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What are you doing for the security of your mobile phone? Do you have any idea that a phone without an antivirus may put your sensitive data at stake? If you haven’t taken any step for the security of your phone, then you need to beware and install Avast Pro APK on your phone as it is a solution to all sorts of problems. This antivirus can secure your phone with any type of virus attack of malware attack. You just need to download and install this antivirus on your phone and afterward, no need to worry as this antivirus will take care of everything. 

You need to be a little careful while downloading and installing the application of this antivirus on your phone. Certain steps are supposed to be followed cautiously so that the application may run well on your device. The next thing is that why we need to get this antivirus on our phone? The answer to this question is very simple as this antivirus is reliable and perfect at work. In comparison to another antivirus, this is pretty good and allows the users to enjoy a lot of features and security systems. To know more about this antivirus, you need to run the whole article.

How to download and install Avast Pro APK?

NameAvast Pro
Size33 MB
Versionv 6.29.1 [Latest]
DevelopersAvast Software
CategoryAPPS > Tools
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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2024

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You can start using this antivirus only after you complete the download and installation process on your device. Download the APK file from any of the reliable sources as this is important for the security of your device. Here are some of the important steps which you have to follow after you get the file:

  • Download the APK file of Avast antivirus from any online site. After downloading the file, you need to save it in your phone so that you can proceed ahead. 
  • Now, go to the settings and open the security settings. There you have to enable the unknown sources so that the phone can allow that file to get installed successfully on the phone.
  • After that you have changed the security settings, you can click on the downloaded file of the Avast APK. After clicking on that file, the file will be installed on your phone without any problem. 
  • Now, you will be able to enjoy security and other great features of this antivirus. 

These are the simple steps that you need to follow if you are going to get the PAK file of this antivirus on your phone. Follow these steps very carefully and if any mistake happens, then you should repeat these steps flawlessly. Don’t forget to get the APK file of this antivirus from a reliable source only. 

Overview of Avast Pro APK 

When we talk about the best security application for a phone, then the first name taken by almost the users is Avast antivirus. If you are going to download the APK version of this antivirus, then there you are going to be benefitted with a lot of features. The antivirus will give you complete security from any sort of virus attack or malware attack. 

Other than protecting the device from malware attack, other features of this antivirus may delight you after getting this device on your phone. Avast Pro APK allows the users to block the unwanted or spam calls, that are continuously irritating them. You can get rid of them anytime. 

The RAM of your phone will get boost regularly if you install this antivirus on your phone. RAM is very essential for the speed of your phone. you will be able to execute tasks on your phone in a very short period. These features are just awesome about this antivirus which you need to know apparently. 

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Avast Pro APK features

This is the time to know about the excellent features of this antivirus after getting the proper information about the download and installation process. Here are some of the best features of this antivirus:

  • Complete protection

Your phone will be completely secured with all sorts of viruses and malware. Virus attacks can happen at any point in time as you are continuously using the internet. This antivirus is there for the complete protection of your phone.

  • App locker

  Now, you will be able to lock your applications which you think to be secured. You can put the app locker on all those applications where you have your sensitive data. All your data will be safe after that.

  • Enhances the battery life

The battery life of your phone will be improved and you will be able to enjoy using your phone for a longer period. Those who are having the problem of battery drain, they can install this APK version of Avast on their phone.

  • RAM Booster

No other antivirus gives the feature of RAM booster, but this antivirus is well to do in that. The RAM of your phone will be boosted and your phone will work faster than usual. This is indeed a good sign for a device.

  • Test WIFI speed

Now, you can test the speed of the WIFI which you are using. This feature allows the users to check the network connection and if it is poor, then improve it. This helps the users in the rectification of their network.

  • Call blocker

The call blocker system is very good for those who are always disturbed and annoyed with spam and fake calls. This antivirus will help you in getting rid of all the nuisance and let you live a problem-free life.

  • Anti-theft technology

The anti-theft technology is something very good about this antivirus. If you have lost your phone somewhere, then you can easily get the photo of the robber or the thief who has just stolen your phone. This feature will help you in locating your phone soon.

  • Junk cleaner

If there is the accumulation of junk on your phone, then they will be automatically cleaned by your phone. You need not worry about those petty things happening with your phone.

  • User friendly

The most important thing is that the antivirus is user friendly and anybody can use this after getting it installed on their phone. The features of this antivirus will make them feel happy for their phone and its security.  

About 100 million users are using this antivirus in their phone and no other testification is required to prove the perfection of this antivirus. These features are enough to draw the attention of any other user who is searching for a good antivirus for his phone.


What is Avast Pro APK?

Avast Pro APK is one of the best antivirus applications for a phone. If you are using this antivirus for your phone, then it will be completely safe from any sort of virus attack or malware attack.

Why I am not able to install the APK version of Avast Pro on my phone?

If you are not able to install the APK version of Avast Pro in your phone, then you must have committed any mistake while downloading the file or installing that file. You need to follow all the steps of downloading and installation very carefully.

What are the features of Avast Pro APK?

There are many excellent features of this antivirus which you need to know before getting it on your phone. some of the features of this antivirus are web protection, junk cleaner, RAM boost, call blocker, anti-theft technology, etc.

Why Avast Pro APK is famous?

Avast Pro APK is famous as it has been downloaded by almost 100 million users around the world. The reason behind its popularity is its features and all-time support to the users.

How can we save our phone from virus or malware attack?

You can’t do anything literally to save your phone to save it from virus or malware attack. The only option is to get the best antivirus to save your phone. You can download Avast Pro APK antivirus and save your phone from such threats.

Is it safe to use Avast Pro APK on our phone?

Yes, it is safe to download Avast Pro APK on your phone. This antivirus is made especially for securing your device from any external threats which may meddle in your personal or professional life.

Why do you need to download the APK file of Avast Pro from any secure source?

Yes, you need to download the APK version of Avast Pro from any recognized source as it will be safe for you. If you download from any bad source, then there is a chance that it may crash or harm your phone.

Is it mandatory to install an antivirus on the phone?

Yes, it is mandatory to have antivirus on your phone. If it will be not there, then your phone may be at risk of a virus or malware attack. To get rid of all these threats, you need to download Avast Pro APK on your phone.

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