Photo credit: WFP

Photo credit: WFP


Ibrahim is eighteen years old and lives in Mafraq with his parents and five younger siblings. His father is retired, meaning that Ibrahim must work to support his family. But finding work is no easy task in Jordan, where the unemployment rate for youth aged 15-19 stands at 36 per cent.  Also, Ibrahim suffers from a congenital deformity that has left him with no fingers on one hand.

Determined not to let his circumstances stand in the way of his desire to take care of his family Ibrahim jumped at the chance to participate in WFP’s Food for Training initiative, part of the Jordan Response Plan 2015. 

As part of the project, he receiving a one month training as an electrician's assistant at the vocational training center, after which he was placed under the supervision of a senior electrician where he received an on the job training and a daily allowance. Over the course of three months, Ibrahim completed 80 days of training and received USD 800 in return.

The business owner was so impressed with Ibrahim's hard work and talent that when the training was over, he employed him as his own assistant. "Now I work with dignity, I support my family and I can afford to pay the rent,” says Ibrahim. 


Sector: Livelihoods and Food Security
Project name: Assistance to food-insecure and vulnerable Jordanians affected by the protracted economic crisis aggravated by the Syrian conflict
JRP Objective: RES 1: More and better job opportunities created for vulnerable women, and young men and women
JRP Specific Objective: RES 1.1 Create short-term employment opportunities for vulnerable Jordanian households in host communities
Project description: The relief and rehabilitation operation aims to address the short-term food needs of targeted vulnerable populations, and enhance their resilience through the creation of sustainable household livelihoods as well as community assets to complement the national social protection and safety net systems. The modalities include both cash and food, bringing a flexible set of tools to a very dynamic situation.
Total Financing: USD 1.2 million
Financing Agency: Japan, USAID, Multilateral
Implementing Partner: WFP