Section 1: JRP Project Approval Process via JORISS


The Jordan Response Information System for the Syria Crisis (JORISS) is an online system for the submission, tracking, reporting and monitoring of Jordan Response Plan (JRP) projects. The JRP is the only channel for committing funds in response to the impact of the Syria crisis in Jordan and all refugee and resilience projects responding to the impact of the Syria crisis must submit a complete Project Action Plan (PAP) through JORISS.


What does JORISS stand for?

Jordan Response Information System for the Syria Crisis.


What is JORISS?

It is a government owned and managed information system for the Syria crisis that provides an online database for the submission, tracking, reporting, and monitoring of Project Action Plans (PAPs) under Jordan Response Plan 2015. It is intended to help strengthen overall aid coordination and effectiveness by streamlining project approval and reporting, and increasing transparency and accountability.


What does JORISS do?

·         Streamline JRP project approval

·         Financial Tracking

·         Project Tracking

·         Identify Gaps

·         Information Sharing

Which projects must be submitted to the JRP project approval process via JORISS?

All new 2015 refugee and resilience projects responding to the impact of the Syria crisis must submit a complete Project Action Plan (PAP) through JORISS. This applies to all stakeholders wishing to implement a project, including the UN, NGOs, CSOs, private sector and governmental entities.


How do I know if a project is refugee or resilience?
Projects are categorized in the JRP annexes as either (i) refugee projects (coded “REF”), or resilience projects (coded “RES”).


What documents do I need to upload via JORISS during the project approval process?

·         Cover Letter

·         Donor Letter of Commitment

·         Project Document (if applicable)

·         Ministry Letter of Endorsement (only for resilience PAPs)

·         Legal Registration/Status (only for NGOs, INGOs, and Local Implementing Partners)


Who should submit projects for approval in JORISS?

Responsibility for submitting the PAP via JORISS rests with the Implementing Partner. Local Partners should not resubmit a project for approval if it has already been submitted by the Implementing Partner.


What are the steps to be undertaken by the implementing partner when submitting a project?

A detailed instruction guide is available on the JORISS page of the JRPSC website ( Onscreen instructions are also available for each section of the project action plan (PAP) submission process as well as blue hoverboxes in the shape of a blue question mark, which include additional guidance when you hover your mouse over them.


How long does project approval take?

The target timeline from project submission to Cabinet approval is approximately 3 weeks, unless the project is returned to the submitting entity for further information or change during the process.


Can multi-sector projects be submitted?

Multi-sector projects must be broken down into sector components to be submitted through different PAPs.


Do projects submitted to JORISS need to be fully funded?

PAPs submitted to JORISS for approval must be at least 25% funded, with a commitment letter from the donor on actually funded amount.


Do annual work-plans need to be submitted to JORISS?

No. Annual plans do not need to be submitted to JORSIS.

Can the progress of projects through the PAP be followed?

Yes.  The progress of individual projects through the PAP can be followed by the submitting entity using the online tracking tool on the JRPSC website.


Following PAP approval, what further project reporting is required by MoPIC?

Following project approval, quarterly reporting is required.  


How are pre-existing and multi-year projects dealt with?

Pre-existing and multi-year projects, which have no additional funds committed in 2015, do not require passing through the approval process.  Pre-existing and multi-year projects related to the Syria crisis response which have additional funds committed in 2015 must pass through JORISS in order to be submitted to the Cabinet for approval. The previous agreement or letter of project approval should be attached to the submission.


What to do in case of receiving additional funding for pre-existing projects?

Any changes to already approved PAP should be immediately notified to MOPIC through  Changes related to funding, activities, objectives, location and implementing partners will need to be inputted in JORISS for approval.


How are the results and achievements of ongoing and multi-year projects, which do not have to pass through JORISS, captured and tracked?

Sector Task Forces will have the responsibility to review pre-existing and multi-year projects that have no additional funding committed in 2015 in order to ensure that their results are captured and tracked against JRP objectives.


How is direct budget support captured and tracked?

Direct budget support will be tracked by MOPIC upon receipt of disbursement confirmation by the Ministry of Finance.


Section 2: Accessing JORISS



Where can JORISS be accessed?

It can be accessed at:


Do I need to create an account?

To access JORISS, you need to register by clicking on “JORISS System – Registration”. Once you have completed registration, you will be redirected to the JORISS Login page to log in and begin your PAP submission process. Individual PAPs should be submitted only once through one account. 


Section 3: Creating a Project Action Plan (PAP) in JORISS



How can I create a Project Action Plan (PAP)?

Creating a PAP is a two-step process. First, click on “Create Project Action Plan”, and then complete the required fields and hit the “Create PAP” button. Your project will then appear in a table under section 2, which is titled “Edit and Submit Project Action Plan”. This table lists all PAPs under your account that you can edit and submit. Please note that you do not need to fully complete a PAP at once. You may save your changes and come back to it at a later date by accessing it from the table in this section.


Once you submit a project, it will no longer appear in this table but will instead move to the “PAP Status” page


How can I edit and submit my Project Action Plan (PAP) for approval?

All created PAPs appear in a table under section 2, titled “Edit and Submit Project Action Plan”. In order to complete the project approval process please click on the link next to the project title labeled "Edit and Submit Project" and completely fill out the requested details for the selected project and submit the PAP for approval.


How can I get help while I’m filling out the Project Action Plan (PAP)?

There are clear onscreen instructions for each section of the PAP. You will also find hoverboxes in the shape of a blue question mark        that display tips and hints when you hover your mouse over them. Hoverboxes are placed throughout the PAP where clarification may be needed. If you have questions that are not answered through the onscreen instructions, feel free to write to


I have more than one project, what do I do?

You must create one Project Action Plan for each project you wish to submit for approval.


Can I save my progress and come back later to fill in the rest of the required information?

Yes. There are four sections, and each of the sections must be saved/updated independently. After completing a section please use the “save” button immediately following to save the information entered. You may logout and return to this PAP at a later date to complete and submit it

I submitted a Project Action Plan (PAP), and now I can’t find it. What do I do?

Once a project is submitted it will no longer be open for editing and will instead appear on the “PAP tracking” page.


I submitted a Project Action Plan (PAP) but I forgot to include some relevant information. What do I do?

You are advised to write an email to to have your PAP unlocked for you to edit and resubmit it.


What are data checks?

Once all fields are complete please review the five data checks listed at the bottom of the page in section 4. Until all checks are listed as "OK", the project cannot be submitted. Once the criteria for all five data checks are met, a project submission check box will appear below the data checks and will be labeled "Submit PAP for Approval Process". Please check this box and click the “Submit PAP” button. If the “Submit PAP” button is clicked without checking the submission box, the project will not be submitted.


How do I track my Project Action Plan (PAP)?

To track your project, click on the “PAP Status” link or go to A list of PAPs that have been created and submitted by your account will appear. In order to review the status of the PAP and/or review its contents, please click the "Status" link.

What type of status updates will the tracking system provide?

Status updates like: “Reviewed by MOPIC”; “Sent back for revision”; “Sent to line ministry”; “Sent to IMCC”; and “Sent to Cabinet”. Please note that status updates will automatically be sent to the email address used to register and submit the PAP.


Section 4: Monitoring & Reporting via JORISS



What is the Monitoring & Report?

Quarterly reporting to MOPIC on project progress is required. The report is comprised of two main components. The first section includes; (a) targets for all activities on quarterly basis; (b) the data collection mechanism for each activity, (c) the type and number of beneficiaries, and (d) the levels of disaggregation that are to be possible when presenting results. The second section focuses on budget expenditure per activity.


MoPIC is working on the issue of a central registry of JRP reports that other governmental entities can access, in order to reduce the reporting burden on implementing partners.


How do I report against a PAP?

In order to complete reporting for a project, please click on the "PAP Reporting" link to see a list of projects in need of reporting. The “PAP Reporting” link will appear in JORISS once reporting for that quarter is open. Once on the PAP Reporting page, you will see a list of PAPs that require reporting for the quarter. In order to report on a specific PAP, please click the “Report on Q1” link.


What do I report against exactly?

Reporting is against each project activity included in the submitted PAP.

How often do I have to report?

The system allows the user to fill out the report on quarterly basis when the reporting period is due and will be open for two weeks from the due date. Quarters end in March, June, September, and December, and reporting will be open the first day of the following month until the 14th.