Photo credit: care

Photo credit: care


CARE’s community centers witness many remarkable cases on daily basis, but some cases are more memorable than others. In June this year, Jameeleh entered a CARE center in Mafraq for her interview with a case manager. She walked slowly, back bent, assisted by her granddaughter and an old cane; her UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate stated that she was born in 1926, and that her husband, who was bedridden at home, was born in 1903. 

 “I have lived and survived through invasions, instability,  and even the first and second World Wars, but I never thought I’d be forced out of my own home in Syria” Jameeleh told CARE staff.  “Never have I felt so humiliated in my entire life.”

The challenges faced by urban refugees are many, including a lack of income, availability and quality of shelter, and access to basic healthcare, food and essential household items. But elderly refugees often face even greater hurdles; as many as 77 per cent have specific, suggesting they face increased risks and challenges in accessing services and meeting basic needs.

During the interview, Jameeleh’s granddaughter started to answer some of the questions on her behalf but was quickly rebuked: “I can answer myself!” 

It was then that Jameeleh learned from CARE staff that she would be eligible to receive Emergency Cash Assistance. 

“The world is finally smiling at me” she said. The she received from CARE would allow her to buy the basic necessities for her survival, including food and rent.  “This will save my life.”

When asked if she would mind getting her picture taken, she laughed and joked “You want to take a picture now? You should have taken a picture when I was young and beautiful!” 


Sector: Social Protection
Project Name: Emergency assistance and longer term recovery from the impact of the Syria crisis in Jordan
JRP Specific Objective: REF 5: Basic household needs of refugee women, girls, boys and men are met in camp and non-camp settings through the provision of in-kind or monetized voucher assistance
JRP Project Title: REF 5.2 Basic needs support to vulnerable refugees (outside camps) and affected Jordanians
Project budget: USD 7.7 million
Project duration: 24 months
Financing agency: DFID
Implementing partner: CARE International