Clash Royale Mod APK v3.4.2 – Unlimited Gems, Gold, Max Level Cards and More

The Latest Clash Royale Mod APK is an ultimate solution to all the difficulties players face in this freemium real-time strategy video game. Get this app to play your favorite game and you will have an upper hand on your competitors.

Clash Royale was launched in 2016 by Supercell and a free-to-play mobile video game. This real-time-strategy game had quickly drawn people’s attention across the globe which play it daily. Millions of Android and iOS device users play this entertaining game on their devices.

Even though the developers endorse it as a free-to-play game, it is not totally free. Many people spend real money to buy in-game resources to strengthen their position. The in-app purchase can cost a lot of money and you can avoid it if you download the Clash Royale MOD APK.

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NameClash Royale
Size55MB Apk
Versionv3.2.1 [Latest]
CategoryGames > Strategy
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Clash Royale MOD Gameplay ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by jrpsc.org for Clash Royale.

How to download and install Clash Royale MOD APK?

Follow each step carefully to download and install this Clash Royale MOD APK on your device.

  1. Tap/click on the below given download link to download this game Apk right now.
  2. Open your device’s Setting, go to Security, and then enable installation from “Unknown Sources”. This step is crucial if you want to install modified version of any premium app on your phone or tab.
  3. Open the “Downloads” folder and tap on Clash Royale APK file to begin the installation process.
  4. Follow each instruction carefully to finish the installation process.
  5. Launch the app to play your favorite game.

About Clash Royale

Every enthusiastic gamer admires Clash Royale as a fantastic multiplayer game. You need a great strategic approach to defeat your opponent otherwise it can be a disheartening experience for you in the game.

The improvement in gameplay requires special tools and products, which you can acquire from the in-game store. Gold and gems are used as in-game currency to acquire those resources. Players can buy these gems and gold for real money whenever they need it.

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Everything goes quite well until you have lots of gold and gems in your account. Clash Royale game becomes somewhat boring when you are running short of premium resources. Now you can either spend real money to acquire more resources or apply an alternative and more beneficial solution. The Clash Royale MOD APK is that alternate and effective solution.

A skilled player would know that it takes many hours to collect all the necessary resources for playing Clash Royale like a pro. The Clash Royale MOD APK eliminates the need of collecting those resources. You get your account filled with unlimited in-game resources to enjoy a fascinating gameplay. This app is a one-stop solution to all your troubles in this game.

Key Features of Clash Royale Mod

Clash Royale MOD APK comes with many jaw dropping perks that original you cannot find anywhere else. Those features are as follows:

Unlimited Gems 

You may already be familiar with Gems. It is a popular in-game currency, which is used for buying premium items in Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and many other games. You need this currency when you want to unlock cards, boost elixir, and upgrade your clans. Even though you get it for free while playing the game, its limited quantity prevents you from buying many necessary things.

It acts like a virtual currency in the game which players never get enough to gain competitive edge over the competitor. The Clash Royale MOD APK provides you with unlimited gems during the gameplay. You can convert lots of gems into gold coins and use those coins to acquire the best in-app items for an improved gameplay.

Private Server 

Clash Royale game’s main server is for ordinary gamers. Millions of people play the same game on this server and you may never find a tough competitor on that server. You need a private server, which you get with the MOD APK. You will be competing against some of the toughest players.

Unlimited gems will improve your winning opportunities, but you will also learn better gameplay skills from some tough players. This private server never crashes and it is fast. The game might seem boring if you compete on the main server with unlimited resources. This private server will keep things entertaining and exciting for you.

Max Hero Levels

The Clash Royale game provides you with Normal, Epic, Advance, and several other kinds of heroes. Even though the modded and normal version are same in this area, the players can max out all their heroes. Unlimited gems and unlimited gold coins will make things further easier for you.

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You can upgrade your favorite characters whenever you want and unleash new super powers of those characters. It will clearly turn you into a more dominant player than many of your competitors in the game.

Free Chests 

Players usually get daily bonus when they play Clash Royale on normal app. The modified APK daily provides you with a new chest. You will get only max levels chests here and time lock does not matter here. Chests unlock whenever you want to access the items. You will always get amazing rewards. All the new gamers will find it quite exciting when they will receive amazing perks from the Max Level characters.

Join Clans 

Clash Royale MOD APK provides you a private server to enjoy this game, but you can still join other clans or create new clans. Thousands more are there on the same server and they would love to join you in your quest of dominance. It won’t affect your gameplay in any way and unlike others, you won’t face any trouble in trying the maximum powers.

No Root Required 

You might be wondering that all the perks are awesome, but you cannot download it because you do not want to root your Android device. No Rooting is Required to download Clash Royale MOD APK on your Android device! This app works on any normal Android device and offers an amazing gaming experience.

Faster Elixir Charging

Every character in this game charges Elixirs at a different pace. The MOD version allows you to charge Elixirs at the fastest rate. Thus, all your acquired characters will be charged up for the battle. You can rely on each character for its maximum power and unleash a devastating blow on your opponent.


Is Clash Royale Mod APK and CR Mod Apk Same?

Yes, these are two different names for one thing. You can prefer any of them and expect similar advantages.

What’s the right method to update Clash Royale Mod APK?

Updating Clash Royale Mod APK from Google Play Store is not possible, so you should prefer the same website where you have downloaded the existing version.

How to run Clash Royale Mod Apk on Apple Devices?

Unfortunately, Apple devices don't support Apk files, and running this mod on the iOS device is a bad choice to go after.

Is it Safe to install Clash Royale Mod?

Yes, installing Clash Royale Mod Apk on your device is safe, and it works perfectly without causing any trouble with performance or usability.

What to do if Clash Royale mod Apk Crashes?

The possible reason behind this factor might be compatibility. You can try going after the latest version of the mod and installing it in your device.

  • Working
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics


Clash Royale MOD APK works on all the modern Android devices. This game offers unlimited entertainment to the players. It becomes way more exciting when you have unlimited gems, gold, fully charged Elixirs, powerful characters, and unlimited in-game resources to defeat any competitor.

Although there are some other ways of acquiring unlimited gems for this game, those methods rarely work. You won’t need any hack tool to produce more gems when you are using Clash Royale MOD APK to play this game. Your account will always stay filled with gems and other premium resources. That’s how you can save a lot of money and play Clash Royale like a pro.

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