10 Best Android & iOS Games in Jul 2024

As android mobile phones are increasing in the number of users day by day, they have become the largest and best source of entertainment. Social media, video streaming platforms, and gaming are the most used service and for most of the users these three are the whole and sole purposes exist along with calls to use a mobile phone.

Games like PUBG which was released one and a half year ago still is in trend and remained as the top game in spite of many games have come and gone in this timeline, but exciting updates make this game that everyone craves for and a must-play. But there are many more games in the gaming arena, which are in the top spot in the second month of this year, in the play store waiting to get played. Here is the list of most exciting top 10 best android & iOS games in February 2020 that have released or about to release this month!

Best Android Games in Jul 2024

Raid: Shadow legend

This exciting game launched one year ago has become an obsession between the players. This game has visually spectacular fantasy creation with thousands of victors from sixteen groups. Here in this game users have to become a warrior and while playing it is confirm that you will feel like being a warrior with many kinds of weapons, and can join with others to fight the evil and darkness. Spectacular fight, molding of weapons, teamwork and epic battles make this game an impressive gaming experience. This amazing fantasy world has a training zone which is quite exciting, aesthetic 3d artworks, vibrant environment with deep strategies make this game a must-play.

Madden NFL Mobile Football

For football games lover this game just show them the way to heaven. Players can build their own team and then can participate in genuine NFL know-hows. New updates make this game better than ever before. With new updates, the latest dynamics and novel team-building capabilities make this game a must-play. There are the super bowl and exciting sessions that make this game so competitive. Players can practice and enhance their skills, can ask for help from their chums. Playing with new schemes like spread, vertical and smash-mouth, etc. make this game a very good option on the playlist.

Dragon Ball Legends

One of the most followed and loved anime show dragon ball z is popular among the gaming communities too. Released in the second quarter of 2018 this game still at the top of the list. Due to the original storyline, amazing fighting moves, 3D stages and yes everyone’s favorite players like Goku make this game a favorite choice. In this game, instinctual controls and spontaneous fight moves, ability to charge up the characters, real-time clashes and combats against your favorite anime creatures with exciting combo moves there is so much to do and to enjoy. This game also contains a brand new adventure with favorite anime creatures and their hotheaded fights make this game a must-try.

Ninja Warrior

This game is from the creators of shadow fighter which had remained one of the best games for a long time and they have repeated their legacy by releasing Ninja warrior which is now way better than shadow fighter game. This game was released last October and in a very short amount of time, it has become one of the most loved games. The mission in this is to salvage the captives, by using special ninja techniques, entering into rival places, then to assassinate and abolish them. This is the game full of adventure, astonishing graphics, very easy interface, and controls, amazing sound experiences and at last, the challenges it has are really smart and increase level by level.

Hunter Assassin

This game released in October, last year and become a craze and a must-try game this February. This game demands to manipulate your assassin and assassinate your enemies step by step. This game also demands strategies like whether using the environment or hiding from the searchlights. This game has machineguns that can be fired inevitably and also one has to use soft attacking skills to assassinate the enemies and players can collect rewards and gems from killed targets and these gems are used in choosing the fastest assassin avatar.

PUBG Mobile

The player unknown’s battleground or PUBG is currently the most popular game on the android platform, and still after one and half years the popularity of this game is increasing day by day. The example of old is gold perfectly fits here. People get addicted to it and play day and night and this shows the quality and excitement this game has. With all-new updates and introduction to new packages and guns makes this game still the people’s choice. Join the game, gear up, get down to the battleground and the new definition of enjoyment, competitiveness and excitement start and there is no end to it. After winning much game of the year awards, the introduction of new maps with more detailed battle spaces, from cities to countryside, from mountains to dense forests everything is present in this game. Graphics, the participation of players all across the globe, options of playing with friends to play with unknown teammates, several types of guns and weapons everything puts this game again on a hot spot in February 2020 list too.

Call of duty Mobile

Like PUBG, this game also has so much craze among not only the young generation but also among adults. This game is giving a really tough competition to the legacy of PUBG Mobile, and wins some time in terms of graphics, resurrection and many weapons and matches the adventure level of PUBG. If someone has bored of PUBG or free fire, he must try the call of duty to take his excitement to the next level.

Johny Trigger

This game is not so much a high-end graphic game like PUBG or COD, but the simplicity and engaging potential this game has matches all other popular games. This game is released one month ago and now it is one of the most downloaded games, because of the engagement and excitement it has. New kind of weapons, killing the rival with style, stimulating outfits, upgraded arsenal, and all these things are bounded by so much simplicity and not only to play this game is as easy as to load the gun and shoot but also it so much challenging too and this contrast makes this game to be in the list of must-play games in this February.

Diablo Immortal

A much-awaited multiplayer game that is going to be released in February will have everything a player can expect. Details prior to the release of this game show that it will have a whole new experience, a story of invasion, a never experienced graphics and 6 iconic groups, new spaces, intuitive manipulation, and customization.

Mario Kart Tour

Everyone’s favorite character Mario is now for android too. Although the game is different from the classic one and this is the only racing game in this list, yet this game falls in the remarkable category, and collection of drivers, karts, badges, bonus competitions, and online rankings make this a must-try in this month of February.

Final Words

It is clearly seen that most of the games which to be played and are on the recommended list are of a battle kind, and people mostly enjoy playing these battle games. So these are the 10 best android & iOS games in February 2020  that any gamer should not miss.

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