sign up required and no login required. Just open this app and watch whatever you want.

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