Amazon Prime video is an online streaming service offering a huge number of shows in different quality options for minimal charges. Despite Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV and other streaming services, Amazon is a new competitor, and it is going well against the big dogs. It is a paid service. In case you don’t want to spend money on a subscription, then you can consider Amazon Prime Video Mod APK as a great alternative. 

It will offer you all the services for free, and you don’t need any subscription. There is no limit on use and more, which is fascinating about it. Are you wondering that what is Amazon Prime Video Mod APK? Well, modification of an android app and adding some tweaks after figuring out the bugs is called Mod APK. 

When developers of the app come up with any update, they try to fix all the bugs, but sometimes, they end up creating new bugs in the same app. It takes a little time to experts figuring out all the bugs and loops, but our team of experts did it. The advantage of using Mod APK is with the user experience and saving money. 

You can surpass the limit set in app, and it also lets you stream videos, movies, series, and other shows in all the quality options. You just need a good speed persistent internet connection to check out all the impressive fables from the wide collection. You might have some questions, but checking all the features and FAQs will let you put an end to all the queue.

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Name Amazon Prime Video
Size 28MB Apk
Version v3.0.261.16341 [Latest]
Developers Amazon Mobile LLC
Downloads 100,000,000+
Category Apps > Entertainment
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Amazon Prime Video MOD ScreenShots

Here are some Screenshots from our official mod apk created by for Amazon Prime Video.

All the Feature of Amazon Prime Video Mod APK 

The Mod Apk version tends to have more features from the original version of the app. You will explore all of them while using the app, but do you have the eagerness to take a quick look? Well, let’s explore all the impressive feature of modded version –

Offline Episodes

Amazon prime is an on-demand streaming service, and you can download shows but only in the paid version. If you have the modded version, you can watch shows online in any quality as well as you can download them directly. This offline feature allows you to watch episodes however you want. You don’t need an internet connection when all the episodes are downloaded. But, they will remain in the app, you can watch them whenever you want. Even, episodes don’t delete in 30 days periods automatically in the modded version. You can choose whether to delete or not. 

No Subscription Required 

In the Mod version, you can browse through all the amazing shows and watch out some of the best ones for free. There is no need to worry about subscription, which is the best thing about it. The app automatically browse shows and let you play them. You can log in with the main account or create a temporary account for this app. All the shows are available, but make sure that you don’t update this app.

Share Account 

As you buy a membership, you choose the number of screens and members who will be using the account. It creates an eco-system and lets you know what you are watching. So, if you and your friend are using Amazon Prime Video Mod APK, then they can log in with the same account. This will give you the perfect suggestion based on what you and your friends watch online. The app is easy to share, and it doesn’t require any obb data files.

Better Parental Controls 

Parents can use the parent’s control features to limit what type of content to display and set the time limit in a single-use. There is a passcode option so that your kids won’t be watching online shows without your permission. You can choose the unique passcode to access this app. It is a good choice to protect your kids from overexposure of some pity online shows that are not good for kids at their age.


Amazon Prime app track down the history like what you are watching and where you left the show. When you re-open the app, it gives you the option to resume the existing show that you were watching or open the home screen of the app. This is the best feature because you don’t have to browse the same episode and set the timer where you left the show. The main advantage of the modded version is, you can close the app anywhere, and it will open on the same page for very next time to save your time.

Subtitle or Caption

Most of the shows have their subtitles attached, and they stay at the turn off mode in the beginning. You can turn them on, but if you are watching a show that doesn’t have a caption, then the modded app will automatically search and find the perfect caption. You can try this feature to watch all the shows conveniently. Fortunately, all the shows have their caption, and every upcoming series or movie will offer you the same. 

Huge Variety 

You can find an intense variety of shows from Movies, series, TV dramas, and more. You can browse as per the category you like, or you can search for the favorite series. Put your favorite show on download and watch it whenever you want. Amazon is working on bringing some of the best shows in the future, and you can take great advantage of using the Amazon Prime Video mod apk in this section.

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About Amazon Prime Video

In the on-demand video streaming category, many reputed names are out there. Amazon Prime is a new option that is competing against Netflix, Apple TV, and other streaming services. The intense variety of shows and range of features are making it one of the popular options over the competitors. 

Even comparing the plans, Amazon seems like a better alternative due to the lower price. The best thing amazon prime is, you can browse shows using the smartphone app or consider the web version of the same. There are a number of plans available, and if you choose a long period, then you can expect a better discount on them.

Amazon prime is expanding itself in many countries, and it is now available in India also where plenty of series are aired. Even, you can find some exclusive movies online at this platform only. The IMDb rating of Amazon Prime series is falling in the positive category, which can make you prefer this streaming service over others.

You can watch original shows in any quality you want. Still, they are offering most of the shows up to 2K resolution, which is not bad at all. If you have a good internet connection, then you can prefer this streaming service over the other ones. Even, there is HDR (High Dynamic Range) content is also available on their platform. 

The best feature about Amazon prime video is, you can find language options, and a country like India needs these features. In this country, a wide number of languages are in use, and people love to browse content as per their region, so you will love this feature. You will automatically get most of the popular shows recommended that you must try out.

Bonus Tip – While browsing HDR content, turn on the screen brightness to max level, and turn on surround sound feature. Now, choose the video quality to the max, which might be 1080 or 2K. This will let you see the real beauty of your smartphone display and HDR content. 


How to get Amazon Prime Video Subscription for Free?

You can use Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk, which offers you to browse all your favorite shows without any membership at all.

Is Using Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk Safe?

Yes, it is safe until you update the app from Google Play Store. Try updating the app from the same source where you got the existing version of the app.

Is Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk For iOS Also?

Apk is the file extension, and it is for android. So, you can't use Amazon prime Video Mod Apk in the iOS device, and it is currently not available now.

Can I Use Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk for my Android TV?

No, Android TV may have the android firmware, but they do not support smartphone apps, so you can't use this app on the TV. It is made for your android smartphone only.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime vs. the Amazon Prime Mod Apk?

The difference is about subscription where you can browse content without getting any subscription in Amazon Prime mod apk.

  • Working
  • Streaming Quality
  • Episodes


These are all the possible features of Amazon Prime Video mod apk that you can expect and take advantage of. We tried to compile all the major features that you need.  

When you download this app and use it, you can explore all the impressive shows without getting any subscription, which makes it a highly advantageous option.

I hope this guidepost will help you learn more about the Mod apk of Amazon prime Video and the features also.

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