2.3.3 Outputs and Activities Step-by-Step Guide

In this section, information on outputs and activities needs to be added. First, use the form shown below to add outputs, their activities, financing agencies, and local partners. Once you have entered this information click the “Add Activity” button:


After submitting the output and activity information it will appear in a table below the submission form. At this point, multiple locations and financial details for those locations can be added by clicking the “Add/Edit Locations” button as indicated in the example below:

After clicking the “Add/Edit Locations” button a new window will open that will allow the entry of multiple locations for the Output and Activity. To add/edit locations click the "Grid Edit" button at the top left of the table (#1 in the example below). To add a new location, click on the final empty row of the table and begin by selecting the governorate and then locality (#2 in the example below). To edit any existing data, click on the cell to be edited. When done with edits and additions, please click the "Grid Edit" button once again to save changes and close this window to return to the main PAP Submission Page:

After adding locations for this Activity, they will be displayed on the main PAP Submission Page after you refresh it. In order to edit Outputs, Activities, Financing Agencies, and Local Partners it is necessary to first check the box of the activities to be changed, then click edit. A new pop-up window will appear where changes can be made that will affect all the records selected. Once you have entered in the new information, click update to finalize those changes.


For example: In order to change all “Arabic Activity 2”, first it is necessary to check the box next to this activity (#1 in the example below). Second it is necessary to click the “Edit” button (#2 in the example below). Finally, a pop-up window will appear where new information for the selected records will appear. Once the necessary changes are made, click the “update” button at the bottom of the form (#3 in the example below) to finalize the changes. Please note the same changes will be applied across all the activities selected: