How To Change IMEI Number For Android (Root-Non-Root)

IMEI, also known as international mobile equipment identity, is a 15 or a 17 digit code. It uniquely identifies the mobile phone sets.  This IMEI code allows a global system for mobile communication networks to avoid a misplaced or stolen phone from initiating and making phone calls, texts or emails.

In many of the mobile phone devices, the IMEI code is printed inside the battery compartment.  In case a phone gets stolen or lost, the owner can make a call to the Central Equipment Identity Register and blacklist the device according to its IMEI code in the phone set.  When this action is completed, the phone will more likely become useless.  It requires a skilled and determined code-cracker to change the IMEI code number.

How to find the IMEI number on Android devices?

No matter what phone a person is using, it will have an International Mobile Equipment Identity code number.  This number is a unique identifier and feature to detect a phone in case of theft or lost/

There are different ways of finding the IMEI number on the Android devices. The simplest way to detect the IMEI code is to key in #60# from the dialer. This will get a dialogue box with the IMEI number on the screen.  The IMEI number is also printed on the back of many devices or underneath the battery of the phone. The phones that have a removable battery should check the batteries for the IMEI code.

One can also find the IMEI code by going to the settings of the phone and checking the about phone, status, and IMEI information.  In the settings, one can also find the Software Version number along with the IMEI number.  IMEI code is also printed on the packaging of the mobile phone device. So in case, one doesn’t have their phone to check the IMEI number after it gets lost or stolen, they can still find the IMEI number on their phone packaging.

If a person loses their phone, one should furnish law enforcement authorities with the IMEI information so that they can locate the device.  Many people rely on this process when they have their phone stolen or lost.  Many countries have noticed that the IMEI number has reduced the effects of mobile phone thefts. IMEI blocking is a way to fight phone theft and maintain its security.  Law enforcement as well as many artificial intelligence groups use IMEI numbers for tracking devices that can locate a cell phone with accuracy for a few meters.

What are the advantages of the IMEI number?

Increased use of mobile phone devices has also resulted in an increase of stealing and losing the device.  Under these unfortunate circumstances, the owner of the phone can use the IMEI number to prevent the further use of the devices.  All the owner has to do is to call the network service provider and inform about the situation.  The service provider blocks the phone and also notifies the other network providers.

IMEI number consists of 15 digits out of which the first 8 digits give an indication about the origin and the model of the device.  Manufacturers can be located by the remaining 6 digits.

IMEI is a universally accepted measure.  IMEI numbers have played a very important role in the swift stoppage of services. Many countries have made it mandatory for manufacturers to create devices that have a valid IMEI number.

How to change the IMEI number for Android (root/non-root)?

There are two methods of changing the IMEI number for Android.  One can change the IMEI number in Android phones with root and without root.

Steps to change IMEI number with root-

One will first need a copy of the original IMEI number of the device. To get the original number of the IMEI android dial *#6# from the dialing pad.  One can even go to the settings of the phone to get the IMEI number. One should install Xposed installer and open the app and go to the IMEI changer app. After restarting the phone, open the IMEI changer and it will show the real IMEI number and the current option to change it. One can change the number to whatever they wish and click on ‘apply’ to save the changes.  If anyone wants to confirm whether the number has changed or not, one can reboot their device and check the IMEI number again by checking on the phone settings.

Change the IMEI number on Android without root

There is another trick to change the IMEI number of the phone device.  One can change the IMEI number on a non-rooted android device.

Steps to change IMEI number without root-

The first step is to download and install a mobile uncle tool on the device.  After the downloading is complete, one can open the app on their device.  One can select the engineer mode option and find the CDS information option, after that chick radio information option. This will display phone 1 and phone 2. One is supposed to click on phone 2 and replace the AT+ to AT+ space/the 15 digit new IMEI number. After this, one should send the command to save the changes.  This will change the IMEI number of the android device. In order to confirm the changes, one can reboot and check the IMEI number again.

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