8 Ball Pool MOD APK v5.1.0 [Unlimited Coins & Cash]

If there’s one thing that is enjoyed by people of every age, it’s video games. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you get to experience the thrill of a completely different world.

One such fun and thrilling video game that can be enjoyed by people of every age is 8 Ball Pool. Irrespective of the fact that you’ve played a real pool or not, you are sure to enjoy this game. This is a billiard themed simulation sports game that is maintained as well as operated by Miniclip. The game has been ranked as the top game in the list of Top 100 games of Miniclip. The game offers free content and can be run in any computer and any browser which is flash enabled.

This game is the biggest multiplayer game of its genre. The game nets thousands of players daily. According to the header of one of the corporate pages of Miniclip, the game has got seventy million active users. According to Business Insider, this game was amongst the top 10 startups with the most value in Europe.

8 Ball Pool Mod APK Information

Name8 Ball Pool
Version4.8.4 (Latest)
Size59 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Cash
Requires4.1 and up
8 Ball Pool MOD

This Download is 100% Secure and Virus Free.

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How to download and install 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

If you want to play the Mod version of 8 Ball Pool, then you need to follow certain steps to get the game installed on your device. As it is a Mod version of the game, hence it can’t be simply installed just like other games and apps. The steps to download and install the Mod APK of 8 Ball Pool are simple and easy to understand. 

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to to the android settings of your device and then select the option of Security Settings.
  • After scrolling, you will get the option of Device administration. You need to select the option. 
  • There you will find an option called “unknown sources”. There will be a checkbox there. You need to enable that setting by clicking on the checkbox inside it. 
  • Now comes the part of downloading the game. You need to go to Google and search “8 Ball Pool Mod APK”. You need to open a link that you think is suitable as well as safe and then download the Mod version of the game from there. 
  • The Mod APK file of the game will get downloaded in the folder of Downloads. 
  • The next thing that you need to do is search for the Mod APK file in the Downloads folder. 
  • As soon as you locate the file in the Downloads folder, you need to tap on the option of install. After clicking on the install option, you need to wait until the process of installation is completed. 
  • Now, you have the game downloaded in your device. All, that you need to do now is open the game and then enjoy it. 

All that you need to do to get the Mod APK version of 8 Ball Pool installed on your device is to follow the simple steps given above. There are just two basic requirements that you need to have to download the game, the first is ample storage space on your device and the second is a good connection of the internet. 

Overview of 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

The game takes place in-game rooms which are very realistically themed. In these game rooms, the players get involved in competitive multiplayer games matches. By winning the matches the player can earn coins that can be further used to purchase cues as well as other pool gear. The prizes, rules as well as entry fees of every single room is different but if you see overall, they all bear a resemblance to one another. In addition to the coins, the players can also collect points of experience by playing and winning the games. These experience points are used to level up as well as for unlocking incipient cues, room, and multiple other things. 

The avatar of each player can be seen on the top left corner of the home screen when a game is not going on. When there is a game going on the avatars are visible to the side of the centers. Each player can set his or her target, objectives as well as goals in every game. There is no such specific goal in the game which one has to achieve apart from winning and leveling up with the help of the experience points collected. Whenever a player is in-game he or she can chat with other players of the game with the help of chat packs which help the players of the game in interacting with one another with the help of a certain set of messages which include messages such as good luck, sorry gotta run, well played and much more similar to these. 

When the feature was released by Miniclip, they also added a section with the set of functions explaining the chat packs, in which the explained why a feature of the free chat wasn’t included in the game. According to them the idea was disputed and could have aroused controversy when out. The company claimed that many players would have used abusive comments and these comments would disturb players. Even if these comments were reported and blocked, the players will always find a way around to use them. The chat packs can be upgraded by the players and these upgraded chat packs will give the user option of more comments that they can use during the chat in a game. These upgraded chat packs can be bought with the help of money slips as well as bucks. This money slips, bucks are quite similar to the American Dollar. The bucks are also used to buy premium cues as well as other equipment in the game. 

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Features of 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

The 8 Ball Pool Mod APK is loaded with features. The players should know about these features before playing the game.

  • Free entry to all tournaments

Multiple tournaments are happening inside the game. Entry to these tournaments costs anywhere between fifty to five thousand coins per match. With the Mod APK version of the game, the user can join any tournament for free. He or she doesn’t have to worry about coins.

  • Unlimited number of coins

You can get as many coins as you want to have in the modded version of the game. There is no limit to the number of coins that you can have. Without the modded version collection of coins is tedious as well as time taking task. In the modded version you can get them easily.

  • Unlimited amount of cash

Just like unlimited coins, the user also gets an unlimited amount of cash in the game. There is no limit to the amount of cash that you can have. If you feel that you are out of money in the game while buying something, all that you need to do is use the Mod feature.

  • Everything free

In the Mod version of the game, you don’t need to save money to buy your favorite stick or any other thing. Everything is free in the modded version of the game. This is one of the most amazing features of the modded version.

  • Gameplay without ads

In the original version of the game, you will experience a large number of ads. In the modded version there is no such issue. The modded version of the game is completely ad-free. You don’t have to face any kind of full-screen ads or any banner ads.

  • No requirement of root access

In the modded version of many other apps, the app will ask for the root access for working. In the modded version of this game, there is no such requirement. The modded version of the game can be installed just like any other app.

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Can someone get free coins in 8 Ball Pool?

Yes, a person can get free coins in the 8 Ball Pool game. There are two ways to get it. The first way is by playing the game and winning in it for earning free coins. On the other hand, you can easily get free coins by downloading the modded version of the game. The second option will save time as well as it is an easier way of getting free coins.

Can someone practice alone in the game?

Yes, a person can practice alone in the game. If the person is playing on a mobile, he or she can practice by paying 25 coins. There is no provision of free practice in a web game.

How many types of modes ate there in this game?

There are two modes in this game. The first game mode is one on one match. The second game mode is a tournament. You can play whichever you want to play.

How can I enter a match in the game?

The player needs to pay an entry fee to enter any match in the game. Each match has got a different entrance fee. The higher the entry fee, the more will be the prize money.

How can I earn rewards in 8 Ball Pool?

There are multiple ways to earn rewards in the game. If you are playing the normal version, then you can earn rewards through winning matches and tournaments. There are also weekly rewards as well as the option to spin and win. In the modded version of the game, you can get all the rewards for free.

  • Working
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Coins


Download The 8 Ball Pool Mod APK From JRPSC & Enjoy the unlimited cash and money. this will surely help you in long run. let us know in the comments if you face any problems.

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