Amazon Quiz Answers Today (23 Jul 2024)

The app of amazon is one of the best apps that are being used by the people in order to make the purchases be it from the personal basic needs or the need in house, office or anything.

They come with the most attractive deals in the season of festivals and always make a lot of profits from the people and on the other hand, people enjoy their services always.

Apart from their purchases, amazon is always available and comes with the appealing quiz contest.

In this, people need to answer the questions of the contest and can have the chance of winning some of the most exciting prizes.

Amazon Quiz Answers for 23 Jul 2024

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Q1-  Tangi, a social video sharing app is one of the latest offerings from which tech giant?
Ans: Google

Q2- Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, who recently created a new national record, represents India in which sport?
AnsWeight lifting

Q3- The National winter games event is set to be held in which of these places?
Ans: Gulmarg

Q4- Which Indian animal is chosen as the mascot for COP 13 Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals?
Ans: Great Indian Bustard

Q5- The storm ‘Ciara’ recently hit several countries of which continent?
Ans: Europe

Get Started with Amazon Quiz Contest ?

When someone plans to use the app of the amazon, the first and foremost step that comes is the making of the email id on the app. It is necessary which includes all the personal details of the user as the full name, address, phone number and even the email with which one can link the app.

It even asks for the verification of the phone number by sending an OTP as to ensure that the number is verified with which the email is made. This whole procedure of making an email id is not so difficult and does not need any special skills for it.

As mentioned earlier the amazon app presents the advantage of the amazon quiz it organizes which provides a lot of benefits. The amazon quiz time is a daily time quiz, they always come with different kinds of questions and even the prizes.

The timing of the quiz is also fixed as between the 8 AM to 12 PM. There is no harm in playing when it is about winning something for free.

How to Join the Amazon Quiz?

Although every individual has the privilege to join the contest still certain rules make someone eligible to become part of the quiz contest.

To become the part of the quiz during the period of the contest one must sign in or also known as sign up from the account of the user on the amazon app.

Once the sign-up process is done one can take part in the contest by navigating to the page which presents with the five questions that are there for the entire contest period. The amazon quiz gives very simple and basic kinds of questions.

The winning of prizes doesn’t just happen with answering correctly to the questions as once you have answered the question correctly then you will be entitled to a lucky draw which is carried among all the participants who have answered the questions correctly. The questions are very interesting

Answer the Questions Daily

One who has successfully created an account on the app gets to answer few questions every day that are based on the general knowledge, these questions are simple yet they are interesting to answer.

There are even some websites available that can help the users to answer the questions. The search for the questions is a simple process. It brings the questions of all sorts and the user who is playing the quiz does not need any higher qualifications to win the contest.

How to Play the Amazon Quiz?

There are certain steps involved in the process of playing the contest and one needs to follow them if he wishes to win the game. the following steps are given below:

  1. The first and foremost step is to use the Amazon app which means one needs to download the amazon app from the app store application on the phone.
  2. Open the Amazon app and Log in to the account from which you prefer to play the contest. The login in the account has all the personal details of the player or the user.
  3. Once the login process is done, scroll down on the amazon app home screen and one will see the amazon quiz banner. There can be chances one will face as will not find the quiz this problem can be solved as the person then can find the quiz on the amazon app and tap on the fun zone.
  4. By clicking on the amazon quiz banner the quiz starts once you tap the start button which will present with five questions in the daily amazon quiz. This process is proceeded to the end by simply answering the questions to win the exciting prizes.
  5. The person who gives all the right answers asked in the quiz contest that person is selected for the lucky draw by the amazon quiz contest.
  6. The person who has been selected in the list of the lucky draw. The lucky draw is announced on the 30th of every month and the winners receive their prize with time.

Benefits of the Amazon Quiz

The participation in the amazon quiz proves to be very beneficial for the people of the users as it brings the chance of winning several prizes without investing anything.

Apart from the benefits of winning the prizes, it allows one to be more intelligent as it allows one to be more aware as the answering of the questions making the participants more aware of the various kinds of things.

This quiz even serves the purpose of entertainment as it presents questions of different kinds and even interesting even said earlier. The players find it more amusing and some even take this quiz as a time pass.

This quiz is not limited to any certain number of persons as the user is one but one can sit with friends, family and decide on the answer and even enjoy the entertainment it brings.

Hence, the with all the reasons, steps mentioned above it is clear that the amazon serves the double purpose of every human being as allowing one to make a different kind of purchases from the app and even allows one to participate their interesting quiz and make them win exciting prizes


At what time Amazon Quiz Contest Starts?

The Amazon Quiz Contest Starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM

How do I Participate in Amazon Quiz?

You must sign in or sign up from Amazon app and then navigate to Quiz contest area to answer 5 questions every day to win prizes.

At what time does JRPSC updates Quiz answers?

We try to update as soon as the questions releases, you can visit between 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM to get all answers daily.

Can I Participate in Amazon Quiz Contest for Free?

Yes ofcourse, You can Participate in the Amazon Quiz contest for free without Paying a single Penny.

What Prizes can I Win using Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quiz offers a lots of Prizes. You can win Amazon Pay Balance, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Fossil Explorist SmartWatch, Sony Portable Party Sytem etc.

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