Project Action Plan (PAP) H2 - 2015 Reporting

تقرير نموذج خطة عمل المشاريع- النصف الثاني- 2015

Using the four part form below, please report on the first half of 2016 (1 June 2015 to 31 Dec 2015) for the selected project.  Please review the PAP Reporting Step-by-step Guidelines before beginning or to find further guidance to any questions.

General Information


In the section below, please review the project's general information that was provided during PAP Submission and then provide information on expenditures for the first half of this year for the project as a whole. Once complete, please click the "Update" button to save your entries.

Challenges and Recommendations


In this section, please provide information on the challenges this project has faced during its planning and/or implementation. In the "Recommendations/Actions" section, please provide the steps that have or will be taken to address the challenges identified. Once complete, please click the "Update" button to save your entries.

IASC Gender Marker


In the section below, please evaluate this project's contribution to gender equality using the IASC Gender Marker. First, select the gender marker from the dropdown menu that best describes this project and then using the text box, please provide justification for the choice made. For further information and guidance please review the IASC Gender Marker FAQs. Once complete, please click the "Update" button to save your entries.

Activity Reporting


Below is a list a of activities for the selected project that require reporting for this quarter. In order to complete reporting for an activity, please click on the "Report on Q1" link for the activity you wish to report on. This will open a new window that will cycle through all activities for this project that require reporting.