The Secretariat compiles updates on plans, arising priorities and needs, and consolidates information from its partners to prepare regular reports for Platform members, It provides regular sector-wide monitoring updates to MOPIC and Task Forces on progress achieved, targets met, and funding status, in addition to statistical data and maps to support project planning. It is responsible for bringing delays, geographical and programmatic imbalances and funding gaps to the attention of the MOPIC, the Platform and its partners. To this end, in addition to maintaining an online project tracking system,  the Secretariat produces bi-monthly updates on the status of JRP2016 funding, as well as sector-specific dashboards and bulletins informing on progress against the Plan.

The Secretariat also supports MOPIC in its resource mobilization efforts against the JRP2015, through the provision of technical and advisory services. It works to coordinate messaging on host community and refugee needs in order to help magnify the overall impact appeals to the international community. The Secretariat has also developed a number of communication products to support advocacy and resource mobilization efforts, and provides ongoing public relations support. 

The Secretariat is also tasked with providing information for general public consumption and engages in continuous communication around the plan, the needs of the country, interventions underway and progress achieved to support not only resource mobilization efforts but also general public awareness on the Government of Jordan’s response to the crisis. In this regard, the JRPSC website serves a dual purpose: as well as supporting the Secretariat’s ongoing efforts to ensure transparency and accountability - clearly communicating what the Platform is doing and under what principles it is operating – the site is also a central location for the Platform to publicly share data, research, and analysis about the impact of the Syrian crisis and offers quick and easy access to information on the activities of the Platform.