Clash Royale is a mobile strategy title known for collecting character cards, upgrading them using gold, and coming up with a tactic to win in matches. This PvP game has a bunch of extraordinary features, but lack of gold and gem is a major problem that doesn’t allow gamers to use their full potential. Clash Royale Mod APK is a great alternative here that breaks all the limits and take you to a private server of advanced players.

The primary question which strikes in everyone’s mind is, what is mod-apk. A mod stands for modification using the bug available in a certain version of the game. When game developers release any update, they end up putting new stuff and creating few bugs that can be acquired. Our team of experts did a great job putting a small plug-in to give you all the major advantages from the same.

Here you can upgrade players to the max level, build tactic, and battle in 2v2 modes. Defeating opponent player is not that easy in this game also because you match against the players who are also using Clash Royale Mod APK. So, it is a fair match, but you get the opportunity to unleash the true powers. Taking over the opponent is all about a perfect approach here because troops are powerful, and the same goes at the opponent side.

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Name Clash Royale
Size 55MB Apk
Version v3.2.1 [Latest]
Developers Supercell
Downloads 100,000,000+
Category Games > Strategy
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Clash Royale MOD Gameplay ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by for Clash Royale.

Key Features of Clash Royale Mod APK

By not ripping or re-encoding anything, we are keeping this game similar to the original one. Still, we are managing the below mentioned five quirky features that you can expect from Clash Royale MOD APK or CR MOD APK. Let’s explore –

Unlimited Gems 

The gem is the premium currency, required to unlock cards, upgrading them, and boosting elixir. In CR MOD APK, you can expect unlimited Gems, and it is also available for free, which can save you spending real money for virtual currencies. Even, you can convert gems into gold coins for the other uses. So, you are targeting two aims with one arrow.

Private Server 

The main server of Clash Royale is all about normal gamers, but when you are using Mod, you need some powerful players to battle against. It is a strong and fast server where you can explore the immersive powers offered by the modified version. It will be fair combat with an opponent using the private server.

Max Hero Levels

Normal, Epic, Advance, and many other types of heroes are available in this game. The normal version and mod version are the same in this section, but you can max out all the heroes. The intense number of gems will make it easy. Upgrade characters and unleash the super powers. Dominating with skills becomes the best thing in this version, and it let you try something unique and better.

Free Chests 

Just as the daily bonus, the mod apk version is offering free chests every day, and all the max levels chests are offered, and you don’t need to worry about time lock. They unlock right after you tap on them, and these chests offer some unique rewards from the max level characters. It is also a good choice for first-time players.

Join Clans 

Although this game is working on a private server, you can make clans and join them. There are more than one hundred thousand gamers on a private server who are actively playing this game. You will not find any problem trying the maximum powers and having something unique to look after. Becoming the best gamer is not the part of the race here; being strategic is everything that you will be looking after.

No Root Required 

Some might suggest rooting your device, but there is no need for that. The Clash Royale MOD APK works perfectly on both rooted and non-rooted devices. For now, the mod apk is available for android; there is no iOS version. But, we hope that we will be putting a new version that you can enjoy on your iOS device and play on this private server. 

Faster Elixir Charging

When you use a character, they start building elixir, and each character has their own time of charging up. In the mod version, elixir charges at a faster rate, and it gives you the advantage of putting up all the powerful heroes on deck. Better charging also helps using the maximum power of each character, which is helpful in taking over the ground force of the opponent.

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About Clash Royale and Vital Tips 

Supercell is the developer of Clash Royale. This is the same developer that offered Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. A resounding success in all their strategic games ensures wide popularity.

The cards-based gameplay and building a town is a vital thing. You have gold coins, gems, and several other resources to take care of. It doesn’t matter that you are playing Clash Royale or CR Mod APK, looking at vital factor is important for effective progression. 

Due to this, we made a proper walkthrough followed by an important tip that you must learn about the game. It will help with progression for effective gameplay. Skills also improve by following the same tips.

Balanced Deck is Everything 

Many types of attack options are available in Clash Royale Mod Apk. Before giving a start, you need to ensure a well-balanced deck that can take over lots of opponent. You need ground Attacks, high to low elixir attacks, Aerial Attacks, and more.

The aim is to secure your base from the opponent’s attacks, and the motto stays the same in all the modes. While progressing through the levels, keep unlocking better characters and cards help to keep the deck balanced. It assists in creating a better strategy.  

All You need is Great Defense 

As mentioned earlier, securing your base is crucial for a victory. In the fable of using all the cards for an offensive play might seem fun, and let’s admit the same, but it won’t take you to the master levels. Good defense always makes you last longer in the battleground.

While battling against the opponent, you can use some higher damage heroes in the deck. They can put you some great advantages that are going to help to master the levels. Even, stopping an opponent for a long time become easier using powerful troops in a row.

Prioritizing Characters

Different types of characters have their own skills, and it is all about prioritizing the right one in a row, so they charge elixir faster from others. Using powerful characters will help to put your best character in a row.

You can dispatch barbarian and some ground related heroes to distract the opponent. While they are building up an elixir for the next use, you can go for one aerial attack. Do not leave all your power at once, which will be a bad choice.

Give Opportunity to Opponents

Needless to mention, the first one to start war has the disadvantage of not knowing about opponents’ deck. If opponent attacks first, you can create a defense for the same and keep on building elixir. This advantage is good enough to use some distracting attacks and going after the towers. 

There are three towers, and you can easily target the side towers because they are easy, and you can use some wild force from the powerful characters. Well, this is a skill related thing, and you will learn from the experience which character to use first, but we suggest the prince for powerful attacks.

Experiments Help

By trying new tactics or trying out the friendly matches against your friends from the clan, you can get a better experience. This method helps you create a better army and winning. One key thing, do not try max power when the match starts, always create a strategy.

While boosting your characters, and unlocking new heroes, you are uncertain about the new abilities. Due to this, friendly matches are better, and they help to learn about better skills. Your overall power enhances with the same.

Spending Your Elixir Wisely

Elixir is a type of resource that is used for heroes, and when you are battling against an opponent, your elixir charges first. When it is charging, you can use some low power heroes, but why should you spend it wisely?

The reason is, when you spend the whole elixir in a single go, you don’t know that what will be opponents’ next attack. Having no elixir means you can’t stop attacks, and this becomes a reason for failure. Keep on trying some different strategies to find the perfect one.

Upgrade of Troops 

Common wastage of gold in the game is upgrading troops to the max level instantly after earning a little gold. Well, it is the primary currency, and you spend lots of time to earn it. Even you may be waiting for hours for chests to unlock for gold, so you must spend it wisely.

Cards aren’t going to disappear in the game, and you can take a little time to collect enough gold. When you have a hell out of gold, you can spend that strategically. Many other heroes are in this game, and you need to upgrade them also. So, make a strategy of spending gold.

The same goes for gems because they are hard to earn. You can convert them into gold, but we suggest that you keep collecting them until you find the real use. Using gems to unlock epic card is a better choice. In Clash Royale Mod APK, you can feel free about spending VC. 

Redeeming Chests

Developers offer a daily bonus, and you can collect lots of gold and gems from them. Even some better character cards are easy to unlock. Developers offer free chest, and they unlock in almost four hours. While unlocking and getting rewards, you can play other matches. 

You can redeem chests yourself, and when you do, a new chest starts opening. So, you get free chests after an interval of four hours, and you can create a strategy of the opening chest at least four times a day. A short burst is enough to get chests.

Learn from Replay of Matches

As mentioned that you can do experiments and learn from them. But, if you can’t figure out mistakes, then you can check out replays of a match. This will provide you basic stats of the game, and it also helps to learn about the mistakes effectively. 

When you are looking after the replay of matches, then you see from different sides and learn about some common mistakes that you did. If it doesn’t help, then you can watch other gamers playing matches. This will assist with the gameplay in several manners. 

Choosing the Right Cards

Building a good deck might be the hardest thing in beginning because you have no idea about an effective strategy at this stage. But, you can do some experiment and choose different types of characters.

When you create a deck, try keeping three defense heroes and look after the powerful heroes for rest slots. Fill all the slots and take advantage when opponent is scouting your deck. This help you get advantage of existing 10-point elixir and it always work against opponents. 

Don’t Bother About Losing

When you lose in matches, you know that you made some mistakes with the strategy, and it is important to learn something new. Gamers who keep winning end up following the same strategy always, and they start to lose at master levels. 

You need to be flexible with the strategy and keep on coming with the new one. It matters a lot because you find some different approaches off taking over the opponent. When you have a couple of strategies in mind, you can take instant action as per the situations.

This game is all about the skills, and if you are afraid to lose, then you can’t go far away with this method. A good strategy means an ideal play, balanced deck, and the use of the right hero at the right time for an effective approach.

Must Join a Clan 

You must do it at the beginning of the game at starting levels when this option unlocks because a clan help is boosting rewards. It also provides the overall advantages of free gold and gems. Your whole clan moves in an upward direction with the boost of each players’ rank.

The overall ranking keeps on improving with the experience and number of wins. Clans are also important to play friendly matches and learning new strategy related things in a chat with other gamers. This helps you stay get up to date about new tactics in the game.  

Earning Gold 

In case you lack out of gold, then it is a good option that you go after card trading. You can share cards with your friends from the clan, and this will provide you free gold. It is also going to be an effective option if you want new cards. 

The other option is to use your gems, and you can convert it into gold. It is a less recommended option, but in the time of having negligible gold, you can opt for this option or try out battling. These are two effective options to get free gold easily.


Is Clash Royale Mod APK and CR Mod Apk Same?

Yes, these are two different names for one thing. You can prefer any of them and expect similar advantages.

What’s the right method to update Clash Royale Mod APK?

Updating Clash Royale Mod APK from Google Play Store is not possible, so you should prefer the same website where you have downloaded the existing version.

How to run Clash Royale Mod Apk on Apple Devices?

Unfortunately, Apple devices don't support Apk files, and running this mod on the iOS device is a bad choice to go after.

Is it Safe to install Clash Royale Mod?

Yes, installing Clash Royale Mod Apk on your device is safe, and it works perfectly without causing any trouble with performance or usability.

What to do if Clash Royale mod Apk Crashes?

The possible reason behind this factor might be compatibility. You can try going after the latest version of the mod and installing it in your device.

  • Working
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics


While playing Clash Royale, you can expect great heroes and a huge fan base to play against, but you can’t go beyond a limit.

To kill all the limits and try out something new, we are offering the best Clash Royale Mod APK which works perfectly, and it comes with amazing features.  

You can download it from our website and look after the precautions while downloading and installing the game.

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