Best Sensitivity Settings for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the most played game since the time it has launched. It has successfully drove people of every age and gender to itself. PUBG has become like an addiction to people, and they spend hours of their time in playing it.

People take out time from their daily routine especially to play this game and enjoy it. The major problem people face while playing PUBG is that they can’t master their skills in the game.

For the same issue, there are Special Sensitivity Settings present for PUBG Mobile to be a PRO Player.

What are the sensitivity settings

Mastering the game of PUBG requires a good device with the skills of the player. The parameters to measure a good device depends on its sensitivity settings.

There are many mobile phones now made especially for games and have tremendous settings when it comes to games.

The following are some of the settings which a mobile phone needs to have in order to play PUBG.

    1. The first is the camera sensitivity since PUBG has high-quality visuals. Besides that it allows the players to customize the look around speed. You can select the speed of the first-person camera and the second person camera. The values of the same can be 75% and 95% respectively. Apart from these, there is another setting for camera where the cope and sensitivity are inversely proportional to each other.

Camera Sensitivity Settings

    1. The second factor is ADS sensitivity where ADS refers to aim down sight. Ads sensitivity refers to the player’s control over the recoil when firing shots in the game. Changing the sensitivity of ads will have an impact on the motion of guns.

ADS Sensitivity Settings

    1. The next thing to be set is the Gyroscope. A gyroscope in a PUBG mobile is very essential feature. It tracks and keep a record of the device movements. After that a gyroscope coverts the movement of device to the motion in the game. You can customize the gyroscope sensitivity with the fact that how fast you want the device to track your motion and convert it to the movement  within  the device.

Gyroscope Settings

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Some best PUBG mobile settings

To experience the best of pubg mobile you need to make certain changes in your pubg phones that would enhance your gameplay.

    • The most advisable thing is to change the color of the crosshair to green or yellow rather than white.

Change Color Crosshair

    • For a better experience, you can also press change the shooting mode and make it release rather than tap. It helps you in making the fires faster and thus saves time and increases speed.
    • You must enable the peek and fire option, it is a very advantageous option when you have to hide in some corner and still be in the game.

Enable Peek and Fire

    • When playing as a first-person you must increase the first-person camera to get a better perspective.

Enable First Person Camera

    • To get the highest frame rate, you must change the graphics to smooth and select the extreme option later. This will give you maximum frames per second.

Graphics Settings

    • Pubg is all about finding your enemy and killing it but what if the enemy is not visible on your mobile screens. To prevent this from happening you can select the color preset and make significant and required changes, you can change the saturation and brightness level. If you don’t like the auto-adjust graphic feature then you can even turn it off.

Color Preset Settings

Why PUBG is the best game ever developed?

PUBG Mobile gained so much popularity in such a short life span that it is just unbelievable, this did not come easily, the developers of pubg spent days and night to make it the best game of the decade.

Pubg Mobile is known to be the best game because of its features like shooting mechanics, variety in maps and the gameplay. All these three features contribute towards making pubg the most renowned game ever.

With numerous weapons and all having distinct recoils it gives a very realistic touch to the game. The player has got the option to decide the battleground and there are various maps associated with the battles grounds.

The interesting part about these maps is that each one of them is different from the other and needs a different type of gameplay. The last but no0t the least amazing factor in this game is the players, their movements and the gameplay.

The theme of the game and the process to play it. The players cannot fly or suddenly skate rather they can walk and run, slow or fast and this quality of the game makes it realistic and more loved among people.

Importance of sensitivity settings

Sensitivity settings are important to get winner winner chicken dinner, all the advanced players of pubg just does not win by their skills but also by the settings of their pubg mobile.

Suppose you are in the moment and you fired the gunshot but because of its speed you could not kill the enemy but the other person who is supposedly the pro or advanced player of the game kills the enemy at the same time. This is not luck, this is just the power of correct sensitivity settings.

Sensitivity is also important for a player to be in the game and play the game very smoothly. It is important for the proper control of the game in the player’s hand and it is important for you to make sensitivity settings before you start to play this game. Make sure your aim is to enjoy the game and win it.

Earlier with the old version PUBG Mobile, it was a really tough task to adjust the settings of sensitivity but with constant upgrades and updates, it has now become relatively easy.

You can select the type of sensitivity settings you want by selecting either high, low or medium sensitivity options. Sensitivity in the settings of the game is definitely required if you want to play the game in the best way possible.

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