Minister: Jordan at ‘saturation point’ in dealing with refugee crisis

Jordan has reached the saturation point and its maximum possible ability to bear the Syrian refugee burden, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Imad Fakhoury told representatives of donor countries and UN organisations recently. 

According to a ministry statement, e-mailed to The Jordan Times Saturday, Fakhoury said the refugee influx has put large pressures on the Kingdom’s resources, particularly water, finance and social infrastructure. 

The minister made the remarks during a meeting with ambassadors and diplomats of donor countries, and representatives of UN agencies on Thursday evening to review pledges announced at the London donor conference in February and the Jordan Compact to deal with the repercussions of the Syrian crisis, which was prepared in cooperation with the UK, the World Bank, the EU and several partners from donor countries supporting the Kingdom.

Fakhoury said that in light of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund over the Extended Fund Facility (EFF), the government would limit fiscal space in its spending choices in order to address the budget deficit and the public debt. 

The lack of action by the international community to support Jordan, which he said is shouldering the Syrian refugee burden on behalf of the world, would affect the Kingdom’s ability to continue its duties towards the refugees.