During 2013 and 2014, as the Government of Jordan took the lead in transitioning to a comprehensive humanitarian and development framework, the Secretariat continued to provide support to the Platform through the provision of policy options and the design and implementation of the required institutional arrangements. 

In particular, the Secretariat provided technical and policy support in the conceptualization and elaboration of the JRP 2016 through a consultative process with the participation of over 200 representatives from the government and the international community, including UN entities, Embassies and Cooperation Agencies, INGOs and NGOs. Prior to that, the Secretariat coordinated the development of the Needs Assessment Review (NAR), which provided national and international stakeholders with a reservoir of critical data to generate an effective response to the Syria crisis. 

The Secretariat also provided strategic support to MOPIC to successfully organize, lead and ensure proper follow up to six Platform meetings as well as several bilateral meetings between MOPIC functionaries and  high level national or international officials. 

Similarly, the Secretariat assisted MOPIC in the preparation of technical and policy documents, presentations, talking points and background information related to the Syria crisis and its impacts on Jordan.