How To Bypass JIO 1.5GB Data Limit?

A data limit or data cap is an artificial restriction that is imposed on the transfer of data over an internet network.  It is the policy of the internet providers to limit the customers’ usage of their internet services. If a user exceeds the data limit on their plan, they have to pay an additional fee to the internet provider to avail their services.  Generally, each user of the network can use high-speed transmission for a short amount of time.  For example, they can download heavy web pages within a few seconds. Gradually, with the continuous usage of the services, for example sharing files, streaming videos and music, will impair.

What is unlimited data?

The concept of unlimited data became popular due to the high demand for the internet across the world.  Unlimited data is a marketing promotional technique that internet service providers use to get out there.  They offer access to the internet without cutting the internet service and limiting the data.  The service provider will give access to the user even after their data has exhausted and they could continue to use the services. However, the internet provider reduces the speed of the internet after the data has surpassed the data cap limit, slowing the internet user’s internet speed.

The Indian telecom industry is experiencing a price and data war. The industry has completely changed over the recent years with the significant introduction of the Reliance Jio.

What are the benefits of Jio’s 4G internet services?

Jio’s 4G internet services offer high-speed internet.  One can enjoy consistently high speeds. People have to no longer wait to download apps and web pages.  Anyone can download the images and videos instantly.  The new plans for Jio internet are available for the users.  These plans provide the customer 1.5GB of data per day and along with the internet, the service also provides unlimited calling and messaging. The validity of the plan is 28 days. There are also many other plans that offer Jio services quarterly and even yearly.

However, there are many people out there who wish to bypass the Jio 1.5GB data limit after they have exhausted their data.  There are a few tricks on how to bypass the Jio 1.5GB data limit.

How to bypass the mobile data limit?

Now that the concept of the mobile data limit is clear, one should take a moment to address the concept of crossing a data limit and bypassing it.  Technically speaking, one cannot bypass the data limit. Once the data is exhausted there is no way to get the data back.  However, there are ways and tricks that could help one bypass the data.

How to bypass the Jio 1.5GB data limit?

Jio Proxy trick

The first step is to open the setting in the Jio app installed in the mobile device or Jio device.  Then navigate to the mobile networks and select Jio SIM to create a new address point. Then the user has to enter the profile name and enter ‘SaveGyd’.  Then enter APN as JIONET. Then the user has to select the APN type and select default.  Then enter the proxy and port.  Add the server to https://www.google.com and leave the other settings unchanged.  Then save and restart the device.  After restarting connect the device to the internet and one can enjoy fast data speed with the fast proxy server.

How to get unlimited data for 3 hours

This is yet another important trick that can help one use unlimited data speed between 2 A.M. to 5 P.M. one can easily download movies, stream videos play video games, listen to music in this given period of time. This can be done by turning off the mobile device from the handset and then turning on the mobile data before starting the 3 hours period to get unlimited 1.5GB data.

Bypass Jio 1.5GB data using VPN

This is the third and very interesting trick that allows internet users to bypass the Jio 1.5GB daily data on the mobile phone.  Here is what has to be done-

  1. Download any free VPN from the Google play store which is using the USA or Germany server.
  2. Switch off the mobile data from the mobile phone device.
  3. Connect the mobile data with APN and then connect the VPN that uses the USA or Germany Server.

How to avoid mobile data limit?

Since the article discussed the ways on how to bypass the data limit, one should still consider saving the internet data and avoid hitting the regular data limit. One can use many tactics to avoid exhausting their data. Some of them are as follows-

Limit the data usage in settings

Setting a limit to the monthly data usage is the best way to avoid using a huge amount of data without the user’s knowledge. One can limit their mobile data usage via the settings app.

Restrict the background app data

Some apps on the device consume mobile data even when the Smartphone is not in use. Data background allows the users to monitor the apps on the phone.

Keep the mobile data off when not in use

One should always make sure to turn off their mobile data when no necessary. This will also help in preventing excess usage of data.

Use data compression

When data compression is turned on, all the traffic is passed through a proxy network. The data is compressed and optimized before being sent to the phone.  This feature helps in lower data consumption and also speeds up the loading of pages, videos, and images.

Update apps using WiFi

Apps updates take up a lot of data. One should only update apps and software in the presence of the WiFi.  This will save mobile data on the phone.

Limit the use of streaming services

Streaming heavy video content exhausts the data the most. While streaming, remember to decrease and lower the quality of the video.  One can effectively save a lot of data when limiting their time on streaming platforms.

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