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Hotstar was launched in February 2015 as an on-demand video streaming platform. It quickly grabbed people’s attention and became a major online streaming service in India, the USA, and Canada. Its service area is expanding pretty fast. It will soon become a major on-demand streaming service in the world. 

Hotstar is a mobile app. It also serves as a website on which you can access all the featured content. However, you cannot run the Hotstar app on your personal computer. It works only on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS devices. 

There is a way to install and use the Hotstar for PC. This post will reveal the methods and benefits of using Hotstar on your PC. 

Hotstar app features:

Users admire Hotstar for the following features:

  • It is free!

There are many OTT apps providing a variety of content to the users. Many of them are not free. You cannot access the content published on this platforms without subscription. It is quite sad, especially if you want to test the performance of the app on your device. 

Hotstar is free! You can download and use this platform for free. It also provides many movies, shows, live streaming of a variety of channels for free. There is premium content on this platform, which you can access after paying an affordable amount of money. However, there are no charges applied on downloading and using this app.

  • It streams the latest TV shows:

Hotstar brings some of the world’s most widely used TV channels on your screen. You can stream India’s leading TV channels to watch daily shows, news, sports, and many other things. It will totally eliminate the need to buy dish subscription if you subscribe for Hotstar’s premium service. All your favorite TV shows will stream live on this app.

  • Watch the latest movies:

Hotstar has become a one-stop-destination for streaming the best Indian and Hollywood movies. It brings the most recently released movies on your device. You can stream some of those movies for free and some movies only if you own a Hotstar Premium account. 

It brings content in multiple languages. You can easily switch to a familiar language and enjoy that movie in your native language. You will never run short of movies if you are a Hotstar application user. That’s why you should get Hotstar for PC.

  • No compromise with video quality:

Unlike YouTube, Hotstar only brings high-quality videos for its users. You always get options to watch in HD quality. It also shows how much data you will use in an hour if you are streaming videos in a specific video quality. Many users use their smartphone data to stream content. This information helps them a lot in choosing a right video quality to watch the entire movie or show. 

Other platforms do not show such details. That’s why users are more inclined towards Hotstar. You can easily switch to HD videos whenever you are using Wi-Fi or broadband internet connection.

  • Download your favorite movies and videos:

You may not always be free to watch some amazing movies, shows, and other videos. Therefore, Hotstar allows you to download all your favorite content and stream it later. It is quite beneficial for you, if you can get free Wi-Fi connection in your office or somewhere else. 

You can download as many movies and shows as you want. Hotstar does not apply any limit over the download. However, those movies and shows will remain in this app. You cannot share that content with someone else. It has become a standard rule now for all the OTT platforms.

  • Poor internet speed is no more an issue!

Whether you want to download something or stream it online, Hotstar can stream it smoothly. You can reduce the video quality to watch without buffering if the internet speed is poor. It is quite helpful, when you stay in remote areas with poor mobile connectivity. 

This application will always provide entertainment. You can also save a lot of data when using this application. Stream videos in average quality to save more data and enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

Hotstar subscription plans:

Hotstar has now become Disney+ Hotstar and its subscription plans have also changed a little bit. You get two types of plans now:

  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium: 299/month and 1499/year. 
  • Disney+ Hotstar VIP: 399/year. 

Both plans offer different perks in terms of content. You should check the details before you pick a plan. Disney+ Hotstar VIP is the best for sports lovers, especially if you like to watch cricket. Choose Disney+ Hotstar Premium if you want to access all the premium content streamed on this application. 

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How to download and use the Hotstar App on PC?

Follow the below explained steps to download and run the Disney+ Hotstar application on your computer:

  • Download a top-quality Android emulator program on your computer and install it. Make sure it supports all the major smartphone apps and it does not require heavy hardware to run smoothly. 
  • Go to the app store in that emulator program and search for “Disney+ Hotstar” application. 
  • Download and install the Hotstar app. 
  • Open the app and sign up to create an account. 
  • Log in and enjoy video streaming service offered by Hotstar.

You must have an account on Hotstar. It is up to you whether you want to buy the subscription service or not. A free account can also provide access to many videos and live streaming shows on Hotstar. So, join it now.

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You will need the Hotstar app when you want to stream live sports, news, TV shows, and movies. It is the best on-demand video streaming platform that offers free access to its content. You already know how to install and use this app on your PC. 

So, get an emulator program and download this app now. It will provide top-quality content for your entertainment on the go. Try it now and follow the suggested method to get Hotstar for PC.

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