In order to ensure that the Platform has an accurate understanding of funds disbursed in support of the JRP2015 as well as a clear picture of activities implemented on the ground, the Secretariat has put in place the Jordan Response Information System for the Syria Crisis (JORISS), which is an online system that allows users to submit their projects online, track the status of their request for approval and report on their project progress.

Once the project has been approved, the 4W project tracking system takes a closer look at what the funding entering the country is used for and answers the questions; Who? What? Where? When?  by allowing the user to  search for projects by agency, sector, governorate, or status.

All this information is complimented by a financial tracking system that pulls data from the OCHA Financial Tracking System (FTS) and International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) system to provide updated information on funds committed and disbursed by donors. 

A resource library consisting of over 190 documents related to the Syria crisis, has been created thereby allowing users to filter, search, and download available documents directly.