A dedicated JRPSC Secretariat has been established with the responsibility to ensure the operationalisation of decisions taken by the Platform. The Secretariat works in close cooperation with the MOPIC Humanitarian Relief Coordination Unit (HRCU) and performs the following key functions:

  • Provide policy and coordination support to MOPIC in its functions as the chair of the JRPSC;

  • Provide technical assistance to MOPIC to (a) set-up an integrated information management system for aid tracking; (b) set-up a monitoring and reporting mechanism to improve accountability and transparency; and (c) establish a communications, reporting and advocacy mechanism to enhance public awareness on challenges, progresses and achievements in responding to the Syria crisis.

It also serves as a bridge and partnership broker between MOPIC and the international community on issues related to the Syria crisis.

The JRPSC Secretariat is financially supported by the European Union and the following UN agencies: UNDP, WFP, UNWOMEN, UNFPA, OCHA, UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO.